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New to New Zealand
12/01/2016 at 19:47. Facebook
Christmas in New Zealand is not snow and sleigh bells- it is sun, sand and barbecues in the backyard! :)
New to New Zealand
11/30/2016 at 05:33. Facebook
Planning your summer holiday? There are some fantastic places around NZ to visit, why not plan road trip? AA New Zealand has all you need to know about some fantastic destinations, and even some games to play in the car along the way…

New Zealand summer holiday travel guide | Good Old Kiwi Holiday

New to New Zealand
11/27/2016 at 04:10. Facebook
It's true what they say, New Zealand is full of beautiful scenery, and wonderful places to photograph! Have you found some of these gorgeous spots? Do you have any favourite places to photograph?

12 Epic Of Photos New Zealand

It is one month until Christmas, which means you will start to hear more and more Christmas songs! Here is a very popular New Zealand song about a tree which blooms at Christmas time. Follow along with the lyrics and you will be singing like a Kiwi in no time!

Pohutukawa Tree | A New Zealand Christmas Classic by Children Love to Sing

Beautiful kids song featuring children singing and dancing - how does a tree grow from a seed? Watch, learn and join in with the song & actions.This is an or...

Summer in New Zealand is fast approaching, with (hopefully) amazing weather to accompany it! Make the most of your NZ summer by checking out these amazing hikes. Stunning views guaranteed :)

Community Post: Best Places To Hike In New Zealand

What made you choose New Zealand? This blogger made a list of the things she loves (and hates) about living here, are they true for you? As an expat myself, I'd have to add a strong dislike of earthquakes!

Things I Love (and Hate) About New Zealand

The aftershocks are continuing around NZ after the big 7.5 earthquake in Canterbury. Stay safe everyone, and remember to Drop, Cover, Hold in big quakes.
New Zealand has once again been named the best place in the world to live by the Legatum Institute!

NZ tops list of world's best countries - Business - NZ Herald News

The haka that the All Blacks perform each game is amazing! But it wasn't always that way…
Ever wanted to know more about the regions around NZ? What are house prices like? Who is living there? There is now an app for that! The app makes access to information on New Zealand regions instant and easy, check it out!

New Zealand regions mobile app | Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Did you know? Lonely Planet has named Taranaki one of the world's best regions to visit!

We're simply the (second) best

“My uncle Paul, who moved to America 20 years earlier, summed it up best for me on Facebook. He said: ‘First it will be horrible, then it will be strange, then it will be okay, then it will be home.’” #MyNZStory
Read the full story --> [ Goo.gl Link ]

Just the right lifestyle | New Zealand Now

Today is Labour Day! It's been a public holiday in NZ since 1840, and is now seen as a day to relax and spend time with family. BBQ's, trips to the beach, and playing sports with friends are all great ways to celebrate this holiday!

Labour Day 2016 and 2017 – Public Holidays New Zealand

Auckland has been ranked the greatest city on the water by Chicago Line Cruises. Check out the New Zealand Now site to find out more about the City of Sails.

Discover the Auckland Region | New Zealand Now

The Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa has changed. The new policy announced yesterday has increased the minimum points requirement for selection from 140 to 160 and changed the evidence needed to meet the English language requirements. Find out more on the Immigration New Zealand website.

New Zealand Residence Programme policy changes | Immigration New Zealand

'Everything we generally do, even going to the shopping market, going to the local store, going snowboarding, going to the beach, it all feels safe, it all feels like the community seems to be part of it. When I moved here, after the first two years - for a brief moment I actually thought, “well, do I need anything else?”' #MyNZStory
Watch the full story -->[ Goo.gl Link ]

From South Africa to Wellington | New Zealand Now

New Zealand is well known for its high quality of life and great work-life balance so it is no wonder we are second in this year's HSBC Expat Explorer Survey! Here is why expats are loving their new Kiwi lifestyle.

Expat Explorer Survey: New Zealand

"Cycling is huge - it’s the new golf. I used to do some back in the UK, but it would take 20 or 30 minutes to get outside, out of the city. Here, it is right on my doorstep. So every morning I go out on my bike now, and I’m a lot fitter as a result of that than I was in the UK." #MyNZStory
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A life less crowded | New Zealand Now