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How are you keeping your heart healthy? As it's Heart Research Month, we want to make sure you're doing what you can to keep yours... and those around you healthy. Tag a to remind them to look after their heart!

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“The doctor said to me "your hips are stuffed" and at the young age of 52 I was getting a hip replacement. The chronic pain had slowed me down after being active my entire life, but after the second operation it was an amazing discovery to find I could walk again and even ride my bike without any pain. So I started playing golf again, and I love it. I don't even use the buggies, I walk the...
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Did you know? Our bodies cannot produce Omega 3, it has to be obtained through diet or supplements. Omega 3 helps a healthy heart by regulating cholesterol.

Find Out How fish Oil Helps Cholesterol & Heart Health.
“I was always a good swimmer as a kid, I didn't have any lessons, but my entire childhood I was competing. A knee injury when I was 17 stopped me from competing, so I concentrated on school and my career in dental surgery. My daughter has been swimming for seven years, and because of her I decided to get back into the pool and start swimming again. It was hard to start with, but now I have...
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As it’s Heart Research month, we’ve listed our favourite heart facts… how many facts did you know?
“I've been playing netball since I was 10, so a friend of mine suggested I should put Bendigo on the map and take a team to the World Masters. So I got on the phone and found a team and there has been no stopping us since. I love netball, I think it's in the blood. I have a granddaughter who is 11 now and she loves it as well, it must be in bred to her. My husband and I have been together for...
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Want to follow in David's footsteps? Nature’s Own CoQ10 150mg Complex helps support cardiovascular health and energy production - ensuring you stay a Force of Nature

CoQ10 complex
“Now more than anything I find myself looking to contribute to society as much as possible. I speak at many conferences all over the world about the need to increase women’s participation in sport, especially in countries where sport is not considered as important or common. I received an Order of Australia Medal in 2002 for Services to the Community which was really rewarding to me. You...
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Vegetables are full of nutrients that benefit our diet, ensuring we get the recommended amount is vital for the health and maintenance of our bodies. How do you ensure you get your recommended amount?
How are you spending your #AustraliaDay? SHARE if it's a BBQ with friends and family or LIKE if it's a camping weekend away.
“I only had my first fight three months ago. The guy was nearly ten years younger than me and lighter, but I won. I've been training for three years and I've even built a gym in my garage to train, sometimes I have up to a dozen guys training in my garage at once. I started training because I realised I wanted to get fit. I started off with your basic walking, but my mate and I decided to do...
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Do you agree? Tag a friend you'd love to share an amazing experience with. They do say, life is what you make it :)

Why You Should Spend Your Money on Experiences, Not Things
“We are all on a journey and I really think that life is not about fighting everything that is thrown at you, but enjoying everything that life throws at you. My whole life I had been planning on joining the airforce, but three days before my entry test, my dad had a plane crash which threw me off and I failed the course. With my dad being in hospital, I got to know the nurses really well and...
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It's often hard to stay focused after the holiday season - but these quick tips will help keep your eye on the prize! What are your tips to staying focused?

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New Year, New YOU! It may be time to start giving your body the care and attention it needs! Most vitamins and minerals are “essential nutrients” which our bodies can’t make on their own. Multivitamins are supplements that contain a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals that may help our bodies obtain these nutrients if our diet is lacking.

MULTIVITAMINS - What can they do for you?
I was planning on going to the World Masters Games when I broke my leg. As a result of that doctors found out that I had cancer and ended up getting it six times since my first diagnosis. Luckily I've been in remission for eight weeks now. I'm determined though, I told the doctor "you find it and fix it because I've got riding to do." My late wife is my inspiration, we truly had a great love...
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New Year's resolutions are often made, but not followed through. With this in mind, we've complied a list of fitness and lifestyle affirmations. So, share the post that means the most, and can be achieved! Don't forget to tag a friend to get them motivated for 2017! This year I will...
Happy New Year, we'll be seeing you in 2017!
New Year's resolutions are a great opportunity to make a plan for the year ahead. But, which one resolution will you pick? Here are a few to help.

50 New Year’s Resolution Ideas And How To Achieve Each Of Them
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, filled with love and joy.