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Coming soon. A thoroughly researched guide aimed at helping you to calculate Zakat on your pension. More to follow...
Volunteer at the Zakat Centre in Whitechapel!

We are looking for a committed individual who can work on the front line in our new Zakat Centre.

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Missed Zakat is a right of Allah as a worship and the right of the poor as rightful entitlement.
In less than 2⃣ weeks time. #MissedZakat
Here is a real-life example where someone had miscalculated Zakat:

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Now retired, Mehmet would love to spend as much time as he could at the mosque. He was well known to all in the community. Mehmet would take any opportunity to do good deeds and speak to those in the community to find out if anyone needed help.
#Mufti Faraz Adam discussing the millions missing in unpaid #Zakat in #Birmingham.
Zakat is more than just a tool of poverty alleviation; Zakat is a foundational pillar of Islam and a key component to transform a community.

The Prophetic narration in the Musnad of Imam Ahmed tells us that poverty leads to disbelief, hence, Zakat is a safety net and safeguard against disbelief, hopelessness and despondency.

Paying up on unpaid Zakat contributes to the above. Don't...
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One of the many questions our team receive on Missed Zakat.
Let's work it out:
All is not lost, let's work it out:
We are grateful to the Supporters of the #MuslimFosteringProject - Monday 13th March 2017 in Park Lane, #London

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This Sunday in Birmingham. #MissedZakat