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Colorful shot of Gooseberry Island by Nick Belong. Check out more images like this of Westport and Dartmouth on Dartmouth Guide.
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Tony Love snapped this shot on a recent visit to Newport. Have local images or from a recent trip somewhere around the world? Inbox or send to and we'll share.
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A 23-year old man was beat and stabbed by 6-7 males on Phillips Ave. Saturday morning. The altercation started after juvenile let his dog poop on a man's property. The property owner's son asked the juvenile to leave.

The juvenile left, but "six to seven males" returned about 11:30 a.m. and punched, kicked and stabbed the owner's son three times, according to New Bedford Police.

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A 71-year-old Fairhaven man was injured on the New Bedford/Fairhaven Bridge when he was thrown from his motorcycle after hitting the gate late Friday morning. He was transported to hospital with unknown injuries.

Video by Carlos Pimentel Felix.
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Looks like there was a small "Day without Immigrants" protest on one of the overpasses on Route 18 in New Bedford yesterday. Do these protests change your mind on immigration issues?
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Will you be sad if our local J.C. Penny stores close? The company announced on Friday that it will be closing 130-140 stores and two distribution facilities in the coming months.

J.C. Penney to close between 130-140 stores
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There is concern that abusing dogs to get painkillers is coming to Massachusetts.

"There is a frightening new twist in the opioid epidemic. With doctors more skeptical of prescribing pain medication, we discovered some addicts are abusing their pets to score drugs.

That's because dogs are becoming helpless victims in the opioid crisis as addicts turn to Tramadol. Tramadol is a painkiller...
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Some addicts turn to abusing pets to get opioids
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Have some books to donate? The amazing kids at GNB Voc-Tech are collecting books to support children all over the South Coast.

We have delivered 3 book donation boxes yesterday!!
They are at:

- Douglas Wine and Spirts on Kings Hwy
- Sunrise Bakery & Coffee Shop (Dartmouth Street)
- Big Value Outlet (Dartmouth Street)

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You can't leave your car unlocked for even a few minutes, especially if you have valuables.

A 35-year old woman was arrested for allegedly stealing a backpack containing a large amount of jewelry and cash from a vehicle parked in front of Expo’s market located at 311 Dartmouth Street.

New Bedford man robbed of backpack containing large amount of jewelry and cash
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Our thoughts are with Chase and his family in East Freetown!

"Chase Miceli, 2, has spent more than half of his short life inside a hospital, from holidays to birthdays. He’s now in the intensive care unit at Boston Children’s Hospital awaiting a heart transplant.

He has one of the most serious congenital heart defects, known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome. It’s where a child is born with...
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2-year-old boy from East Freetown awaiting heart transplant
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MA legislators are pushing for some major criminal justice reform to include ending mandatory minimum sentencing. Agree with ending mandatory minimums?
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"The Coast Guard says about two drums worth of oil has been recovered after spilling from an unidentified source Thursday into New Bedford Harbor.

The Coast Guard and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection were called to the harbor after the oil was spotted pushing up against the docks and fishing vessels at Leonard’s Wharf. A private contractor was called in to clean up the spill."

Coast Guard investigates oil spill in New Bedford
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Here's a list of the '100 Best Public High Schools In Massachusetts For 2017.'

The only school in the area to make the list was Old Rochester Regional High School in Mattapoisett.

100 Best Public High Schools in Massachusetts for 2017
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Where are you going for lunch? If you need an idea, here is part 2 of our ten best which include Mirasol's Cafe, Captain's Place, Lebanese Pita Pocket, the Flour Girls Baking Company LLC and more.

Ten of the Best Sandwiches in Greater New Bedford - Part II
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Another installment in the Black History month series of articles. While the others were about lesser known figures, Lewis Temple was a historic giant in the region's African-American history - so much so that his statue sits in front of the public library.

Historical Personages of New Bedford: Lewis Temple
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The sequel to Dorchester native Mark Wahlberg's '"Daddy's Home'" is looking for extras in Boston.

The movie is filming in Boston this spring and Slate Casting is looking for extras. There will be an open call Saturday, March 4 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the casting agency's 162 Columbus Ave. office in Boston.

Mark Wahlberg's 'Daddy's Home 2' casting for extras in Boston
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Sunset over #NewBedford. Photo by Tony Love.
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Live at The Bar on Dartmouth Street in New Bedford to check out some improv and local comedy act Funny Please.
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A windmill in the Netherlands or greater New Bedford? Photo by Juan Medina.
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How awesome is this man? A firefighter ventures out on cracking ice over a Boston pond to rescue a dog trapped in the frigid water.