Got to meet the Legend Jeremy McLellan Comedy! Hope all of you enjoyed the One Ummah Conference!
ONE UMMAH Conference is back! All the speakers in the video are now confirmed. The theme this year is Stronger Together (We thought Hilary was gonna win when we planned this we need it even more now!)

You can find the schedule, bios, and buy tickets here: [ Link ]

Jeremy McLellan Comedy Waleed Basyouni Mahdi Qasqas Amira Elghawaby
I earned my suicide prevention certification today, al hamdulillah. A must have for every imam and counsellor. It was a very eye opening experience, that teaches valuable skills and lessons, especially how to actively listen and show empathy. If anyone you know in Calgary ever needs help please feel free to reach out.
My favourite one from yesterday's drama!
Thank you Calgary Herald for this awesome video of our beautiful event last night! Just watching it can give you a sense of the serene vibe there last night.
As I mentioned in my original comment about the op-ed, I did not choose the title. In fact even from the snippet they used clearly they want people to click on it. It just seems it backfires when pro-trump supporters are only willing to read the snippet and ignore the actual article. We have a lot of work to do folks. People need to want to get a long. If it doesn't come from inside the hate...
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I work to prevent radicalization of young Muslims. Trump is making my job harder.
To God We Belong and To Him We Shall Return

Al hamdulillah, I was able to write my first op-ed and have it published in the Washington Post. I thought it would be nice to have a Canadian Muslim's perspective on the massacre in Quebec. While they did change the title of the piece and some of the content I am happy with the final product, and insha Allah will consider doing it again. At this...
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I work to prevent radicalization of young Muslims. Attacks on us make my job harder.
I stand with Quebec against hatred, bigotry, and violence.
Awesome satire by Boonaa Mohammed
An article about the only shooter in custody for the Quebec massacre. [ Link ]

Will we see global political solidarity with the Muslim community? How many communities are going to be asked to write condemnations?

Alexandre Bissonnette: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Quebec shooting

Motivate is not clear but this does not mean masaajid don't start investing in higher security for their congregations.

May Allah have mercy on the deceased, protect our communities every where, and allow us to unite against hatred. Ameen

The best article I've seen so far on the Quebec shooting.
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Shooting Reported at Quebec City Mosque: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
You know this isn't too far from the truth! #AlternativeFacts
A great thing all imams should implement! I used to do this after my fiqh classes. Insha Allah, will try this after the classes again and after Jumah.
Lebron has acted like a bit of a baby these past couple of days but on the court he is an absolute beast. Off the court it is really nice to see him active in social justice and civil liberties. With the support of hijab and Black Lives Matter I do believe he is setting a good example for other athletes to take advantage of their stardom for the right causes.
Falling on your face sucks, but sometimes God makes it happen so you are saved from a bigger calamity. Have faith in God's plan for you.
Learn Arabic in Calgary

For those of you interested my good friend Moneeb Sarmad is going to be teaching, insha Allah. Details here:

Day/Time: Every Saturday 9-11am
Location: Science A 109 (SA109), University of Calgary
Fee: $87/month
Duration of the Course: 18/02/17-17/06/17

open for both, brothers and sisters

Check the website:

Arabic Untangled - Arabic for Busy People
We now know who is under the mask! Killed it!
I was fortunate to attend Dr. Tariq Ramadan's event recently entitled: "Creating Thriving Socities in Troubling Times" Here are some of my notes for your benefit.

1- Awaken your heart and don't allow normalization of evil.

2- The world is complex don't be simplistic

3- Stand up against all injustices and don't be narrow or specific to your own community.

4- spirituality does not negate...
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For the basketball fans out there some awesome clips in here. I always thought him to be a good player but not a great one. However, some of these moves are just jaw dropping. Personal favourites his dunk on Verajao and the steal from Ray Allen for the win.