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Keep aphids, slugs, snails, ants, beetles, squash bugs, flies, mosquitoes and many more from damaging your precious garden with these organic, non-toxic pesticide recipes...

How To Make Organic Pesticides - 10 Recipes That Really Work
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The bee population is radically declining. This is set to have catastrophic consequences for both humans and the environment. Do your bit by planting some of these bee friendly flowers and let's start to grow the bee populations once again.

20 Beautiful Flowers To Grow In Your Garden To Help Save The Bees
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This will really inspire you to go and collect some dandelions today! I'm trying #17 right away!

Just remember the rule - pick only one third of what you find. Leave the rest for the bees!

25 Reasons To Go & Pick Dandelions Right Now
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This is the world's best mosquito spray - and it's all natural!

How To Make A Four Thieves Mosquito Repellent That Works Like Crazy
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It's surprisingly easy to grow your own turmeric. Here's how and some incredible ways to use your harvest...

How To Grow Turmeric & 10 Brilliant Ways To Use It
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It's time to start planning for a mosquito free garden this year. Growing these gorgeous plants is one of the best - and certainly most beautiful - ways to keep mosquitoes away this year!

11 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes
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If you're suffering from an ingrown toenail, we don't have to tell you just how painful it can be. Try these home remedies and banish your ingrown toenail.

How To Get Rid Of An Ingrown Toenail: 9 Home Remedies That Really Work
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Plantain is likely growing within 100 yards of you right now - and this easy-make poultice can do so much. It can heal eczema, mosquito bites, rashes and so much more.

How To Make A Plantain Poultice - Heal Mosquito Bites, Poison Ivy Rash, Wounds, Eczema & More
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It may sound pretty weird, but eating a spoonful of virgin coconut oil straight from the jar can do some pretty amazing things for you...

23 Things That Happen To You When You Eat A Spoonful Of Coconut Oil Every Day
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Be the envy of your neighbors with this insanely cool DIY swimming pool....

How To Build A Natural Swimming Pool - The Best Thing To Add To Your Garden This Summer
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Flies HATE these plants and they'll stay away. If you don't want to spend your spring and summer endlessly swatting flies - this is for you!

Plant Some Of These 6 Fragrant Plants Around Your Home & Garden & Enjoy A Fly-Free Summer
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An endless supply of fresh, raw, delicious goats milk is just the start! Here are twenty reasons that will convince you to get your first goats..

20 Reasons Why Keeping Goats Will Change Your Life For The Better
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Look out for these early warning signs. They may just save your life.

15 Warning Signs You've Got Poor Circulation
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Put one of these tabs in your mouth and swish around. You'll have the whitest teeth and healthiest mouth you've ever experienced!

Homemade Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal & Coconut Oil Pulling Tabs
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These oils help to moisturize hair and scalp to stop dry, flaky skin, they stop hair loss and hair thinning, slow down graying and stimulate faster and healthier hair growth...

7 Oils To Apply To Your Hair That Will Fix All Of Your Hair Problems
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Essential oils are highly potent and can quickly relieve the pain experienced by arthritis sufferers - as well as free up movement and so much more...

10 Essential Oils That Can Seriously Relieve Arthritis
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Not only does lavender smell amazing, look beautiful, repel pests and attract pollinators - you can also use the flowers to make some amazing things...

26 Amazing Things You Can Make From The Lavender Growing In Your Garden
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Signs of low dopamine include fatigue, depression, an inability to deal with stress, poor concentration and memory, mood swings, a lack of motivation, and failure to complete tasks or work toward goals. Here's how you can boost your dopamine levels...

11 Easy Ways To Boost Dopamine Without Medication