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The FINAL DAY - Feb 28 - of our special EP offer is upon us! Sign up today to our Patreon via and get FREE lossless digital downloads (with hi res artwork & lyrics) of both our 2014 EP's 'Sarabande To Nihil' & 'Hiraeth'!

These are long sold out and not available anywhere else for purchase in any format.
All $1+ Patreon members get 'Sarabande To Nihil' EP &
All $5+...
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02/24/2017 at 23:19. Facebook
Bon anniversaire (Happy Birthday!) to our lead guitarist and brother Benjamin Baret!

Photo by Heiner Bach Photography
Ne Obliviscaris
02/21/2017 at 11:15. Facebook
More new music being created tonight... the inspiration is well and truly flowing!
For ONE MORE WEEK (until Feb 28) our 2014 EP's 'Sarabande of Nihil' and 'Hiraeth' are available for FREE for all members of The Ne Obluminati via

All $1+ members receive free digital download (lossless audio with digital booklet & lyrics) of Sarabande of Nihil and all $5+ members receive the 'Hiraeth' EP as well.

We have some big announcements in regards to our...
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Here's something productive from the NeO camp! Aside from working hard on our new record, Dan has been busy making music on other fronts also. Check out his new side project Alluvial!
[ Link ]

Dan Presland (Alluvial) Lila

Here's a track from Alluvials debut record, The Deep Longing For Annihilation. I had a tonne of fun working on these tracks, and look forward to doing more! ...

GIRLS Racerback Tank Top is available now (XS-XL sizes) from our online store at Artist First! What other girls items would you like to see us stock?

Ne Obliviscaris
The Void with Christina gets deep with Xenoyr in a recent interview

(Dec 1st, 2016)

[ Link ]

Xenoyr (Ne Obliviscaris): Next Album, New Side Project, Black Metal Beginnings & More
Another Patreon milestone- The Ne Obluminati now 1000 strong and counting!

We just passed $10,000USD per month on our Patreon and are now at 67% of our 15k target!

We are aiming to reach our target by the end of February so follow the link if you haven't signed up already.

We are streaming our acoustic show LIVE via Patreon tomorrow at 2:15 AEDT for all members. If you're in Melbourne you can come for FREE if you're a member. (Just RSVP via Patreon)

We are...
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Ne Obliviscaris is creating Music, Videos, Art, Experiences | Patreon
Sign up to become a member of The Ne Obluminati via Patreon for only $1+ a month and as a limited time bonus receive a FREE digital copy of our long sold out 2014 limited edition EP, Sarabande of Nihil!

This includes full lossless audio files with artwork & lyrics and is only for people that join before FEBRUARY 28!

Sign up for $5+ and receive our EP 'Hiraeth' as well!

Both EP's are...
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05/05/17 - Karmoygeddon Metal Festival, Norway [ Link ]

07/05/17 - Frankfurt, Nachtleben

08/05/17 - Augsburg, Kantine

09/05/17 - Saarbrucken, Garage

10/05/17 - Bochum, Rockpalast

11/05/17 - Hannover, Lux

12/05/17 - Eindhoven, Dynamo [ Link ]

13/05/17 - Osnabruck, Bastard Club
NeO FREE Acoustic show & BBQ this weekend Sat, Jan 21!
(+ Full show live stream!)

As a big THANK YOU to all our Ne Obluminati members, we are hosting a FREE BBQ & NE OBLIVISCARIS ACOUSTIC show THIS SATURDAY JAN 21 in our home town of Melbourne, Australia from 1-4pm AEDT where you can come spend the afternoon hanging out with the band and taking in our first ever acoustic performance.

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Playing in the beautiful Launceston tonight at Club 54! Hope to see lots of you Tasmanians there!
One day in to our Patreon membership drive and we have just passed $9000 per month and over 800 members for the first time!

There is still a long way to go to reach our $15,000 minimum wage target, so if you're a fan of our music we need you to sign up and support us in this important and meaningful way. This is the future for bands like us and it will only work if thousands of fans jump on...
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TOGETHER we can make history!

Today we announced a membership drive for our Patreon running until the end of February! The aim is to hit our minimum wage target of $15,000USD per month & finally enable us to focus on NeO full time so that we can continue to tour regularly worldwide and put all our focus into creating the best albums possible!

As part of this we are going to be giving away...
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We are going to give away free digital copies (wav files, artwork & lyrics included) of our two long sold out & ultra limited 2014 crowd funding EP's and all you have to do is become a member of The Ne Obluminati via for as little as $1 a month!

We are aiming to become the first band in...
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One question we get asked A LOT is- when are you going to re-release your 2 EP's, the long sold out 'Sarabande of Nihil' and 'Hiraeth'? Well, it's finally happening! But for a VERY limited time only.

Full details are being announced tomorrow at the below times right here so stay tuned!

12pm EST (New York)
9am PST (LA)
4am AEDT (Melbourne/Sydney)
5pm GMT (London)
Another rehearsal today for our acoustic show next week Jan 21! Things are shaping up very nicely indeed...some songs are sounding very different, and we are loving the chance to approach these songs in a fresh way.
Dan, Brendan and Benji are about to release an album with their other project, Vipassi - we share the same label in Season of Mist! If you're into progressive metal, you should check it out! Pre order links in the post below. Hope you guys enjoy.
For those interested in a more in depth explanation of what our monthly memberships via Patreon is all about, Tim did a presentation at last years premier Australian music industry conference, BIGSOUND, discussing how we are going about reinventing the ways bands and their fans work can work together.

Got any questions? Post them below and we'll make sure we reply to each and every one of...
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