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Pic of the day - say Masha'Allah! The first of its kind in the West. Made possible by the support and Duas of UK Muslim community. Alhamdulillah.
Labour MP Simon Danczuk’s disdainful tweet treats those on the streets as outliers. But the biggest cause of homelessness is simply the end of a short-term tenancy

Whenever I see a homeless person begging on the street, my first thought is: “That could be me.” Former Tory MP Sir George Young,…

Homeless people aren’t subhuman. One day that might be you sleeping rough | Penny Anderson
The Role of Zakat in Building Faith Communities
by Shaykh Sohail Hanif (Head of Research and Development)

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Like many potential solutions to complex problems, the revival of the institution of Zakat is a project that takes time, effort, struggle and people coming together to see this vision fulfilled. As we do this, we will realise that the true beneficiary of the...
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A heartwarming message from an NZF team member in Birmingham:

These pictures are from the accommodation of a 20 year old from Birmingham who moved from war torn Syria. He walked through 7 countries to find safety. He was from a wealthy family and in just one night he lost everything and everybody.

His Taqwa and Eman is something that gave me goosebumps. He said: "I...
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Shelter predicted that 1,260 families in the capital will lose their home in the next month and 7,370 over the next six months.

Two London families made homeless every hour, charity warns
"Humans need security to thrive, and basic income is a secure economic base – the new foundation on which to transform the precarious present, and build a more solid future."

Scott Santens has written a new article on Basic Income for the blog of the World Economic Forum:

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Why we should all have a basic income
The countless people who document their thrifty lifestyles give readers with money woes emotional support – but they don’t often deal with true poverty

Living on a budget? How trendy! Frugal bloggers live on the cheap, by choice
If you're feeling like this before the week ahead - don't! Be thankful to Allah for what you have and do Istighfar for what you don't. See how everything changes as a result. May Allah bless you all, ameen.
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Jeremy Corbyn has put income inequality on the agenda. But as I found out, reducing it is hard and is not a priority

Why does inequality matter? Last week, Jeremy Corbyn handed his critics another victory by blundering, ill-prepared, into an argument about whether the self-evident grotesqueness of…

A pay cap is not only unworkable, it also detracts from the goal of a fairer society | Will Hutton
Money controls our lives. The problem with materialism is not that it exists, but that it dominates. It's time to rethink our relationship with in light of our relationship with ﷲ.
Need Zakat related information on the go? Last year we developed the MyZakat app so that all of you could have access to our Zakat related tools and knowledge at your fingertips. For more information go over to: [ Link ]

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❄ Cold Weather Alert! ❄

In Winter, it's challenging for the impoverished and the destitute who may be going without heating or even sleeping rough.

It's our duty to serve our brothers and sisters for whom heating and eating are not guaranteed and remains an everyday struggle.

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The team is dealing with an ever increasing number of emergency...
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What you can do about condensation, damp and mould if you are renting a home.

Advice on damp and mould in rented homes
Just received a call on the Zakat Hotline (☎ 03333 123 123) from a sister on behalf of her 78 year old mother who has never paid Zakat in her life. She rang wanting assistance calculating a lifetimes worth of unpaid Zakat.

The bespoke historical Nisab log we are making will go back more than half a century. We ask that Allah accepts this from her and serves as a means for her to enter Jannah...
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