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Red. White. Beautiful.
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The NC State Goodnight Scholars Program announced that transfer students from North Carolina community colleges will be eligible for the scholarship starting Fall 2017.

The selection process for the inaugural transfer class will begin in March. #ThinkAndDo

Goodnight Scholars Program Now Extends to North Carolina Transfer Students | Goodnight Scholars Program | NC State University
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We’re hitting the ground running in 2017. Our bold ambition leads us forward in solving the grand challenges of a complicated world. Like those who walked these bricks before us, we have the courage to think beyond boundaries and do the extraordinary.

Learn more about the Campaign for NC State: [ Link ] - Chancellor Woodson
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Today we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Experience one of his first major public speeches through NC State College of Humanities and Social Sciences' Virtual MLK Project. #ThinkAndDo

Virtual MLK Project | A rhetorical digital humanities project of the "Fill Up the Jails" public speech
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Ever wonder why dinosaurs were so big? Smithsonian Magazine highlights NC State research that seeks to answer the question. #ThinkAndDo

A Surprising New Theory of How Dinosaurs Got So Huge
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NC State College of Sciences professor Jennifer Landin explains how drawing can help students better understand both the form and function of plants and animals. #ThinkAndDo
CodinGame lists NC State as the top place to learn code in the United States and the 8th best in the world. #ThinkAndDo

Which students are really the best developers in the world?
Groundbreaking new research - NC State has teamed up with The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to develop a synthetic version of a cardiac stem cell that could reduce risks associated with stem cell therapies. Another great example of collaborative research resulting in human health benefits. - Chancellor Woodson

Synthetic Stem Cells Could Offer Therapeutic Benefits, Reduced Risks | NC State News | NC State University
Welcome back, Pack! Happy FDOC!
NC State Engineering alumna Tamara Robertson is taking her knowledge of chemical engineering to national television. Tune in to MythBusters: The Search to follow her journey. Let's hear it for her: WOLF!

Wolfpack. Winter. Wildlife.

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Fire and Ice.

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Hunt Library in the snow is cooler than a polar bear's toenails.

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NC State Online and Distance Education and NC State College of Sciences professor John Griggs: math teacher by day, game-day statistics coordinator by night. See how he uses his passion for NC State Basketball to teach: [ Link ]
Throwback Thursday - Reynolds Coliseum concept photos from the State Archives of North Carolina.

Have you seen Reynolds since the renovations were completed? Take a deeper look here: [ Link ]
Get to know NC State Online and Distance Education professor John Griggs - math instructor by day, NC State Basketball game-day statistics coordinator by night. #ThinkAndDo
NC State lands at number 18 on Kiplinger's Best College Values list. #ThinkAndDo

Kiplinger's Best College Values
The role of wearable technology continues to advance and expand. As we move into the new year, look at how NC State researchers are outfitting the future with breakthroughs in wearable tech. - Chancellor Woodson

Outfitting the Future
Welcome to 2017.
The year in review - take a look back at NC State's extraordinary 2016: