What to do when people try to put you in a box! #CantCageTheFluff
"I know what you’re thinking, 'more Brexit talk'. But don’t worry, this blog will concentrate on us – the younger generations that will possibly be affected the most" - NCS Grad, Nicola

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NCS - National Citizen Service

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It's #NationalLoveYourPetDay! Look who came to pay us a visit... Winnie!
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*Counts hours left to sleep*
Trying to use your last few days of half term to do coursework like...
When you realise you've basically done nothing this entire half term...
It's throooowback Thursday!
Here's a peek at all the magic and madness that happened on NCS last year!
Summer, hurry up already!!! β˜€
Whenever you're feeling a little low just remember...
"HAHA! I'm hilarious!"
Some highlights from #NCSMatchDay over the weekend Sheffield Wednesday FC v Birmingham City FC on the 10th, Stoke City Football Club v Crystal Palace Football Club on the 11th ⚽
"I have ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and when I did NCS, I wanted my social action project to focus on young people who have ASD like me..." Read the rest here

NCS - National Citizen Service

I mean, like, if we're going to be honest...
Happy #ValentinesDay guys!
Who's taking chances this year? Or this summer? #NCS
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And finally crawling into bed at 2am...
A great example of how you can change the way you look at the people you share the world with ❀
...and it was at that point that Kitty realised gravity just wasn't on her side.
It's Throwback Thursdays! Here's a look at some of the amazing memories you guys tag us in during your time doing NCS!

Honestly, you guys make NCS what it is! ☺
Everyone's life in one picture...