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The list of Democratic lawmaker no-shows for the president-elect’s Inauguration has grown to more than 50 -- and demonstrations have already started in Washington, DC, with at least 99 planned for the week.

Trump Inauguration: Dozens of Democratic Lawmakers Plan to Boycott

"I don’t want some benevolent dictator in my life that’s going to feed me, and cloth me, and put a thermometer in my mouth.

I want government to get out of my way so that I can do things as an individual.

I’ve taken that opportunity of having a good paying secure job with manufacturing to, you know, forgo a flat screen TV and cable, and I have real estate holdings and investments.

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“It would be nice to get a second job to try to get ahead, but then I can’t afford daycare for that. And then I’m taking time away from my kids, who are already at school. I’m at work. So, I can’t win, you know? So I just struggle from paycheck to paycheck.”

Lester Holt is talking to people in and around Warren, Michigan, near Detroit, about their hopes and concerns as a new president takes...
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ACROSS AMERICA: A frank conversation about Pres.-elect Trump in a place that helped elect him: the home of the "Reagan Democrats."
JUST IN: Markeith Loyd, suspect in shooting deaths of an Orlando Police officer and a pregnant woman, has been captured, police say; a deputy was also killed while responding to search for Loyd after the officer was shot.
A woman, who previously accused Donald Trump of unwanted sexual advances, has filed a defamation lawsuit against the president-elect.

Defamation suit filed against Donald Trump by woman who accused him of unwanted sexual advances

The investment and new jobs have been in the works for some time, a GM spokesperson says, but the announcement shows the automaker is becoming more vocal in publicizing how many Americans it employs as it comes under fire from the president-elect.

GM plans to invest $1B and add 1,000 jobs in US

LIVE: Lester Holt anchors from Michigan tonight...
NEW: Poll: Pres.-elect Trump will begin his presidency with lowest-ever approval ratings for an incoming president, but some of his policy goals are popular. [ Nbcnews.to Link ]

Pres.-elect Trump will begin his presidency with historically low approval ratings

JUST IN: Pres. Obama commutes sentence for Oscar López-Rivera, who was convicted of "seditious conspiracy" in 1981.

López Rivera was convicted in 1981 of "seditious conspiracy." He was accused of being a leader in the Puerto Rican nationalist group Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN), and the group claimed responsibility for a series of bombings in Chicago and New York during the 1970s...
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Pres. Obama commutes sentence for Oscar López-Rivera

JUST IN: Pres. Obama pardons baseball Hall of Famer Willie McCovey, who pleaded guilty in 1995 to income tax fraud. bit.ly/2k2b4iB

Pres. Obama pardons baseball Hall of Famer Willie McCovey

BREAKING: White House: Pres. Obama granting pardons to 64 individuals, and commutations to 209 individuals, including Chelsea Manning. [ Nbcnews.to Link ]

BREAKING: Pres. Obama announces 64 pardons, 209 commutations; Manning receives commutation

BREAKING: White House: Pres. Obama is commuting Chelsea Manning's sentence. [ Nbcnews.to Link ]
NEW: 2 women, who were abducted as children in 1985, have been found alive in Texas, and their mother has been arrested, Rhode Island State Police say. bit.ly/2iypWoM

2 women, who were abducted as children in 1985, have been found alive in Texas

“A lot of people feel as though they’re not making enough money in order to get a decent living. Also, people are worried about their children, and whether their children will be able to have a decent form of making a living in the future. I’m blessed that I’ve worked for GM, and I’m retired from GM, and have a decent pension thanks to the UAW, but those types of jobs are not really available...
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"Donald Trump has unique views that differ from the views of his predecessors, both Democrats and Republicans," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday, "and at the core of it is the interest of United States, as Donald Trump sees it. When we hear that his main focus is fighting terrorism, of course we will support it, because this is actually what our American partners have been...
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Russia sees dialogue with Pres.-elect Trump on nuclear weapons, Syria, terrorism, FM Lavrov says

“As soon as we opened up the drapes [we saw] the front of Trump's building and we're like, 'Oh, no way!’ ... It was a bitter irony that we were running away from him -- and he was right there.”

Room with a view? More guests rejecting hotel rooms with "TRUMP" views

In the first year of an Obamacare repeal, around 18,000,000 people would become uninsured, and premiums would soar, according to the latest projections from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

CBO projections: Obamacare repeal would leave around 18M uninsured, send premiums soaring

D.C.'s Homeland Security and Emergency Mgmt. office has been preparing for the protests and the Inauguration crowds since April. They're expecting 800,000 to 900,000 people to attend the Inauguration, and tens of thousands in numerous protests.

Tens of thousands of protesters expected in Washington, DC, during Trump Inauguration Week