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Because they deserve it.

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Note to #MyFutureSelf: You are only limited by your imagination.

When others walk down the street, they see a sidewalk, a street lamp, a building. Kenji, on the other hand, sees a launching pad, a pole vault, a jungle gym. For the South African parkour athlete and professional stuntman, the entire world is a playground.

See the world through Kundai Kenji Murapa's eyes:
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Note to #MyFutureSelf: Never take your foot off the gas.

When most runners step off the track, they slow down. New Balance athlete Thomas Barr isn’t most runners. After a hard training session, the 2016 Olympian & Irish National Record holder in the 400m Hurdles finds a way to go even faster... by drifting.

Watch him go full throttle: [ Link ]
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The New Balance High School Tennis Championship is the first event of its kind, crowning the individual HS National Champions for the last 3 years. This year, the tournament will be moving from its original home in Boston to Weil Academy in Ojai, California, from July 23rd to July 27th.

This year the event will be going to a thriving Tennis community that is home to one of the best...
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New Balance High School Tennis Championships

Starting today, over 50,000 runners from around the globe will put in millions of miles of work. In the rain. In the dark. In the blistering heat. They are out there every day on the streets, sidewalks and trails.

And while those roads are all very different, they have one very important thing in common: they all lead to the same place.

All Roads Lead to New York.

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Time to go to work.

The best just got better. Welcome to the squad, Francisco Lindor. #TeamNB #NBBaseball
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Note to #MyFutureSelf: Believe in your training.

On race day, Ciara Mageean finds confidence in how she felt at practice, not by what times she hit.

What would you tell your future self?

Note to #MyFutureSelf: Focus on yourself.

Ciara Mageean focuses on the rhythm of her own stride. Not somebody else’s.

What advice would you give your future self?
Note to #MyFutureSelf: Never let numbers define you.

As a runner, it’s easy to be consumed by data, but Olympian and 1500m Irish National Record Holder, Ciara Mageean, blocks out all the noise.

What would you tell yourself?
Limitless cushioning. Limitless potential.

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Note to #MyFutureSelf: Ignite your passion

Challenges are inevitable, but they add fuel to Milos Raonic's fire.

What would you tell yourself? [ Link ]
Note to #MyFutureSelf: Remember why you started

When you ask Milos Raonic why he's pushing to become the world's best tennis player, he responds simply, “Because I love the game.” [ Link ]
Note to #MyFutureSelf: Never lose the fire

Milos Raonic has a burning desire to be the greatest tennis player in the world. He channels his fire into the game, into life, into all that he does.

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