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Most of the other Evenings are very sold out, but San Diego still has tickets. It's five days from now, and is the first Evening With I'll be doing, so it's very loose. Any requests? Any stories or poems you'd like to hear?

San Diego, CA An Evening with Neil Gaiman

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If you are wondering how to watch the American Gods TV series from anywhere in the world... this is how:
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Murdering @wellhayley at the Empire Awards. It's a thing we do.
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It's not the nomination for a Russian literary award, although that is in itself a huge honour. (It's the Yasnaya Polyana Literary Award, named after Leo Tolstoy’s estate). What made my day was realising the company I'm in, the authors and the books represented on the long list. Hugely thrilled to be in that company. [ Link ]

Jonathan Franzen and Julian Barnes up for Leo Tolstoy literary prize
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Thank you to every independent bookshop owner in the US. Five weeks after it was published, NORSE MYTHOLOGY is still at #1 on the Indie lists. I'm grateful: the Indie bookshops are the front line, the booksellers are out there hand-selling books. I'm glad you're selling mine.

[ Link ]

National Indie Bestsellers - Hardcover Fiction
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First look at Neil Gaiman's #AmericanGods #3 covers here w my comments:[ Link ] w my cover for it from Dark Horse Comics

For Mad Sweeney, I wanted the cover to reflect his eccentricity, his history, and his magic... and a bit of his madness. This image of him also features the action of his magic coin trick. The act of the coin materializing from his mind into reality. The...
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Being interviewed on PBS...
Honestly, it depends a lot on your grandma.
A different aspect ratio and a bit more picture.
Which is a bit weird for those of us who thought that it was going to be the rats and the cockroaches.
Excellent piece on Science Fiction by Roz Kaveney.

Science fiction worth paying attention to
Bard family get in free. Anyone else in the New York area has to pay, I'm afraid...
If you were wondering about the cover of the American Gods coloring book, the time for wondering is over...
NEW YORK AREA: April 15th. Tickets going VERY fast... American Gods talk/interview and episode 1 preview.
"For this special collector’s edition, the only colour illustrated hardback volume currently available, McKean has created 12 extraordinary illustrations, including three double-page spreads and a frontispiece, as well as designs for the binding and slipcase that complement and mirror each other."

[ Link ]

American Gods | Folio Illustrated Book