Tickets are now on sale to see this year's keynote speaker Andrew Zimmern. His talk is "Food: A Global Perspective on the State of Our Food Life."

Zimmern speaks on April 11 at Kingsbury Hall. Tickets are available via Kingtix. Click below to purchase.

The 2017 NHMU Lecture Series Keynote: Andrew Zimmern “Food a Global Perspective on the State of Our Food Life” | Tickets
Meet the Museum's newest resident: Patriofelis (father cat)!! He's the darker one on the right here.

Patriofelis lived during the Eocene and joins Uintatherium. The species was about the same size as a modern day cougar. Fossil remains have been found in southwestern Wyoming.

The coolest thing about this cat-like carnivore, is that it's stalking the larger herbivore, Uintatherium, bringing...
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Experience the urban side of Salt Lake, also known as Ski City.

Rest Day in Ski City | Salt Lake Blog
Gila Monster in The Power of Poison.
Looks like our #nhmuDinoFest door prize found a good home, and is now named "Diana." :) Congratulations again to @heidiho1123.
Seven of the talks from paleontologists at last weekend's DinoFest are now available on YouTube. Check them out!!

DinoFest 2017- Lectures - YouTube
Sometimes it’s difficult to get a photograph to reveal particular aspects of a plant or animal’s anatomy, and near impossible for the smaller building blocks of life like cells or DNA. Lucky for us, we have scientific illustrators who can bring to life so much of the world around us. (Read more by clicking through below).

The Art and Details of Scientific Illustration
We're thrilled to announce this year's NHMU Lecture Series with its focus on Food!

Our first lecture is Feb. 21 by Caleb Harper discussing "Reinventing our Food Future with Urban Farms."

This is a free lecture, but reservations are required. See this year's full line up and follow the links for each lecture including Caleb's--scroll down on the page for more information and links to reserve...
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Have a wedding to remember at the Natural History Museum of Utah. Contact our Events Team for more info:
Come meet the cast of Extreme Plants Traveling Sideshow, a high-energy performance that teaches Museum guests of all ages about the highly evolved defense mechanisms of plants. The show runs through April 15 in conjunction with our current special exhibit, The Power of Poison. Click this link to see show times. [ Link ]
Congratulations to Heidi Cannella (@heidiho1123), the winner of our DinoFest door prize! Thanks to everyone who shared the fun of #nhmuDinoFest with so many wonderful photos and videos, many of which can be seen in the DinoFest Contest tab here on our Facebook page.
DinoFest has come to Salt Lake City and it's huge! Thanks to all our guests on Saturday for making it such a hit! The festivities will continue Sunday, January 29 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
We're close to opening the Museum doors for day two of DinoFest! If you didn't make it yesterday, stop by NHMU between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to enjoy a fun day out with your family, meet world-renowned paleontologists, learn about dinosaur sites in Utah, and so much more:
DinoFest has come to Salt Lake City and it's huge! Thanks to all our guests on Saturday for making it such a hit! The festivities will continue Sunday, January 29 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
If you're at DinoFest, win our awesome dinosaur door prize by sharing your photos with #nhmuDinoFest.

NHMU DinoFest Photo Contest
Wow, thanks to all who took part in our DinoFest giveaway, for which we had more than 2,400 entries! We just selected our winners using number generation and added eight runners up due to the overwhelming response.

Grand prize winners will receive a family four-pack of DinoFest tickets and two youth-size DinoFest t-shirts each. Runners up will each receive two free tickets to...
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Natalia Wilkins, a science illustrator, will be teaching a free workshop at DinoFest this weekend. There will also be presentations from world-renowned paleontologists and special access to our Paleo Prep Lab and paleontology collection. The fun kicks off tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. at NHMU. We hope to see you there! [ Link ]
Randy Irmis, our curator of paleontology, is one of our featured speakers at this weekend's DinoFest. Here he discusses how so many new species of dinosaurs are being discovered in Utah, with a focus on Kosmoceratops.

DinoFest is a two day event, Jan. 28 and 29 at NHMU. More at [ Link ]

A huge thanks to our friends at Spy Hop for their generous support of NHMU and their...
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