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Proud to be a part of this amazing campaign. Love seeing what people can do when they open their hearts.
Nev Schulman
03/21/2017 at 02:11. Facebook
YES! Kids need to play outside more. Plus, we all know what happens when kids spend too much time online...
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Should I grow my hair out again???
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The internet is a strange thing...
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4 year college is great, but too expensive for some people. Service industry and trade jobs are often a great alternative. Do you agree?
No child should ever have to go through this.
Jérôme aime le petit bébé!
I never knew grocery shopping could be so much fun! Have a great week.
What is time really anyway?
Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Toughest part of traveling for work is being away from my family. Best part is getting to come home to my adorable child and phenomenal fiancée, Laura Perlongo. Thanks for the FaceTime ladies, have a great day!
Here's a frustratingly perfect example of how women struggle with sexism and why men need to be more sensitive and aware of the realities of being a woman. How many of you have encountered sexism like this?

This Man's Sexism Experiment With a Female Co-Worker Is Going Viral
I've been traveling around the country for the past 5 years making Catfish, and in that time I've had the distinct pleasure of meeting thousands of people from all kinds of backgrounds and beliefs. From the hayfields of Texas, to the towns of the Midwest, over to the streets of Oakland, and all the way down to the swamplands of central Florida, everywhere I go I find the same thing. A...
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LOVE THESE LADIES! Keep up the great work. I'd be lost without you. Happy International Women's Day.
love is water. give it.

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Shout-out to all the moms! Breastfeeding isn't easy. Do what you gotta do...we support you.
Our healthcare system needs to do better.
Meet Joe and Edgar. Today they got married and Cleo was there to experience it. I am so proud to raise a daughter in a country that let's people openly share their love and hope that future generations realize how important that is and continue to fight to keep that right.
WOAH! Just found this old pic of Max Joseph before he went gray. #tbt