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02/27/2017 at 14:48. Facebook
In case you forgot to make some chili for #NationalChiliDay, just grab a Chili Dark Chocolate bar.
Nature Valley
02/24/2017 at 20:14. Facebook
Our XL Sweet & Salty Peanut bars are 50% larger than our classic bars, which means there’s even more delicious ingredients inside to help get you where you're going.
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02/21/2017 at 13:00. Facebook
Prepare to make your classmates drool when you open up a pack of our new Granola Cups.
Nature Valley
02/20/2017 at 13:00. Facebook
Getting ready to tackle the week. But first, coffee and a granola bar.
Nothing helps you power through #NationalAlmondDay quite like the 45 almonds in each box of Sweet & Salty Nut Almond bars!
Give you and your family the energy you need to get outside and enjoy the season! Our protein granola also pairs well with berries and milk
Happy Valentine's Day! Share this with your honey to help spread the ❤
Reflecting on all the wonderful things you'll do this weekend but then regretting your decision to eat a Nature Valley bar in bed because you have to spend the next hour vacuuming crumbs.
Oats ‘n Honey: curing mid-day hunger pains since 1975.
Bars that are 50% larger means you can be 50% more awesome! Have you tried our Sweet & Salty XL Bars yet?
This beautiful snack inspiration is making us hungry all over again. Be careful with that Crunchy Bar around computers though, you know why. #embracethecrumbs
Those tiny pockets in your gym bag were made for tiny snacks to help fuel your day.
February is National Snack Month so we're dreaming up new places to bring our tasty bars. Where's your favorite spot to crunch on a Nature Valley bar?
Need an extra kick to get through your day? Our NEW XL Sweet & Salty bars are 50% larger than our normal bars and come in three delicious flavors! More info at: [ Link ]
Protein Granola + Greek Yogurt + Strawberries & Bananas = Quick easy snack you can make at your desk.
Let's conquer this weekend's adventures together with our favorite snacks to keep us going.
Need some breakfast inspiration? This fruit-filled crunch bowl is loaded with whole grain and Nature Valley Protein Granola that'll help to kickstart your day!
For National Peanut Butter day we're munching on our new Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Cups. A crunchy cup with creamy peanut butter filling dipped in chocolate has us like