Time and space..
A little bit in love with this heart shaped sapphire x #bespoke #enquirewithin

info@naveyasloane.com . 093734370
And a zoom x
Explore our past bespoke designs [ Bit.ly Link ]
Bespoke blues.. #aquamarine
One, two or three?

#thedracosetting #thevegasetting #thepavosetting
When you fall in love..
The Asellus Setting [ Bit.ly Link ]
Round, pear or marquise? #bespoke #diamond
A love uniquely yours x
Explore our past bespoke designs [ Bit.ly Link ]
What have you been designing today Olivia? #jewellerydesigner
A beautiful bespoke piece crafted in 18k gold, set with sapphire and diamond.

To bring your very own bespoke piece to life, give us a call on 093734370 or email us at engagement@naveyasloane.com
You're my world x
The Pavo Setting [ Bit.ly Link ]
Crafted to perfection for a special someone..#nsworkshop

093734370 . engagement@naveyasloane.com
For the lovers...
The Draco Setting [ Bit.ly Link ]
Don't forget to enter at the Moet & Chandon lounge! All you need to do is purchase a flute x #asbclassic #nsimperialknots #win
I want all of you, forever, just you and me…
The Indus Setting [ Bit.ly Link ]
We're so excited to be working with Rufus Knight on the redesign of our space and will keep you guys posted.. Exciting times ahead! #rachelandrufusontour #interiors #design
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She had diamonds in her eyes x
The Kraz Setting [ Bit.ly Link ]
Something new for your big day...
Diamond Earrings [ Bit.ly Link ]