Walking on the wild side!
This week, a ton of NCS grads are working hard to raise awareness of homelessness in the UK!
It's not too late to do something in your own community!
Summer's just round the corner *hint hint*
Welp... try again tomorrow?
All the magic you guys are spreading across the UK doing your amazing social action!
Tomorrow everyone needs to start the week being as hyped up as this bird!!
It's Action Day! We've got tons of teams out and about today doing some intense social action. 12 of those team are raising awareness for mental health in young people! #MyMindAndMe
This week is all about taking your social action to the next level! Want to get involved? Need some ideas? Here's some Action Day Projects you might be interested in!

What's Happening On Action Day?

When someone asks you how revision's going...
Throwback to our time at Twitter with Jess Glynne and the Social Action Star award winners, Welly Wangers!
We're still feeling a little starstruck ✨ ✨
#BeforeTheInternetExisted - Ummm, how did anyone survive coursework without Google?
What would you do without the internet?! Comment below!
"This is English YouTuber and singer-songwriter Dodie Clark. The talented musician has over 900,000 subscribers on her popular YouTube channel ‘doddleoddle’ garnering over 100 million views to date!"

NCS - National Citizen Service

Action Day is on Saturday! Want to take your social action to the next level? Then get involved! Do a bit of social action and tag us using #NCS
This woman is clearly in a dangerous situation... might lie there and never want to get up again!
Jess Glynne Visits Social Action Star Award Winners at Twitter!
"I was ten words in! All my hard work - ruined!!!"
Can we have this for breakfast every morning please?? Thanks.
Chuckie telling it like it is since '99 #Truth
It's Throwback Thursday!
You guys tag us in the sweetest, funniest and dramatic selfies... and we love them! ☀