Laughter, music and the tapping of dancing shoes reverberated throughout a public memorial to Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, which loved ones say is just how the actresses would have wanted it.

Reynolds and Fisher Honored With Humor, Music and Dance
China's rulers are planning a megacity that will be home to 130 million people and cover an area the size of New England.

China plans a city the size of New England that'll be home to 130M
In reality, ISIS is suffering big losses at home and hemorrhaging territory in Iraq and Syria in the face of a U.S.-backed assault.

Why we should be skeptical of ISIS' claims on the London attack
Lester Holt stopped by Seattle's iconic Pike Place Market to catch some fish: [ Link ]

Instagram post by NBC Nightly News • Mar 26, 2017 at 7:56pm UTC
How do you create a culture of debate without creating a "mean" culture or destroying team relationships?

How to have work debate without meanness: Lessons from Steve Jobs
MEMORIAL MYSTERY: "Knowing that you've given life and hope to a father, and knowing that you've made somebody's life better -- it's an amazing, amazing feeling to have." #InspiringAmerica

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A week in the life of Lester Holt.
INSPIRING AMERICA: Meet the "baby cuddlers" -- volunteers who snuggle premature babies: "The fact that I get to go in there and love on them makes my heart happy." #InspiringAmerica
Doctors in Chicago have successfully operated on a baby girl from Africa born with limbs from a parasitic twin on her back. The girl had four legs, two bladders and two spines. [ Link ]

Surgeons Remove Parasitic Twin From Baby Girl
"It's a widespread problem and we have to get a better idea of where the sources of exposure are," said California State Assembly member Bill Quirk. [ Link ]

Lead poisoning among children higher in parts of California than Flint
A team of physicists have taken data storage to ultimate extreme: storing information on a single atom. It's a development that will have major implications for quantum computing. [ Link ]

Scientists Can Now Store Information on Single Atoms
The largest school board in Canada said it won't be booking future trips to the US due to "uncertainty" surrounding Pres. Trump's travel ban. [ Link ]

Canadian school board bars new trips to U.S. over Trump travel ban
INSPIRING AMERICA: From the Football Field to the Operating Room, the Remarkable Story of Myron Rolle

Myron Rolle has been a Rhodes Scholar, an NFL football player and, soon, he’ll be a resident at Harvard Medical School’s neuroscience program at Massachusetts General Hospital.
Color film of the White House, taken by First Lady Lou Hoover, has become public and shows life at the White House during the 1930’s. [ Link ]

White House in Color: Footage From the 1930’s Has Resurfaced
Arctic Marines? NBC Nightly News went to northern Norway where American marines are training with Norwegian and British troops this month in Operation Joint Viking — a show of force just a few hundred miles from Russia’s border.
WATCH: Trump Administration Rhetoric and Travel Ban Turning Away Some Foreign Students, Survey Finds

Applications from international students are down this year at nearly 40 percent of schools that answered a recent survey by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. NBC Nightly News went to Indiana State University, where fewer foreign students could result...
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The American middle class is shrinking and the median income of those considered middle class is decreasing. [ Link ]

Here's how much money middle-class families earn in every US state
Lenny Wilkens, a three-time NBA Hall of Fame inductee, signed this basketball commemorating his historic legacy. Today he gave it to Lester Holt.

Instagram post by NBC Nightly News • Mar 25, 2017 at 9:12pm UTC
More than 90 percent of London's police officers carry out their daily duties without a gun. Most rely on other tools to keep their city safe: canisters of mace, handcuffs, batons and occasionally stun-guns. [ Link ]

Why more than 90 percent of police in London don't carry guns