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Warning to pet owners: The winter climate can make for some very chilly critters! [ Bit.ly Link ]

Take safe measures to prevent these seasonal hazards.
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There’s an app for everything these days — including a plethora for people with pets: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Here are five of the best apps for pet owners that are bound to make life with pets more engaging, satisfying and less complicated.
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From DIY to designer, dog sweaters have gone mainstream.

What do you think pet owners, paws up or paws down on this pup-ular trend?

Dog Sweaters

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According to our data, pet obesity is on the rise for the sixth straight year. We recently sorted through our database of more than 585,000 insured pets to determine the top 10 dog and cat obesity-related conditions.

Please be sure to read and share this important article.

Pet Obesity on the Rise for Sixth Straight Year | Hambone Award

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A feline known for roaming the Cycladic islands for hundreds of years, the Aegean is considered a rare yet social cat breed.

Thumbs up for this Greek beauty!

Aegean Cats

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The German shepherd dog is one of the most popular canine breeds in the U.S., but some of these fun facts will surprise you!

Get to know this lovable working-class pup: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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We're always happy to hear from our members!

To learn more about Nationwide pet insurance, please click the following link: .
We hope our Northeast friends are staying warm during this week's winter storm!

As a reminder to all pet owners, please be on the lookout for these common pet hazards.

Winter Pet Dangers Infographic

Did your pet visit the veterinarian last year with one of these common conditions? [ Bit.ly Link ]
Raja and his family had quite the scare when their Golden retriever became trapped in a house fire!

Thanks to the veterinary staff of Banfield Pet Hospital in Naperville and to his Nationwide pet insurance policy, Raja was feeling better in no time.

Don't miss this incredible story behind our latest Hambone Award nominee.

Mom Saves Chicago Dog from Near Fatal Kitchen Fire | Hambone Award

Even our pets have the tendency to pack on some extra holiday pounds.

Help your furry family member lose that winter layer with these simple tips.

Help Pets Lose Holiday Pounds

Do you put a safety restraint on your dog during car trips?

According to the Center For Pet Safety, only four products on the market are up for the task.

Car Safety Restraints for Dogs

Known for their affectionate, playful and clever nature, this short-legged feline will keep you on your toes: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Have any of you ever seen a munchkin cat?
While it isn't recommended to take or leave your pets outdoors during extreme cold weather conditions, we wanted to know:

Which dogs are some of the best cold-weather breeds?

10 Cold Weather Dog Breeds

It takes a lot of patience to train your pet, whether he’s a puppy or a mature dog. But it’s possible, no matter what his age.

Here are some key things you’ll want your dog to learn.

Dog Training 101

Happy New Year to all of our friends - two legged and four!

Post a picture of your pet on our page and tell us how you plan to make this year even better than the last.
We asked our Facebook community to share some of the ways they plan to make next year even better for their furry companions: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Is your New Year's resolution on the list?
Lately, many families are giving their pets human names. What is your pet's name?

If you haven't already decided, here are tips to help you choose which type of name best suits your pet.

How We Name Our Pets