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Congratulations to our lovely moms: Thembz Tshabalala, Siphumelele Gumede, Tremayne Sukhram, Shireen Docrat Kajee, Philisiwe Mhlongo, Liandri Els, Anèl Herbst – Claassen, Adele Klusener, Tenneille Francis, Asad Ayesha Jooma, Monique Gertze Mentoor. You have each won a JJ Cole nappy bag.
Is it true that children who go to bed early wake up early, and that children who go to bed late wake up early? What's your take mommy..?
December is finally here folks!! It is the season to be jolly and merry as you spend more quality time with the family, cooking up a storm and creating special memories with the people that matter the most. We would like to know how will you be spending the holiday season?
As a working mom, you're always on the lookout for quick and convenient fixes which means your baba's food-bag needs to have easy-to-feed food. Jogolino is easy to pack, has a great taste and a long-life, so it does not need to be refrigerated.
Don’t pressure a child to eat but don’t give up if they refuse to eat their greens! Sometimes a child needs to try a new food as many as 8 times before enjoying it. Remember it will be worth the effort in the long run!
The last three JJ Cole bags are up for grabs! Show us your nappy bag must-haves in a pic on this post today and you could start the weekend off a winner!
Some people say the most important career choice you’ll ever make, is who you marry. Moms do you agree? We believe having a good partner that helps you in co-parenting is the best thing for any #MomOnTheGo. Share with us how you handle household responsibilities with your partner.
We love seeing your little ones having a stroll outside with you. Share a photo of you and your baby's first stroll outside.
We’re running out of bags! Show us a pic of your little one enjoying a JOGOLINO and you could be the proud new owner of a JJ Cole nappy bag, valued at R2000 and packed with a surprise for baby!
Share a photo of your baby enjoying their JOGOLINO and you could WIN.
As it warms up, your little one will need snacks that don’t spoil. Post a pic of your little one enjoying a JOGOLINO dairy snack here and you could win a JJ Cole nappy bag packed full of goodies!
So, is it your newborn's first big adventure outside? Being prepared will make this experience go much more smoothly. Make sure you have a breathable cover over the pram or the car seat, as that will protect your nana from germs. #MommyOnTheGoTip
Friday is treat day, and as it warms up, your little one will need snacks that don’t spoil. Post a pic of your little one enjoying a JOGOLINO dairy snack here and you could win a JJ Cole nappy bag packed full of goodies!
Are you a secret juggler at heart? Share some of your tips and tricks for juggling work and being a parent with us. We'd love to know! #MomOnTheGo
Have you tried JOGOLINO yet? You’ll find it in the Baby Aisle Food Section in all major stores. It’s totally fridge-free until opened so your baby gets all the taste and you get all the convenience, in one little 100ml cup!
You'd think a mom's secret profession is a juggler. Keeping the balance between work and being a parent can be hard. This is why sharing responsibilities with your spouse can help with making sure all the mommy duties are covered for the day. Always remember that you are doing your best! #MomOnTheGo
There is always lots to do when you are a #MomOnTheGo. A family calendar can help you figure out your family's priorities so you can juggle working and being a mom. Include dates when bills are due, a chore chart for the kids, school and family events, extracurricular activities and birthdays. #MomOnTheGo
Nappy bags can be life savers! Tell us your must-haves in your nappy bag on this post today and you could win one of these super stylish JJ Cole bags – with a baby surprise inside, complements of JOGOLINO Dairy Snack.
We've discovered the secret to having a clean house even whilst your kids are around: just switch off the lights. #FridayFunny
Did you know that Jogolino isn’t just yummy, but it’s also ‘fridge-free’? This means that you can keep it in the cupboard until your baby needs a snack. Moms, if you can post a pic of your little one enjoying a Jogolino pot, you could WIN a JJ Cole nappy bag (valued at R2000)!
Yes, we know that being a mom is not always easy, because no matter how much you can plan your day, sometimes nothing ever gets done. For an easy viewing experience, we thought it would be better to load the actual video for you. Can any of you moms relate to it? Share your comments with us. #MumOnTheGo