You've gotta' be careful with your Trump tweets these days.

National Park Service back on Twitter after anti-Trump retweets
He shot himself in the chest after a standoff with police.

Louisiana man suspected of killing pregnant wife and cop has died
"If they inject you with a shot, this shot might be loaded with a tiny chip,” Bin Laden wrote to his sons in an undated letter.

Bin Laden feared Iranians would track sons with injected "chips"
Tom Brady would rather “talk about football” than making America great again.

Tom Brady refuses to clarify if he called Trump
Early look at tomorrow's front page...
Women's marches jam cities around the world [ Link ]
The 18-year-old said she felt a "high unlike any other" after the stabbing.

Texas woman who stabbed stranger 21 times gets 15 years
He's lending his voice to women's rights now.

Longtime inauguration announcer voices Women’s March
A gunman shot a member of the Bloods gang was shot in his genitals.

Man shot in groin after gunman opens fire outside Brooklyn home
This might make President Trump want to build a wall along America’s northern border.

Oilers announcer wears nightmarish President Trump mask
Shaun King: When the Republican Party voted in Donald Trump, they discarded all illusions that they cared about personal ethics or morality.

KING: Republicans can no longer say they care about family values
Spicer claimed the media were working to “minimize the enormous support” that got Trump elected, and that it was “shameful and wrong” to put out “inaccurate” numbers and pictures about the crowds.

Trump press secretary claims inauguration grew 'largest' crowd
New York Daily News
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It's likely that the pair will remain in the ICU for a few more days.

Ex-President Bush, wife Barbara, improving but still hospitalized
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She crashed into a motorist and refused to take a breathalyzer test,

Off-duty cop, 24, arrested for drunken driving after Queens crash
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Linda Stasi: Women around the globe came out the day after President Trump's swearing-in to announce en masse that it's our right to have equal rights.

Women will continue to stand up for our rights after march
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As opposed to being, like, a not smart person?

Trump to CIA: "Trust me, I'm like a smart person"
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Curious about what—and who— the first family wore last night?

What Melania Trump, Ivanka and Tiffany wore at inauguration ball