Miami Hurricanes head basketball coach Jim Larrañaga breaking it down after the big win last night (H/T Miami Hurricanes Men's Basketball)

How college coaches evaluate parents on the sideline featuring David Kmiecik and Chris Sartorius.

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Kids who play multiple sports almost always end up being happier, better athletes.

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Congrats to Madison Alberty ([ Link ] on her commitment to play soccer at The Ohio State University #NCSAcommit
How to demonstrate unconditional support of your child while reinforcing a mastery approach to the sport.

Supporting Your Children When They Make Mistakes
5'8" Fort Lewis college player Daniel Hernandez GETS UP to block a 6'8" opponent in the open floor!!! (H/T Fort Lewis College)

Importance of choice for kids

If recent statistics are any indication of what the future of youth sports may look like, we're in trouble.

"Seventy percent of kids quit organized sports by the age of 13," says O'Sullivan. "Kids quit for a variety of reasons, but a lot of kids quit because they never had ownership in the sport they participated in."

Parenting -- Discovering which activities your kids are passionate about is their job, not yours
Senior Year Recruiting Checklist

Proactive recruiting tip #10: Strut your stuff

1⃣ Don’t allow other people to post on your account without your approval

Sure, student-athletes aren’t professional marketers, but it doesn’t mean they can’t think like one. You need to be in 100% control of what appears on your social media. Many platforms have a default setting where others can tag or menion you on posts that automatically show up in your account. Below are steps to manage...
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Congrats to Cody Watson ([ Link ] on his commitment to run track at Birmingham-Southern College #NCSAcommit
So true.
You need to get the grades to play

The NCAA sets standards for high school athletes based on core courses. “This isn’t PE, or basket weaving, or photography,” Paul says. “English, math, science and history. Every year your high school submits a list of classes to the NCAA, which approves or denies it.”

So you have to take the right courses, and you have to get high enough grades in them in...
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Proactive recruiting tip #9: Know the network

“Listen to your parents.”

We’ve been hearing it since the day we were able to comprehend the phrase. Some days are easier than others, but something I’ve learned after years of observation is that, (brace yourself, now!), parents can be pretty smart. It’s a crazy concept – I know!

Advice From Parents In Recruiting - NCSA Athletic Recruiting Blog