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Flea season is quickly approaching. For those living in warmer climates, flea season is year round.

Here's what you need to know to keep your pets bug-free: [ Link ]
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Himalayan's are known for their striking features and soft eyes. But are you aware of the top 5 medical conditions that are most common to them? [ Link ]
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We want to wish a very special Happy Birthday shout out to all the furry members out there celebrating last week! Here's to many more happy and healthy birthdays to come!

Know someone whose celebrating their pet's birthday? You can send them a referral ecard and wish them a Happy Birthday too! [ Link ]
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Like many first-time parents, new pet owners may over-think every little quirk their dog displays.

Here are six signs that tell you when your pooch is thriving. [ Link ]
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Do you make room on the bed for your pup? Or is it sofa city for your four-legged friend?

Please help us out by completing and sharing our new poll!

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Happy National Puppy Day! As many pet owners can attest, a puppy's curiosity and endless energy can bring on unexpected trouble.

Read up on the most common puppy incidents diagnosed during the first year of life. [ Link ]
From shoes to entire sofas, it seems like dogs can chew though almost anything!

Check out our tips for lovingly diverting this behavior. Then tell us about the craziest thing your puppy has ever chewed through. [ Link ]
We'll be celebrating #NationalPuppyDay all day long tomorrow on our Instagram page! Make sure to follow us and use the #NationwidePet on your furkid's photos for a chance to be featured on our page!
The AKC just released it's annual list of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S.

Did your pooch make the top 10? [ Link ]
A sick or injured pet will often show warning signs that something is not right.

As pet owners, itโ€™s important to trust your instincts when noticing these sometimes subtle indicators. [ Link ]
Sadly, accidental ingestion of pet or human medications is among the common pet poison claims we receive.

In honor of Poison Prevention Week, please read and share this important article. [ Link ]
Are you thinking about enrolling in pet health insurance?

From comparing providers to asking about discounts, here are 8 tips for choosing the right pet health insurance provider. [ Link ]
We want to wish all our furry friends out there a very happy St. Patrick's Day! Make sure your keeping them safe from these seasonal favorites!

Do any of you have a pet that's also rocking out in shamrock green today?
Good news for pet lovers who are parents to newborn babies!

Pets can help offer protection against respiratory infections. Is there anything our furry friends can't do?! [ Link ]
Did you know that the Manx has an Irish background?

In honor of St. "Catrick's" Day, take a moment to learn more about this loyal feline breed. [ Link ]
Do your dog dream of bacon mountains or chasing squrriels through the park?

Please take a few moments to participate in our brief poll.

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Ireland is famous for the shamrock, the Celtic cross, Blarney stone and of course - St. Patrick's Day. But not all of these lucky canines are quite as well known.

How many Irish dog breeds can you name? [ Link ]
Pesticides and rodenticides may protect your home and garden, but they can also pose serious dangers for pets.

Find out which harmful substances are best to avoid [ Link ]
Do you have a cat under five years of age?

We list the most common health ailments for young cats; has yours been diagnosed with one of these? [ Link ]
K9s are in a league of their own: brave, courageous and an indispensable asset to police forces throughout the U.S.

Get the lowdown on how these dogs are trained and what they do when they're not chasing bad guys. [ Link ]