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Overall, colleges and universities awarded more than $3 billion in athletic scholarships in 2013 but very few of those were full rides. In most sports, coaches are allowed to divvy up scholarships. In 2013, the average amount of money awarded to NCAA Division 1 athletes was $13,821 for men and $14,660 for women. Other divisions offer less, and Division 3 schools offer no athletic scholarships...
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3 Myths About Athletic Scholarships - NCSA Athletic Recruiting Blog
Congratulations to Caitlyn Webb ([ Link ] on her commitment to play softball for North Park University #NCSAcommit
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Coach Chris Collins on recruiting by observing parents in the stands. (Positive Coaching Alliance)
Having a plan for your spring season is very important. Understanding that college coaches are always recruiting, even during their competitive season, will help you create a game plan.

What You Need To Prepare For Spring Baseball Recruiting - NCSA Athletic Recruiting Blog
Congratulations to Drew Sonnefeldt ([ Link ] on his commitment to play soccer for Anderson University #NCSAcommit
Here are the top plays of the week our video editors saw as they helped student-athletes just like you get their videos ready for college coaches.

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“Giving all kids a trophy is based on the self-esteem movement going on several years ago. A movement that went seriously awry!” says clinical psychologist Abby Brewer-Johnson. “As with many of these movements and programs they took some good information but took it way too far.”

Giving Every Child A Trophy Is Confusing The Hell Out Of Our Kids | I Love to Watch You Play
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Think you’re busy now?

Just wait until you’re a college athlete.

A recent study CBS Sports obtained details just how much goes into being a Division I athlete. According to the student-athletes, an average week of practice, voluntary training and physical therapy could take up to 50 hours.

How Do College Athletes Manage Their Time? - NCSA Athletic Recruiting Blog
Congratulations to Shelby Heston ([ Link ] on her commitment to play volleyball for NIACC #NCSAcommit
Coach Kelsey's rant is so true. #Practice

"You can't nap your way to being a good shooter," she said. "And Facebooking and all these things that teenagers do. You need to put the phones down, stop FaceTiming, stop Tweeting and get your butt in the gym." #NCAA #MarchMadness
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How does a high school freshman get a scholarship before college coaches can contact them?

When can Division I coaches contact athletes?
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Curtis Granderson explains how playing multiple sports shaped his career. (Positive Coaching Alliance)