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It’s Waffle Day! We promise we didn’t make it up, this day REALLY exists folks! So this lazy Saturday morning has to start off with a fresh, crispy golden waffle drizzled in our famous Kit Kat Ice-Cream. Aaah…. #TheGoodlife

Peppermint Kit Kat Ice Cream Recipe: [ Link ]
Nestlé Cook With Love
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Easter is the best time to spend quality time with your kids in the kitchen. Start off by baking these adorable bunny cookies with them. After they’ve enjoyed that last crumb and sip of milk, get them straight back into the kitchen to finish cooking the rest of the Easter weekend meals ;)

What is your family’s Easter tradition?

Bunny Cookies Recipe: [ Link ]
Nestlé Cook With Love
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This is how we’re spending our public holiday- movies, couch and yummy treats! Whip up a quick batch of these white chocolate fudge pieces and get that romcom session going! How will you be spending your public holiday?
All master chefs prepare their meals in advance, at least we do  One thing we like to start with is the side dish that will accompany our Easter Sunday tradition of pickled fish. This classic potato bake recipe will do the trick. Hmmm… fish and potato – the perfect combo!
When do you start preparing your Easter Sunday menu?

Potato Bake Recipe: [ Link ]
Share our competition with your friends and comment below using #BakeWithLove in order to win 1 of 12 R 2000 cash giveaways!
Entries close 14 Apr 2017. T’s & C’s apply: [ Link ]
We’re giving away 10 Yuppiechef vouchers everyday for 30 days worth R450 each! Follow the steps below to enter. Entries close 14 Apr 2017. T’s & C’s apply: [ Link ]
We want to see what masterpieces you’re cooking in your kitchen this month! Post a photo and recipe below of your dish using any Nestlé Cooking Milks product. You never know, we might feature YOURS on our Facebook page for all to try!
Making ice-cream from scratch is just so rewarding! Not to mention, you can add your favourite ingredients to it to create some unique flavours! Take this NESTLÉ Ice Cream recipe for instance- with just a can of Nestlé Condensed Milk, Ideal Evaporated Milk and as much liquor as you like, you can create a real flavour party in your mouth! ;)
Which liquor do you like adding to your homemade...
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Have you tried our latest Nestlé Caramel Treat Flavour? Add some strawberry indulgence to all of your favourite puddings and baked goodies. Don’t say we didn’t tell you :)
Although the month of love is drawing to a close, we can’t get enough of the love… or is it the chocolate? So we’re sharing the love with you by sending you all the kisses you’ll ever need with these Chocolate Caramel Macaroon kisses. Mwah Mwah. Xxx
Click here for the [ Link ]
So The month of love is not over till you’ve made these delicious brownies! You’ll fall in love over and over again ;-) Hmmmm nothing beats chocolate love <3 Click here for the recipe: [ Link ]
Do you have a romantic dinner planned? We have the perfect recipe to set the scene. Chocolate and Mint Mousse… a combination to die for! Add a dollop of Nestlé Caramel Mint Treat for extra flavour.
Click here for the recipe: [ Link ]
Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart- so spread the love today with these Sweetheart Strawberry Jam Biscuits. What Random Act of Kindness will you be taking part in today? Click here for the recipe: [ Link ]
Happy Valentine’s Day! We love you just as much as we love cake!
The way to your partner’s heart is through this creamy, decadent White Chocolate and Berry Cheesecake. If it doesn’t do the trick, then that person is not the one for you! LOL (Just kidding!)
Are you in a new relationship? Click here for the recipe: [ Link ]
It’s just under a week until Valentine's Day and if you are loving the single life, we salute you and your singledom. Why not huddle up instead with a good romcom and a dozen of these Banoffee Cupcakes? How do you celebrate being single on Valentines Day?
Click here for the recipe: [ Link ]
It’s the month of love! YAY! We’ve been longing for the perfect excuse to eat all the chocolate and desserts we want :P so let’s get into the Valentine’s Day spirit with these melt-in-your-mouth ginger and cherry fudge pieces. Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Hit “Love” for yes or “Sad” for no. Adapted from:
Can it be true? A whole day dedicated to eating Ice Cream for Breakfast! Well then, we have no other option but to succumb by indulging in some scrumptious Caramel Ice Cream and Orange Pancakes! Click here for the recipe: [ Link ]
No matter how many times you bake a chocolate cake, there will always be a new recipe to try. So if you haven’t yet tried our famous Nestlé Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes recipe, today is the day! Why not bake a few dozen and take it to work to spread some of the chocolate joy… the good karma will always come back to you 

Share your famous chocolate cake recipes with us!

Nestlé Chocolate...
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January is just the longest, brokest month of the year for us! Especially when we open the fridge to browse its sad contents.

One thing’s for sure- we can always whip up a delicious Tuna Bake with the few ingredients we have in our kitchen, like that long lasting tin of Ideal Milk we were saving for a rainy day ;)

What cost friendly recipes will you be whipping up this month?

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