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New research shows they shared many behaviors that we long believed to be uniquely human. Why did science get them so wrong?

Neanderthals Were People, Too

Some more snapshots of NHMU's dusting tools. From mighty Toro Yard tools to the most delicate Swiffer dusters, the upmost care is taken when cleaning massive and delicate fossils and casts. Our exhibits team is busy preparing the Past Worlds exhibit for Dino Fest on January 28 and 29. Read more about their work on our blog: [ Bit.ly Link ] #FossilFriday
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Dusting our Dirty Dinosaurs

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Got a 1st-3rd grader who loves dinosaurs? Then check out our upcoming After School Adventure Club, Paleo 101, starting January 11. [ Nhmu.utah.edu Link ]
A beautiful morning in Salt Lake City!! Hello from NHMU. #noFilter
Poison Live! is a theatrical and multimedia show that tells a dramatic story about the beginnings of toxicology. Free with admission to NHMU, click here for performance times: nhmu.utah.edu/events/poison-live
The golden poison frog secretes one of the most toxic substances on Earth. A single milligram of its poison could kill 10โ€“20 humans! But don't worry, the frog's toxicity is due to its diet in the wild, and the live specimens on display at NHMU are harmless.

Come check them out for yourself in The Power of Poison exhibit: nhmu.utah.edu/poison.
Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate at Noon Year's Eve!
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Largest Navajo Pitch Basket

Happy Winter Solstice!

NHMU photo, December 2016. Little Cottonwood Canyon, Alta, Utah.
The sunset tonight from the Museum.
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The Secrets of Lizard Breath

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A stunningly clear view this morning from NHMU.

Windy. Snow in the mountains. #GreatBasin #VisitSaltLake #SaltLakeValley #GreatSaltLake #OquirrhMountains #WinterIsHere
When the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology came to Salt Lake City in October 2016, we got a chance to speak with some noted paleontologists about their work. Here's NHMU's Randy Irmis on imaging fossils and collaborative teams.

A Conversation with Randy Irmis

Our very own Christy Bills shares her love of spiders with The University of Utah. Check out their video and maybe you'll end up loving spiders too!
Our Science Movie Night, in partnership with the Utah Film Center, is free to the public. Join us at the Salt Lake City Public Library on Tuesday, December 13 at 7 p.m., for a screening of the Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Husbands of River Song.

The City Library - 210 East 400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah