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Nature Valley
12/06/2016 at 20:30. Facebook
Just over a week left of school. We can get through this together.
Nature Valley
12/04/2016 at 15:15. Facebook
Warm socks. Hot coffee. Tasty Snacks.
Snowmen love crunchy bars!
Struggling to get back into the work week after the long holiday break? Reach for some motivation.
Braving the crowds today? Take us along for extra support and energy that’ll go where you go.
Happy Thanksgiving from Nature Valley!
Whether you’re going over the river or through the woods, a snack is always a good idea. Safe travels!
Remember that our snacks are carry-on friendly! #EmbraceTheCrumbs
When you’re packing your bags for holiday travel, don’t forget a snack!
Our Oat Bites not only make a great breakfast, they’re also good at keeping little hands occupied while you clean the house before the holiday visitors arrive!
You’ll love our new take on a holiday classic: Pumpkin Cream Pie with a Granola Bar Crust!
A recipe for success: Warm drinks, good friends, tasty snacks.
Bring this Bourbon Granola Apple Crisp to your #Friendsgiving gathering. Serve it with ice cream. Thank us later.
Recipe: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Use these hacks to take our basic granola to the next level. You’ll have after school and holiday travel snacking in the bag! [ Bit.ly Link ]

3 Halfway-to-Homemade Granola Hacks

Here’s to Lazy Saturdays!
Our Crunchy Bars are the perfect complement for any lunch.
Backpacker Bites are a great after-school snack! Don't forget to clip the Box Tops available on boxes of our Backpacker Chewy Granola Bites.

Box Tops® Bonus App – School Fundraising

Don’t forget to turn back your clocks… that extra hour means more time for snacking!
Here’s to getting outside and enjoying the last of fall’s colors!
This yogurt bowl with granola, strawberries, almonds, and chocolate chips
just might be your new favorite snack.