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Yes, we’re trying very hard to stick to our New Year resolutions. But this chocolate ice cream looks so incredible, we’re finding it tough not to indulge. Just one small scoop won’t hurt, we can always have that salad tomorrow ;) What New Year resolution are you ditching today?

Peppermint Kit Kat Ice Cream:

600mL thickened cream
385g can Nestlé Sweetened Condensed Milk
200g milk...
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Excitement levels are soaring today as the kids head back to school. We’re sure you are so thrilled (not to mention, a little teary eyed) to see them start a new grade. To prepare them for their big day, make some fruity breakfast energy bars that they can munch on.
Share photos with us of your kid’s first day back at school!
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After our eventful holiday, we can’t wait to invite the girls over, whip up a date and orange tart, and catch up on all the summer drama!
What did you get up to this summer and more importantly, what delicious new foods did you try?

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Here’s to a New Year of discovering new recipes, creating mouthwatering dishes and spoiling our loved ones! Happy New Year!
We wish you and your family a Christmas filled with yummy treats, mouth watering meals, great company and lots of gifts from Santa ;)
After a long day of Christmas shopping, the kids are sleepy, hubby is grumpy and your feet are aching! But we know the perfect pick-me-up treat – chilled Caramel and Chocolate Ice-cream Truffles. Time for everyone to take a chill pill and pop a few of these delicious delights into your mouths!

What are your Christmas shopping survival tips?

Caramel and Chocolate Ice Cream...
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So the kids have put out their Christmas stockings for Santa, and are eagerly waiting for their little presents. Let them unwrap these delightful Festive Chocolate Fudge pieces on Christmas morning – chocolate and jelly beans? The best gift a kid can receive!

What’s on your kid’s wish list for Santa this year?

Festive Chocolate Fudge

570g jelly beans
385g can Nestlé Sweetened...
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Getting the kids to behave at Christmas Eve Dinner is so much easier when you have a little trick up your sleeve- for every good deed, reward them with a piece of Christmas Coconut Ice – a treat straight from Santa’s special little elves ;)

What’s your secret weapon for getting the kids to behave?

Christmas Coconut Ice

3 ½ cups (280g) desiccated coconut
2 cups (320g) icing...
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Sitting by the pool, watching the kids swim and the adults catch up, these are the moments that Summer public holidays are made of! To keep everyone cool under the hot sun, we whipped up a quick tub of crunchy caramel goodness - cookies and caramel ice-cream.

Do you have a special homemade ice cream recipe to share with us?

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Well done to the talented winners in our Christmas Culinary Creation Challenge! Time to put on our stretchy pants and dig into these mouthwatering recipes over the festive season!
Once the kids head out into the yard to play after the big Christmas feast, sneak this naughty brandy drenched dessert out for the adults – rich, spicy and boozy, we can only imagine the crazy jokes that this Eggnog Panna Cotta will bring out!
Do you have a special eggnog recipe to share with us?

Eggnog Panna Cotta

400ml cream
200ml milk
200g Nestlé Sweetened Condensed Milk
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It’s your last chance to enter our Christmas Culinary Creation Challenge! Purchase any Nestlé product on promotion in store, post a photo below of your Christmas Culinary Creation, & you could stand a chance to WIN 1 of 4 Yuppiechef vouchers worth R5000 each! Entries Close 11 Dec. T’s & C’s apply: [ Link ]
Take part in the Christmas Culinary Creation Challenge & stand a chance to WIN 1 of 4 Yuppiechef vouchers worth R5000 each! Follow the steps below! Entries close 11 Dec 2016. T’s & C’s apply [ Link ]
As gran used to say, Family Christmas lunch must always consist of a hearty main meal. So instead of cooking the big Turducken this year, we opted for a creamy Karoo lamb shanks recipe. Succulently slow cooked so the meat just falls off the bone and melts in your mouth…Yum!

Which main dish is the biggest hit with your family on Christmas day?

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Whether it’s a niece and nephew fighting over a toy or Uncle Fred and Cousin Piet debating politics, it’ll be up to you to keep the peace by serving delicious food – Like this Beef Wellington in peppercorn cream sauce. We can guarantee that the only argument happening this year is around who will get the last slice?!
Tag your family member below who always get’s the biggest serving at...
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Everyone is bound to leave room in their bellies for dessert when it’s part of the actual table centrepiece! The family will be digging into their lunch with their eyes hypnotically fixed to this Cupcake Christmas Tree!

Do you have any other edible table centerpiece ideas to share with us?

Cupcake Christmas Tree

180g butter, softened
½ cup (125mL) Nestlé Sweetened Condensed...
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Waiting for New Years Eve to get the bubbly flowing is no fun! So we’ve taken the perfect Christmas trifle to a whole new level by soaking it in champagne.
White chocolate, peaches & cream with a dash of bubbles – this is what Christmas dessert heaven is made of!

Do you have a special ingredient that you add to your trifle?

Christmas Champagne Peach Trifle
6 tsp gelatine
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As a kid, waiting for the Peppermint Crisp Tart to set in the fridge was always the longest wait of your life! And then Grandma casually announces at the Christmas lunch table that the tart will be ready “now now” – what exactly does that mean ma?! 10 minutes? 10 hours? Arrgh!! But when it’s finally ready and you take that first bite, time just stops and all is right with the world again!...
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What gets your colleagues into the Christmas spirit? Carols on the radio might be enough for some, but we have the perfect recipe for the naughty Grinches too: bite-sized boozy cake on a stick! Better known as Rum Ball Cake Pops! Let’s get Happy Hour started, shall we?
Which liquor-filled baked goodies are your fav? We promise not to judge ;)

Rum ball Cake Pops
¾ cup (105g)...
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If you love the festive season as much as we do, then we dare you take part in our Christmas Culinary Creation Challenge! Follow the steps below & stand a chance to WIN 1 of 4 Yuppiechef vouchers worth R5000 each! Entries close 11 Dec 2016. T’s & C’s apply: [ Link ]