Like clouds, we are in constant state of creation... never black nor white. Whichever choice we make, we always find ourselves in between, in the grey.”

Together with our partner in talent development ABN AMRO we follow NDT talents Imre van Opstal and Marne van Opstal during the creation of their first piece for NDT 2, ‘The Grey’.
Choreographers and dancers are making long hours for the...
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Lights out again in the studio as associate choreographer Marco Goecke is working on his new creation for the NDT 2 programme 'Smoke and Mirrors'. The piece already looks exciting, only from watching the trailer. It's called 'Midnight Raga' and is inspired by the Indian music of Ravi Shankar.
Premiere and Dutch tour starting March 30: [ Link ]...
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Congratulations to choreographer Jiří Kylián, who turns 70 today!

This year, Holland Dance, Korzo, Kylián Productions en Foundation, Zuiderstrandtheater and NDT celebrate his birthday with lots of activities: [ Link ]

Jiři Kylián was connected to Nederlands Dans Theater as artistic director and house choreographer for over thirty years. His role in the history and the...
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Combining a sense of humour with irony, SH-BOOM! expresses the way people from different backgrounds and even sexes conduct and relate themselves to each other. Inspired by the satirical sketches of Goya (Black & White), the dark side (irony) and the lighter side (humour) are mixed and intertwined.

[ Link ]

“It uses generations of popular songs that some in the audience may never have...
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Deadline Day for NDT Summer Intensive!

Only a few days left to register for NDT's summer course for (pre) professional dancers aged 14 - 30 years old. There is a limited amount of 60 places available for the Summer Intensive. NDT’s artistic staff selects the participants based on technical development and creativity. Deadline is Monday, March 13, %PM (Amsterdam local time) !...
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Meet Imre van Opstal and Marne van Opstal, siblings and dancers with NDT 1. For the new NDT 2 program 'Smoke & Mirrors', which will premiere on Thursday, March 30th at the Zuiderstrandtheater, they get a chance to create a choreography for the energetic talents of NDT 2 .In this video, created in collaboration with our partner in talent development ABN AMRO, Marne and Imre introduce themselves...
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Get ready for the 14th edition of Cinedans – Dance on Screen Festival, from 9 until 12 March 2017. [ Link ]
Held in the EYE film museum in Amsterdam, it is the largest and most diverse dance film festival in the world. The festival will present the very best international dance films, documentaries and installations.

This edition features the premiere of the documentary which...
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"With ´Singulière Odysée´ the choreographic duo delivers another stunning work that lingers on the retina, long after the lights go out." - Leidsch Dagblad on the new work by house choreographers Sol León & Paul Lightfoot.

The next series of NDT 1 performances (programme 'Scenic Route') starts March 21 in Wilminktheater en Muziekcentrum Enschede
Check out our website for more NL tour data and...
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Met ingang van augustus dansen twee voormalige studenten van de 5 O’Clock Class bij Nederlands Dans Theater 2. Toon Lobach, die dit jaar al als stagiair bij het gezelschap werkzaam was, heeft een danserscontract gekregen. David van der Veen begint als stagiair bij de groep.

5 O’Clockers bij NDT 2: danserscontract voor Toon Lobach en stageplek voor David van der Veen
NDT 1 dancers and crew have just returned from the trip to Taiwan and are immediately getting ready to visit Μέγαρο Μουσικής Αθηνών / Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall for 3 nights a row.

As part of its regular collaboration with the Concert Hall NDT will be visiting Athens once again with three exciting works: 'Shut Eye' (2016) and 'Singulière Odyssée' (2017) by NDT house choreographers Sol...
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We are happy to announce the charity that SWITCH will support this year is the the Waka Waka foundation!! The WakaWaka Foundation is focussed on providing safe solar energy to people that live off-grid and do not have the luxury of a light switch.
SWITCH'17 will take place on the 3rd of June at @zuiderstrandtheater It will be the 30th edition since 1987. It will be a special evening, so save...
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The second programme for NDT 2 is full of contrasts. Smoke and Mirrors presents two world premieres by associate choreographer Marco Goecke, and up and coming choreographers Imre van Opstal and Marne van Opstal, in addition to a revival of SH-BOOM! (2000) by house choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot. All five creators differ greatly in style, age, background and aesthetic, challenging...
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Première 'Smoke and Mirrors' - NDT 2

Smoke and Mirrors - NDT 2
Photo: Rahi Rezvani
It's 臺中國家歌劇院 in Taiwan for NDT 1, later this week, with two performances, including the works 'Thin Skin' by Marco Goecke, 'In the event' by Crystal Pite, and 'Stop-motion' by house choreographers Sol León & Paul Lightfoot.

The young NDT 2 dancers are still on tour and heading for Italy, where they will dance a full programme in Reggio Emilia ( I Teatri Fondazione Reggio Emilia ) and Cremona...
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Thursday night, Dick Bruna, the famous Dutch illustrator has died at the age of 89. He not only wrote and illustrated a total of 124 books, and created the bestselling series of children's books starring rabbit Miffy (Nijntje), but was also known for his clear book and poster designs. This is the first NDT poster which he designed in 1959, for which he won an award for 'best cultural poster of...
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'Scenic Route' in Amsterdam is completely sold out tonight. This is your chance to win TWO free tickets for tonight Nationale Opera & Ballet ! Tag someone in this post and maybe we'll see you and your friend in the theatre! We will announce the winner at 3.30 PM on this page, so enter now.
Enjoy more NDT performances this year in Amsterdam: 'Smoke and Mirrors' (NDT 2) and 'Parade' (NDT 1) . [...
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Toon Lobach, de negentienjarige danser bij NDT2, neemt je mee in zijn wereld. Van duizeligheid bij het maken van een pirouette tot de choreografie van Hans v...

Through the eyes of a dancer | CJP

Toon Lobach, de negentienjarige danser bij NDT2, neemt je mee in zijn wereld. Van duizeligheid bij het maken van een pirouette tot de choreografie van Hans v...

"Of je nu wil of niet, dit is dans die ráákt." - Trouw *****

De pers is razend enthousiast over het nieuwe NDT 1 programma 'Scenic Route' en de twee werken van Sol León & Paul Lightfoot, 'Silent Screen' en de wereldpremière 'Singulière Odyssée'. Je kunt er nog bij zijn, wees snel want de voorstellingen raken snel uitverkocht: [ Link ]

Over de dansers, schrijft Theaterkrant ****: ...
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Read the Sol León & Paul Lightfoot interview in NRC newspaper today and discover the world behind their new work 'Singulière Odyssée'. Tickets and info: [ Link ]
Beautiful pictures by Rahi Rezvani

Benieuwd naar de ideeën achter het nieuwe werk van Sol León & Paul Lightfoot, 'Singulière Odyssée'? Lees dan vandaag het interview met NDT's...
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