Navaid Aziz
01/20/2017 at 18:34. Facebook
We now know who is under the mask! Killed it!
Navaid Aziz
01/20/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
I was fortunate to attend Dr. Tariq Ramadan's event recently entitled: "Creating Thriving Socities in Troubling Times" Here are some of my notes for your benefit.

1- Awaken your heart and don't allow normalization of evil.

2- The world is complex don't be simplistic

3- Stand up against all injustices and don't be narrow or specific to your own community.

4- spirituality does not negate...
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Navaid Aziz
01/18/2017 at 14:51. Facebook
For the basketball fans out there some awesome clips in here. I always thought him to be a good player but not a great one. However, some of these moves are just jaw dropping. Personal favourites his dunk on Verajao and the steal from Ray Allen for the win.
Posted by Carmelo Anthony earlier today on his twitter. May Allah guide him to Islam. Ameen

Who are you a slave to?
Looking to help the people of Syria?

Please tune in here now:
That cease fire lasted long...

Please watch and share this video.
We Have Failed!

ِA letter written by one of the sisters in Aleppo right now to the scholars of the ummah and to the leaders of the opposition:

"I am one of the woman in Aleppo who will soon be raped in just moments..there are no more weapons or men that can stand between us and the animals who are about to come called the 'country's army'.

I don't want anything from you..I don't even want...
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It's amazing how this video is so scary yet so funny at the same time!
May Allah have mercy upon him, forgive him, and allow the khair that he has spread in this world to continue to benefit him. Ameen

#RIPJunaidJamshaid #JunaidJamshaid #Legend
Today was a big day for me at the gym, al hamdulillah. Was able to achieve a new personal best at 225 on the bench press, al hamdulillah. For those of you struggling I know what it's like. Continue to fight through. Slowly but surely you will achieve your goals, insha Allah!
Muslim Diversity and Sensitivity Training

On November 29th the IISC - Islamic Information Society of Calgary hosted members of the Calgary Police Service as well as the Fire Brigade for Muslim Sensitivity Training. The training session conducted by Sh. Navaid Aziz consisted of 4 sections:

1- What do Muslims believe and practice.
2- Facts about Muslims globally, nationally, and provincially....
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This is an amazing video that shows how creative expression goes a lot further than simply just lecturing. I'm not sure who these people are but may God bless them for this message. Tune into your creative side.
As a community we should not run away from having uncomfortable conversations. At the same time we need to present solutions that will meet emotional, psychological, financial, and most importantly religious needs. Not just one or some of them, all of them.

May Allah purify our intentions and bless our efforts and suffice us with that which is halal. Ameen.

Please do take the time to read...
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The Dangerous Relationship Between Money & Dawah
Check out this must read article by my good friend Dr. Nazir Khan!

Forever on trial—Islam and the charge of violence
An amazing experience meeting award winning journalist @martinstanford and speaking about keeping youth safe.
Just finished a photo shoot with @jeremyfokkens for January's issue of @walrusmagazine. Really looking forward to it! Very professional and very congenial!
The journey continues.

Left is 48% body fat, now down to 29%, al hamdulillah! Your prayers and continuous support are highly appreciated! Maa Shallah tabaraka Allah!