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NCSA interviewed Rich Kern on his insights that will be of value to you whether your child is in volleyball or any sport.

The 3 mistakes families most often make in the recruiting process - NCSA Athletic Recruiting Blog

Congrats to Courtney Gauthier ([ Bit.ly Link ] on her commitment to play hockey at Castleton University #NCSAcommit
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Researchers found that super champions were characterized by an almost fanatical reaction to challenge.” They viewed challenges in a positive light — as opportunities to grow — and overcame them thanks to a “never satisfied” attitude.

What Separates Champions From ‘Almost Champions’?

Nobody wants your child to succeed in the athletic process more than you do. Years of sacrifice and preparation. Untold moments of character building. Hours upon hours of academic help. You’ve worked hard to prepare your student-athlete for this moment.

Don’t let all that hard work go to waste: Even the most well-intentioned parent can make one of several common mistakes. After all, it’s hard...
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3 Things Parents of Athletes Should Know - NCSA Athletic Recruiting Blog

Congrats to Matt Romens ([ Bit.ly Link ] on his commitment to play baseball at University of Wisconsin - Whitewater #NCSAcommit
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Here are the top plays of the week our video editors saw as they helped student-athletes just like you get their videos ready for college coaches.

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Athletes and parents check out this great TED Talks by David Epstien who discusses the 3 major reasons why athletic performance has improved so dramatically in the last decades.

David Epstein: Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger?

10 Ways To Get Noticed By College Coaches
A debate has begun in baseball recruiting circles regarding the value of high school versus travel baseball. Travel programs have started to train their athletes all year long and some even compete in the spring. This has forced athletes to choose between playing for their high school in the spring or the travel program where they’ve invested a large amount of effort, money and time. There are...
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High School Vs. Travel Baseball - NCSA Athletic Recruiting Blog

Congrats to Jack Sarkisian ([ Bit.ly Link ] on his commitment to play soccer at Ashland University#NCSAcommit
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When asked what made sports fun, here were their top answers:

1. Trying your best
2. When the coach treats a player with respect
3. Getting playing time
4. Playing well as a team
5. Getting along with teammates
6. Being active

Why Kids Play Sports - Changing the Game Project

The decision you make will affect the next several years of your life. Make sure you take these 5 areas into consideration.

Making Your College Decision – 5 Areas That Will Impact Your Decision

Here’s a checklist of important tasks that you’ll need to undertake during your senior year. #NCSAsports www,ncsasports.org
Sports Illustrated Play (SI Play)—an industry leader in youth sports technology platforms and services—has partnered with Next College Student Athlete (NCSA)—one of the world's largest and most successful collegiate athletic recruiting networks—to make recruiting more accessible to the millions of athletes and their families using the SI Play platform.

Time Inc.’s Sports Illustrated Play Teams with NCSA to Offer Tech-Enabled Recruiting Education, Tools and Services to Millions of Student Athletes Nationwide | Business Wire