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Thinking of making my peanut butter raspberry bread today...who else has this on their list of recipes to bake? [ Link ]

Peanut Butter Raspberry Bread | Natural Born Feeder
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We all love power snacks that are easy to make and give you a little pick me up! I love these bites, they are so simple and another way to use your protein powder to give some variety. I used strawberry flavour for these but most flavours work here and you can decorate them depending on your favourite flavour![ Link ]

Coconut and Raspberry Protein Bites | Natural Born Feeder
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A delicious and quick soup to whip up to get your fill of greens and healthy fats.
[ Link ]

Courgette & Avocado Soup | Natural Born Feeder
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I have a slight fascination with mushrooms if you haven’t guessed already. They’re meaty juicy texture is satisfying and hearty. Served alongside this creamy cheesy cauli mash it’s a match made in side dish heaven!

Cheesy Cauli Mash with Sautéed Shrooms | Natural Born Feeder
Kick start your day with a caffeine hit from these delicious coffee-infused waffles.
[ Link ]

Coffee Waffles | Natural Born Feeder
These delicious and healthy protein bars are perfect for feeding your chocolate craving. With the delicious pairing of hazelnuts and wyldsson PROMIX, these are simply irresistible.
[ Link ]

Chocolate and Hazelnut Protein Bars | Natural Born Feeder
So, I'm heading to London next week and need your tips! Let me know of any foodie spots or gym classes I should check out and any tourist things too :)

London – My Favourite Food Spots | Natural Born Feeder
This recipe couldn’t be easier to make! It’s also the perfect hearty meal for these cold evenings.

For tips, videos and recipe inspiration, check out #flexyourmussels #ad
[ Link ]

Prawn & Mussel Cauli Rice Skillet | Natural Born Feeder
These thin crepes are high in protein and incredibly versatile…they’re my go to crepe recipe!
[ Link ]

Skinny Crepes | Natural Born Feeder
Looking for some breakfast inspo? Look no further than these light and delicious sweet potato waffles, yes, sweet potato! You have to try these. They’re healthy, fluffy and easy to make. What’s even better is, you pick sweet toppings or savoury toppings, whatever you fancy. [ Link ]

Sweet Potato Waffles | Natural Born Feeder
Here are some delicious veggie burger options that are easy and simple to make and great to have as a meal prep option! :)

The Veggie Burger | Natural Born Feeder
Have you tried this yet? An insanely easy and flavourful recipe. This is a real comfort food, it’s a delicious rice dish that’s topped with various ingredients like assorted vegetables and meat.

Turkey Korean BBQ Bowl | Natural Born Feeder
Have you tried my Mussel & Zoodle recipe yet?

Mussel & Zoodle Bowl | Natural Born Feeder
Who wants the recipe? Sweet potato waffles coming to the blog soon!
NEW RECIPE! This 5 ingredient recipe for hazelnut fudge is a serious game changer! Perfect for prepping and storing in the fridge for when you’re craving something sweet or have friends calling over. They couldn’t be any easier to make and taste AMAZING!

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Quick Hazelnut Fudge | Natural Born Feeder
Don't fancy making your own pancakes today? Pop into Mooch Frozen Yogurt to try my #naturalbornfeeder pancakes with all the toppings you can dream of :)
How do you like your pancakes? So excited for #PancakeTuesday tomorrow! :)
New Recipe! So, I had a sneaky jar of the Sowan's hazelnut butter left over from one of my goodie bags and I thought I better make the most out of it :) I think you all know by now I have a little obsession with anything chocolate hazelnut flavoured. Hope you like these!

Chocolate Hazelnut Cups | Natural Born Feeder