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"The purpose of the Trump administration’s lies is not necessarily to deceive, but to separate the believers from the disbelievers—for the purpose of rewarding the former and punishing the latter."

Donald Trump Is Becoming an Authoritarian Leader Before Our Very Eyes
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That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.

Donald Trump’s White House doesn’t get the concept of facts.
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Democrats shouldn't be surprised when Republicans act like Republicans.

Rex Tillerson shows that Democrats need to stop putting faith in the GOP.
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If you happen to care about things like scientific research and clean air and water, well, you're out of luck.

Trump’s EPA is going to be a disaster for science and the environment.
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The ambiguity of Trump's foreign policy could unnerve allies and embolden competitors.

Trump’s Foreign Policy Chaos
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Trump can't handle criticism. Democrats should turn it up to 11.

Trump’s aides are going to have a tough four years.
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Trump may prove to be a "disjunctive president" like Carter.

Is Donald Trump the Next Jimmy Carter?
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The Trump administration made one incredibly stupid move right out of the gate.

The Trump Administration’s Lies Have Already Ruined Its Credibility
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It will be incumbent upon us not to allow the dark period we are now entering to be blamed on the very people who tried to prevent it.

Welcome to the Trump Dark Age
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"Police have never viewed black folk as human beings, because the law that they are charged to enforce has never seen us as human beings."

America’s Blue Wall of Terror
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Movements are built on ideology—something David Brock doesn't appear to have.

Why David Brock Will Never Be as Successful as the Koch Brothers
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"I imagined him like the Grinch in his mountain lair, irritated by all the happy Whos he can hear singing down in Whoville."

At least we made Donald Trump mad.
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"When Trump used this crude language, he did so to disrespect women. When women use the same language in protesting Trump, they are reappropriating it—simultaneously depriving the words of their discriminatory offense and weaponizing them against the discriminator."

What Mike Allen Doesn’t Understand About Language