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Infections can be more common during pregnancy. We discuss ones you should look out for.

Infections during pregnancy
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Interested in becoming a breastfeeding counsellor? Current student Hazel shares her experience of studying with NCT.

Being a breastfeeding counsellor
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Your sex-life is likely to change once you're pregnant. We look at sex at every stage during pregnancy.

Sex in pregnancy and the antenatal stages
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Is having a childminder be the right choice for your family? We take a look.

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Some babies enjoy baths but others don’t. We have tips to help make baths easier for everyone.

Bathing your newborn baby
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Having a home birth? We take a look at the pain relief options available to you.

Home birth pain relief options
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Your doctor may recommend you have a caesarean birth. We discuss when you might need one.

Reasons for caesarean birth
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Antenatal depression is more common in pregnancy than you might think. We look at causes and treatment.

Depression in pregnancy
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Are you considering a water birth? We take a look at how to use a birthing pool and offer safety tips.

Use of water birthing pools in labour
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Friday question: Staying active while pregnant is great for you and your baby. What exercises worked best for you while you were pregnant?
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Separation anxiety can be distressing for you and your baby but it's common and normal. We discuss ways to manage it.

Separation anxiety in babies
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How can dads-to-be and birth partners help create a birth plan? We have tips to help.

Dads-to-be: the birth plan and pain relief
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#TopTip Lifting items while pregnant? Be sensible - Bend your knees, not your back and avoid lifting anything heavy.

Back pain in pregnancy
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What do mums love about working with NCT?

We chat with Emma, Madeleine and Lou to find out why they find it so rewarding.
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Interesting article in the Guardian about the lack of postnatal support resulting in many new parents visiting A&E departments and GP surgeries.

Did you get the support you needed after birth? Who provided it for you?

Tens of thousands of new mothers can't reach a midwife, study finds
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All parents are offered a dose vitamin K for their newborns shortly after birth. We look at why and how it's given.

Vitamin K: Injection or oral dose for newborns
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What is a midwife and what do they do? We take a look at your midwife's role in providing your antenatal care.

What is a midwife?
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Outdoor play is really important for development. We discuss the benefits.

Importance of outdoor play activities for kids
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Considering a home birth? We talk you through arranging one.

How do I arrange a home birth?
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How can you encourage a straightforward birth? We have tips to help.

Encouraging a straightforward birth during pregnancy