Hitting the grocery store when hungry is too easy a way to buy on impulse and over-spend. #FinancialAdviceFriday [ Nfcu.me Link ]
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Love is in the air! Thanks to these members for sharing photos of their valentines.
Going for a walk is an effective (and healthy!) way to unwind—without breaking the bank. #FinancialAdviceFriday [ Nfcu.me Link ]
Look familiar? Throwing back to this snow day at our Newport, RI branch. #TBT
Itching for a spring break getaway? Start saving by setting up an auto transfer into savings each paycheck. You'll be ready for the beach before you know it! #TravelTuesday
"What? You've never seen a horse use an ATM before?"

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Plan your meals ahead of time and make a list of the ingredients you’ll need at the store. #FinancialAdviceFriday [ Nfcu.me Link ]
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By combining debt into one loan, you may be able to better manage and reduce it over time. #FinancialAdviceFriday [ Nfcu.me Link ]
We're celebrating the 50th anniversary of our branch at the Washington Navy Yard!
We stumbled across this photo in our archives of Nora L. operating a Telex machine. What year do you think it was taken? #TBT
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We’re excited to announce our President & CEO Cutler Dawson is a recipient of the Naval Academy Distinguished Graduate Award. Congratulations, Vice Admiral Dawson – and thank you for your service! [ Nfcu.me Link ]
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Avoid multiple balances by using one, low-interest-rate credit card once the others are paid off. #FinancialAdviceFriday [ Nfcu.me Link ]