Check out photos from The 2017 New England Patriots Cheerleaders Final Auditions held at Foxwoods Resort!

Photos by: Dwight Darian

2017 Patriots Cheerleader Final Auditions
Returning cheerleaders Allison, Bailey, and Kelsi at this year's auditions ❤❤❤

Bootcamp starts tonight and the 2017 squad is announced on April 1st! Who's excited?!
#InternationalDayOfHappiness ❤

Photo: Dwight Darian
Happy first day of Spring, Patriots Nation!
We are one season closer to football season!

Photo by: Dwight Darian
The road to the sidelines continue for the 2017 New England Patriots Cheerleaders bootcamp finalists! Congratulations to these ladies who have advanced to the next round!
We are underway at Final Auditions at Foxwoods Resort!
Today is the day! Good luck to all the ladies in the final audition process! ❤

Photo Credit: Robert Hare
Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Patriots Cheerleaders! ☘❤
The 2017 Patriots Cheerleading Squad will be announced in just over 2 weeks! ❤ who's excited!

Photo: Dwight Darian
3 days until final auditions! ❤

Photo by: Dwight Darian
From auditions to sidelines- #TransformationTuesday featuring 4 year veteran, Hannah! We are looking forward to final auditions this weekend! ❤
Summer is 100 days away! Let's look forward to warmer days with rookie cheerleader Leanne! ☀

Cheerleader Music Videos: Leanne S.
Check out more photos from The 2017 New England Patriots Cheerleaders Preliminary Auditions held at Dean College!

Photos by: Dwight Darian

Patriots Cheerleader Preliminary Auditions
The countdown begins! Can't wait until Final Auditions Saturday, March 18th! ❤

Photo by Dwight Darian.
Preliminary auditions to become a New England Patriots Cheerleader have concluded, and we are gearing up for final auditions one week from today! Congratulations to all the women who advanced! Here is advice from rookie cheerleader Jamie:

"Dance like EVERYONE is watching. I love to perform and share my passion with my audience- which can be as large as 70,000 people! If you believe that your...
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Hey Patriots Nation! who else is thinking about warmer weather on this snowy Friday? ❤ #FriYay
From auditions to sidelines! #TransformationTuesday featuring 4 year veteran Brittany ❤
One month ago.❤
#SBLI #OneMore #Champions

Photo: Dwight Darian
Some of our favorite photos from the day so far! Stay tuned for more!

Patriots Cheerleaders Preliminary Auditions
The 2017 New England Patriots Cheerleaders auditions are underway! ❤