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NC State University
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'Tis the season. ❄

Get it before the wolves do...
NC State University
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"The things I've seen..." - a trip down memory lane from NC State Athletics. WOLF!

The Things that I've Seen

NC State University
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Chancellor Woodson spends one day every year at each of NC State's 10 colleges. This year, the College of Education @ NC State University wanted to show him how they make an impact beyond the walls of Poe Hall.

He made stops at several local schools - and participated in a priceless Q&A from a class of second graders. See more of the visit here: [ Thinkand.do Link ]
NC State University
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Yikes! The New Yorker chats with NC State professor Rob Dunn about what's lurking in your showerhead. #ThinkAndDo

What’s Lurking in Your Showerhead

NC State University
12/08/2016 at 00:41. Facebook
Award-winning chef and host of TV's A Chef's Life Vivian Howard to speak at Talley Student Union on December 15. Oh, and have we mentioned that she's an NC State alumna?

Click for more details. #ThinkAndDo

Vivian Howard to Speak at NC State | College of Agriculture and Life Sciences | NC State University

NC State University
12/06/2016 at 18:03. Facebook
After giving more than 20 years of work, service and inspiration to NC State - including 15 years as the program coordinator for the African American Cultural Center - Toni "Mama" Thorpe is retiring.

Thank you for everything you've helped us #ThinkAndDo! Let's hear it for her: WOLF!

Mama Thorpe celebrates retirement

NC State University
12/06/2016 at 14:53. Facebook
New research from NC State gives us a look into how everything is connected - in this case how toxins in “marine snow” can pollute the oceans and ultimately affect food and food safety policies. - Chancellor Woodson

Toxic ‘Marine Snow’ Can Sink Quickly, Persist at Ocean Depths | NC State News | NC State University

NC State University
12/05/2016 at 16:29. Facebook
Wearable devices are one of the hottest items on the market again this holiday season - but the technology itself goes beyond smartwatches and counting steps.

See what's next for wearables - and how NC State is innovating the technology to solve problems. #ThinkAndDo

Outfitting the Future

NC State University
12/04/2016 at 20:41. Facebook
NC State Football is going bowling! WOLF!
NC State University
12/03/2016 at 20:45. Facebook
Agriculture and the military are the top two industries in NC. See how the NC State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Agricultural Institute is blending them to provide jobs for veterans: [ Thinkand.do Link ]
Let the ☀ in - NC State researchers are developing new strategies for making more efficient solar cells. #ThinkAndDo

New Fabrication Technique Leads to Broader Sunlight Absorption in Plastic Solar Cells | NC State News | NC State University

Chancellor Woodson announces the 2016-2017 University Faculty Scholars. #ThinkAndDo

2016-2017 University Faculty Scholars Named

Did you know that North Carolina is the second-largest producer of Christmas trees in the United States? See how the NC State College of Natural Resources is helping the industry grow.

Researchers Look to Genetics to Find the Perfect Christmas Tree


Download this and other NC State Timeline photos at [ Facebook.com Link ].
From driving innovation from the lab to the marketplace and boosting the economy to bringing home awards and making a #STATEment on the athletic field, 2016 was another banner year for NC State.

Explore the 2016 Chancellor's Report here.

2016 Chancellor's Annual Report

NC State College of Natural Resources senior Alex Loflin explains how endowments provide support for scholarships, faculty positions and more.

Read more about #CampaignNCState and how you can help us Think and Do the Extraordinary: thinkand.do/Campaign #GivingTuesday
Did you know that 17% of the NC population works in agriculture? It’s an $84 billion a year industry and number one in our state - with military being number two.

See how the NC State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Agricultural Institute is blending these two industries by getting veterans involved and providing job opportunities for our soldiers: [ Thinkand.do Link ] #GivingTuesday
Five years. $1.6 billion. That’s how much we’re raising for student scholarships, programs, cutting-edge facilities and world-changing research. With the support of our alumni and friends, NC State is going to Think and Do the Extraordinary. #GivingTuesday - Chancellor Woodson

Think and Do the Extraordinary

Rivals on the field, partners in the lab - see how we're teaming up with The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to develop smart patches that monitor a patient's blood and release blood-thinning drugs as needed to prevent the occurrence of blood clots. #ThinkAndDo

Smart Patch Releases Blood Thinners As Needed, Prevents Thrombosis in Animal Model | NC State News | NC State University