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"One of the really positive things that I love about New Zealand, is the BBQ culture - how people go to each other's houses, and if you show up with 3 friends nobody bats an eyelid." #MyNZStory
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New to New Zealand
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We all know New Zealand is a beautiful place with so much to explore. Have you seen these top 5 spots yet?

5 Offbeat Destinations That Make New Zealand a Fantastic Holiday Spot
New to New Zealand
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Reading books from New Zealand authors is such a great way for you to learn more about the Kiwi culture, and for your kids to as well! Here are 50 of the best books for kids to read:

50 New Zealand books every kid should read by age 12
New Zealand, or Middle Earth, is widely known for its beautiful landscapes. Check out this photographer's special take on New Zealand.

Where's Gandalf? Photographer snaps wizard at New Zealand beauty spots
You think you know your continents? Think again, as little ol' New Zealand is looking to join that club!

Zealandia: Is there an eighth continent under New Zealand? - BBC News
"Some people do say that Auckland is a city of cars, and in a lot of ways, that is true. The rush hour traffic is bad - but I'm from L.A. originally and that's really a city of cars. Buses here are frequent, there are a lot of improvements to the cycling infrastructure which I really appreciate. And I really like walking to work. I like walking around the city, just exploring the city is one...
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Discovering Auckland's heritage and heart. | New Zealand Now
New Zealand is home to some of the world’s most beautiful locations, and due to New Zealand's small size, they are easily accessible for a weekend away. Which spot is next on your list to visit?

11 of New Zealand's Best Kept Secrets - I Love New Zealand
Thanks to everyone who shared their #NZSummer photos with us. As you can see, there have been some amazing photos taken, and some great experiences had!
Thanks to Elmarie Andrews for this lovely #NZSummer photo of The Mount. A lovely photo to end our summer photo competition. Thanks to everyone for sharing their summer photos with us!
"I wouldn’t change anything really but I would like my family to come here and be able to live with me here ... this, New Zealand is a very nice place for a family." #MyNZStory
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Breaking new ground | New Zealand Now
Happy Mother Language Day! To celebrate can you tell us how to say "hello" in your first language?

International Mother Language Day 21 February
We've received lots great summer snaps from our fans, it looks like you’ve all been making the most of summer! Congratulations to Gill Cameron, her pic of the the Pohutu Geyser was so lovely that we've chosen it as our new #NZSummer cover photo!
Do you have any photos you'd like to share with us? Yours could be chosen next!
How well do you know your way around Aotearoa? Test your knowledge with this quiz on the smaller towns and locations in New Zealand. How did you do?

Quiz: Can you name these smaller NZ towns?
This #NZSummer photo comes to us from Luciano Nascimento, thank you for sharing!
What have you been up to this summer? Share with us for your chance to win our cover photo of the week! :)
New Zealand is a place like no other. Check out the Independent Couple's top 15 things you need to see in New Zealand. Do you have any more to add?

Top 15 Things You Need To See In New Zealand - And They Will Blow Your Mind - Independent Couple
Thanks Francis Anthony Soriano for sharing this #NZSummer photo with us! What a beautiful view!
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"We are still trying to cope with chill. From 30 degrees we went down to 20 degrees in Auckland, and then down to zero degrees in Dunedin! Thank God the kids adapted much quicker than we did." #MyNZStory

New heights of happiness | New Zealand Now
This week's beautiful #NZSummer photo comes from OLrak TOrlao, thanks for sharing! And thanks to everyone else who has shown us their photos.
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Have you been to the zoo lately? The Wellington Zoo has been named one of the world's most amazing zoos! The first zoo in New Zealand, and well-known for using sustainable resources, it's worth seeing for yourself!

10 of the Best & Most Fascinating Zoos in the World