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Navaid Aziz
12/01/2016 at 00:49. Facebook
Muslim Diversity and Sensitivity Training

On November 29th the IISC - Islamic Information Society of Calgary hosted members of the Calgary Police Service as well as the Fire Brigade for Muslim Sensitivity Training. The training session conducted by Sh. Navaid Aziz consisted of 4 sections:

1- What do Muslims believe and practice.
2- Facts about Muslims globally, nationally, and provincially....
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Navaid Aziz
11/29/2016 at 13:59. Facebook
This is an amazing video that shows how creative expression goes a lot further than simply just lecturing. I'm not sure who these people are but may God bless them for this message. Tune into your creative side.
As a community we should not run away from having uncomfortable conversations. At the same time we need to present solutions that will meet emotional, psychological, financial, and most importantly religious needs. Not just one or some of them, all of them.

May Allah purify our intentions and bless our efforts and suffice us with that which is halal. Ameen.

Please do take the time to read...
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The Dangerous Relationship Between Money & Dawah

Check out this must read article by my good friend Dr. Nazir Khan!

Forever on trialβ€”Islam and the charge of violence

An amazing experience meeting award winning journalist @martinstanford and speaking about keeping youth safe.
Just finished a photo shoot with @jeremyfokkens for January's issue of @walrusmagazine. Really looking forward to it! Very professional and very congenial!
The journey continues.

Left is 48% body fat, now down to 29%, al hamdulillah! Your prayers and continuous support are highly appreciated! Maa Shallah tabaraka Allah!
Khateeb training with a wonderful group of guys.


1- A brother concluding the first part of his khutbah by saying: "And we'll be right back."

2- A brother turning towards me in the khutbah and asking me if the story he used is authentic.

3- A brother saying: "Ball is life" in his khutbah.

4- As the class concluded I let them choose any topic that I would give them a khutbah...
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Tonight community discussion on Islamophobia: Realities and Solutions. 7:30 pm at the Edmonton Trail Musalla.

[ Facebook.com Link ]

Tomorrow Khateeb Training Workshop. University of Calgary 12pm to 2pm.

[ Facebook.com Link ]

Community discussion: The Reality Behind islamophobia and How to

EVENT - facebook.com
#MajorKeys LOL...I had a great time with the "My Cave" team. Special shout outs to Farooq, Subhan, Atef, Naiha, and the sister that was sick and didn't say a single word the whole time.

Best question of the night was definitely by Atef. If I had to choose a starting 5 basketball team from Muslim speakers who would it be?

Looking forward to being on the show again in the future, insha...
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A clip from my recent trip to Edmonton. The full video should be released soon, insha Allah. Awesome group of people in Edmonton! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon, insha Allah. Jazaakum Allahu khairan for your kindness and hospitality.

Why Are There Female-Only Masajid? #MSWTS

Subscribe to be the first to know when the full episode is released! Sheikh Navaid Aziz was nice enough to spend a weekend with us and joined us for some mil...

Join me live in an hour and a half! Should be a funny and interactive discussion!
Should Muslims be interviewing with Playboy? My thoughts and open discussion this Friday night at Edmonton Trail insha Allah.
Hajj withdrawls

I would give anything to go back and relive my hajj experience. I wanted to share one of my favourite moments with you. This is the morning after performing tawaf al ifadah. O Allah invite us back to your house soon. Ameen!
Final pillar of hajj complete, al hamdulillah! May Allah accept from us all. Ameen. Made lots of dua for all of you.
Who do you recognize in this picture? Allah protect, accept, and bless us all. Ameen!

#HajjSquad #Hajj2016
Eid Mubarak, with a shaved head. Lots wishes and duas your way. May Allah accept from us all! Taqballa Allahu minna wa minkum!
People you meet and you know they are genuinely happy to see you. May Allah bless, protect, and accept. Ameen

#HajjSquad #Hajj2016
Praying Fajr on the Roof

Al hamdulillah, got to pray Fajr on the roof. It was absolutely amazing watching people disperse after salah. Like small ants going in every direction. Al hamdulillah, got to complete my umrah as well. Made dua for all those that asked me to. May Allah accept and grant better. Ameen.

For those at hajj you can Whatsapp on the following number: β€ͺ+966 54 619 3596‬....
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