The article below talks about the brutal truth behind those "pyramid schemes." These so called “schemes” are actually creating opportunities for millions to begin their own businesses from home. Click on the picture to read more.

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The Brutal Truth About Those Pyramid Schemes
Do you have the idea that Network Marketing is about working hard for a year or two so you can vacation for the rest of your life? Watch the video below on Entrepreneurs and Retirement.
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Tomorrow, some day, next week... These are all common words people say when they are "going" to do something. In Network Marketing, we need to take action. We have to make sure we don't fall into the trap of saying these words without action. Click below and watch this video.

Walking Away From Tomorrow

Tomorrow, some day, next week... These are common words people say when they are going to do something. In Network Marketing we have to make sure we don't fa...

How you handle struggles in life can either make you or break you... Don’t let them break you! Here is some awesome wisdom about how to overcome struggles in life by Tiffaney Malott. Watch below.
There's a lot of power behind the word "hello". #simpleconcept
#GoProTip- Have you branded yourself in a way that people immediately know who you are and what you stand for? Check out my blog article by clicking below for a Go Pro Tip on how to brand yourself. The purpose of your brand is to attract people to you, to connect with people and to start forming relationships with new people on social media.

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Finding Your Brand: Do You Have a Kleenex? | Network Marketing Pro
Your hot market can be an intimidating group to talk to, especially when you’re just starting out. These are the people who love you and know you, but maybe aren't respecting you as an entrepreneur. Watch the video below for a strategy that's comfortable when approaching your hot market.
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Success leaves clues. Watch below for a sneak peak into the Million Dollar Earner Panel. All the women on this panel earn over a million dollars each year and share their secrets to success.

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A common emotion for people inside Network Marketing is that you feel like you’re bothering people. Well, if you are worried about that, then I have some advice for you. Watch the video below and share this with your team.
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I broke down the 5 steps to unlimited prospects!

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These three pieces of advice will save you a lot of heartache, a lot of time, and it’ll give you the best chance at success in the beginning of your network marketing career!

If you’re thinking about getting involved in Network marketing or if you know someone who is thinking about getting involved, watch this video below have them listen to this advice
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Give yourself a break. Then get back up and keep going.
Learn how to lead like Sir Richard Branson.

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