A new science-based method to calculate habitat offsets has resulted in the largest known industry investment in grassland habitat offset in Saskatchewan.

Unprecedented grassland offset project in Saskatchewan results from multi-partner collaboration

“We wanted to pay homage to bears around the world.”

How a bear made of pennies is helping BC's grizzlies

"Aim to reach the point where deciding which photography tools to use becomes second nature, and make an effort to step outside your comfort zone."

Lessons in winter wildlife photography

"Tracking moose collars isn't something most kids get to do while studying science at school, but that's exactly how students at 11 schools in southern Saskatchewan are learning about the subject."

via CBC Saskatchewan

'A better way to engage students': Program combines Indigenous teachings with Western science

“A deceptively simple treatment for improving physical and mental health, for stimulating learning, creativity and sense of being fully alive; definitely not a panacea, but an appropriate elixir in the age of nature-deficit disorder.”

Do you get enough Vitamin N?

Known to many as the ”unicorn of the sea,” narwhals are a small, pale-coloured whale with only two teeth.

Featured species: Narwhal

"Kristyn's candidness and passion for nature, poetry and birding make her a joy to talk to."

Earth Unfiltered

Speaking to scientists: Kristyn Ferguson

It is imperative, especially at this time of the year, that we all find a way to plug into the natural world for even just a little bit of time, every day.

Greenspace makes for great headspace

"Manitoba is a magical place, full of amazing natural scenery."

Discover the natural wonders of Manitoba

"A month or two after the fire, the renewal in the forest — and in the city of Fort McMurray — was already happening."

After the fire

10 stories from 2016, from Canada and around the world, that show how communities, governments and organizations are providing solutions that are reversing the loss of biodiversity and the ecological services that nature provides.

10 good news conservation stories from 2016

Three of Canada’s bat species are now listed as endangered according to the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada.

Canada's bats in crisis

NCC's top 10 blog posts from 2016, each celebrating nature and the importance of conservation.

Our top 10 blog posts of 2016

morning! /
he takes in the salt /
retiring to depth /

An ode to whale

"Let me tell you about my bed of crested wheatgrass and the starry, starry night."

Adapting to realities: From conservation science to sleeping outdoors

Take a journey through NCC's successes in 2015-2016 with our postcard-themed annual report!

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By daring to dream big about the possibility of protecting Canada’s precious natural landscapes for generations to come, J. Bruce Falls has left an irreplaceable natural legacy to all Canadians.

J. Bruce Falls receives Order of Canada

NCC has conserved an additional 15,294 acres (6189 hectares) coast to coast.

Our top conservation successes of 2016 from across Canada