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Congrats Alexis! #wingmanwednesday
Check out the latest edition of the Nellis/Creech/NTTR Bullseye. In this issue you can read about an Airman receiving the Bronze Star, learn about the F-35 Lightning II participating in Red Flag 17-1, and find out how the A-10 Thunderbolt II is teaming up with Army combat teams in Green Flag 17-3. Those stories and more are inside the Bullseye.

Nellis Creech NTTR Bullseye, 2-17-17
Nellis Air Force Base
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The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds museum renovation project is complete. The museum is open Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to all valid DOD ID cardholders.

Nellis Air Force Base
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Presidents Day was established in 1885 to honor all Presidents past and present. This day was founded on the birthday of the 1st President of the United States, George Washington. This federal holiday continues every year on the third Monday of February. Happy Presidents' Day!
Nellis Air Force Base
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Red Flag 17-1 marked the first participation of the US Air Force's F-35A Lightning II. Hear firsthand from one of the pilots who put the aircraft through its paces. For more F-35A coverage, visit
Nellis Air Force Base
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The Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas, Nellis Air Force Base campus will implement two new programs during the 2017-18 school year.

A pre-Kindergarten program funded by the State of Nevada for 3 and 4 year olds will be offered. Coral Academy anticipates opening two or three classrooms depending on the need with 20 children in each classroom.

Coral Academy Nellis campus is also expanding...
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Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas - Home of Falcons
Nellis Air Force Base
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May 2, 1949: The U.S. Air Force opened the very first Aerial USAF Gunnery Meet at then-Las Vegas Air Force Base with piston and jet aircraft categories. The 332d Fighter Group from Lockbourne AFB, OH, flying the F-47 Thunderbolt took first place in the piston-engine category with 5 units competing; one F-47, one F-51 Mustang and three F-82 Twin Mustang teams. Captain Alva Temple, 332 FG, took...
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Happy Valentine's Day! Give the best gift to those you love and make sure your heart stays healthy for years to come! #AFfitIn2017, #HeartHealth, #AFMS, #TrustedCareAnywhere, #AFMedicine

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Master Sgt. Christopher Boscoe was awarded the Bronze Star on Feb. 3, 2017. His efforts as a weapon system advisor in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel at Forward Operating Base Oqab, Kabul, Afghanistan show the love he has for his country and his fellow airman. #MilitaryMonday

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Airman awarded Bronze Star
On this day, 23 years ago, Brigadier General Jeannie Leavitt
was named the first female fighter pilot. General Leavitt is now the 57th Wing Commander here at Nellis where she is responsible for 34 squadrons at 13 installations, constituting the Air Force's most diverse flying wing. Thanks for all you do!
Today is the final day of Red Flag 17-1. This Red Flag brought together aircraft from Australia's C-130J to the Air Force's very own F-35A in realistic air-to-air combat training. Watch this video of the best of Red Flag 17-1 and visit [ Link ] to see more Red Flag videos and photos.
The F-22 Raptor is a 5th generation stealth fighter that's no stranger to Red Flag. See it in action during Red Flag 17-1!

For more Red Flag coverage, visit [ Link ]
For this week's #TBT on the 8th of February, 1946: The last Bell Aircraft RP-63C "PinBall" aircraft departed Las Vegas Army Air Field. Assigned only since March 1945, this flying target, with up to 2,100 pounds of armor, flew primarily out of Indian Springs with student gunners firing frangible bullets that disintegrated on impacting the aircraft itself, from 23 April 1945 through 4 August...
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The KC-135 is a stratotanker that supports air-to-air refueling. Check out this video of the KC-135 in action during our Red Flag 17-1. #NellisFullThrottle #ReadyToFight #FlyFightWin
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Red Flag 17-1 is the F-35A's first deployment exercise since the Air Force declared the jet combat ready in August 2016. Check out these incredible night operation photos of the F-35 and its maintainers!
#NellisFullThrottle #ReadyToFight #FlyFightWin

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Red Flag 17-1 wraps up its second week of rigorous air-to-air combat exercises. Can you identify all the aircraft in this video? For more Red Flag news, photos, and videos, visit
#NellisFullThrottle #ReadyToFight #FlyFightWin
The Nellis Air Force Base Force Support Squadron invites ID cardholders to join "Super Sunday" at Robin's Roost. The doors open at 2:00 in the afternoon, and kickoff starts at 3:30.
Today, Nellis Air Force Base opened it's newest dormitory, which can house 240 Airmen across sixty 4-bedroom/4-bathroom living units! See it for yourself in this video, and look for more photos, videos, and news at
In this edition of the Bullseye, read about the F-35's debut during Red Flag 17-1 and how an MQ-1 airstrike helped stopped a car bomb.

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Nellis Creech NTTR Bullseye, Feb. 3 2017
February 2, 1993: USAF aircraft began Aeromedical Evacuation flights to move noncombatant victims of the Bosnian war, to the United States, for reconstructive surgery.
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