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Neil Young
today at 00:32. Facebook
CONGRATULATIONS to all the #waterprotectors #mniwiconi #waterislife
[ Standwithstandingrock.net Link ]
Neil Young
11/28/2016 at 16:22. Facebook
Tales of a feast on Plymouth plantation in the Autumn of 1621, where of pilgrims from the Mayflower, celebrated the harvest, shared and broke bread with the first Americans are false. They are still used as inspiration and shared with children, teaching them the beauty of gratitude.

But it is now widely understood this Thanksgiving story is a fictional history. It was invented to whitewash...
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got my birthday wish today
my girl took me to #StandWithStandingRock
those who damage Mother Earth
damage us all
forgive them
they don't yet see
desert trippin'
we love you
the dove of peace came to pomona
make America native again
you'll be hearing from us soon
This is my story too... Neil

I'm The Ocean

Sometime last year I had the great fortune to be swimming in an extremely remote part of the southern Pacific Ocean. I was floating over one of the last coral reefs to still have some pops of otherworldly, shocking, neon bright color left here and there.
Between the green grey algae coating and the bleached white bones you could still find a...
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we are part of this
there were peasants singing
and drummers drumming...
#RebelContentTour2016 Europe
#PromiseOfTheReal #POTR
it's been a great tour
that was a powerful full buck moon
thanks Willie & Annie
Youve homegrown some fine human beans
see you down the road...
familglia time
free world