One way to start saving - make your own piggy bank!

Our Dillingham Square branch team had fun teaching Kindergarteners about the importance of saving and helping them make their own piggy banks last week.
3 things young adults should know about money: [ Link ]
Have questions about savings? In honor of Military Saves and America Saves we're hosting a live Q&A on Friday, March 24th from 1:00 - 2:00pm ET. Ask our Savings Experts and Military Veteran all your questions about saving for retirement, preparing financially for civilian life and more! Join our Q&A here: [ Link ]

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Don't forget to wear green! Happy St. Patrick's Day.
On this day in 1802, The United States Military Academy - the first military school in the U.S. - was established.
To save the most toward your goals, look beyond one-size-fits-all approaches: [ Link ] #WednesdayWisdom
Less-traveled hotspots are typically much friendlier to your wallet. #TravelTuesday [ Link ]
Get more helpful tips and take the pledge to save at! #MSW17
On this day in 1942, the U.S. Army K9 Corps was formed.
That TV you’ve been eyeing? Put your refund in a short-term savings account for the flat screen. #FinancialAdviceFriday [ Link ]
“A hero is an everyday, ordinary person who has done something extraordinary.” – Gen. Ann Dunwoody (RET) #InternationalWomensDay
Looking for a vacation that won't break the bank? Get back to nature with a camping trip. #TravelTuesday [ Link ]
Make saving an easy habit by setting up automatic transfers to your savings account each paycheck. You won't miss money you don't see! [ Link ] #MotivationMonday
Happy birthday Navy Reserve! Thank you for 102 years of service.
Get more helpful tips and take the pledge to save at! #MSW17
By using a pre-paid card, you can track how much money you’re spending and where. #FinancialAdviceFriday [ Link ]
Are you and your partner on the same financial page? 5 topics you should discuss before your next big step: [ Link ]
New Doesn’t Mean Better: 8 Items You Should Buy Used: [ Link ]
Happy President's Day!
Hitting the grocery store when hungry is too easy a way to buy on impulse and over-spend. #FinancialAdviceFriday [ Link ]