We always like to hear from donors about why you first gave blood and what keeps you coming back. And men, don't be shy, we want your stories too! Share your story and inspire others to give blood too. [ Nzblood.co.nz Link ]
Take a swipe through some of our biggest donors. If you’re wondering how they can achieve their sky-high numbers, it’s because they give plasma every couple of weeks. It’s never too late to try join their ranks though. Book your first plasma donation today: [ Bit.ly Link ]
When it comes to donating, there are three things you can give - whole blood, plasma and platelets. Which do you donate?
16 isn’t only the driving age, it’s also the donating age. If you know someone who’s just turned old enough to be a donor, ask them if they’re eligible to give blood! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Blood donor Christopher is a young man with a very big heart. On Valentine’s Day this year we are sharing his heartwarming and inspiring tale of romance, love and generosity. Tissues at the ready! [ Bit.ly Link ]
We like to think of plasma as liquid gold. It’s used to boost immune systems, help control autoimmune disorders and even help aid clotting in people with haemophilia. We all have a little gold in us, come see if you can donate some of yours at [ Bit.ly Link ]
Lynette has had more blood transfusions than she can count on fingers and toes and at one point doctors couldn't believe she was still with us. Find out how blood donations saved this inspirational woman's life: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Our blood dude is putting his feet up at the beach this Waitangi Day. Will you be joining him? Either way, have a safe weekend.
New mum Rose has a message for the donors who saved her baby daughter Evelyn's life: 'Without these generous, caring people, my daughter would not be here today, thriving, growing and learning. Thank you for giving my daughter a chance at life'.

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Enjoyed a little summer getaway overseas and want to donate? Have a look at our travel tool and eligibility criteria here and double check it’s a-ok to book an appointment: [ Bit.ly Link ]
As we continue our whānau celebrations this month, meet the Spitzer family. Together they have saved up to an incredible 1,200 lives! [ Bit.ly Link ]
We might not be the only ones after your blood this season. Don't forget to up the bug repellant! And if you've been overseas, be sure to check our travel tool before you donate: [ Bit.ly Link ]
How much do you know about blood types? Some less common blood types can be valuable as platelet or plasma donations, rather than being donated as a regular whole blood donation. Find out a little about B+ here!
*Plasma and platelet donations are only available at selected Donor Centres.
This January we're featuring some of our favourite whānau stories. Since having a bone marrow transplant, Tae and her support person Jono have been spreading the word about blood donation and educating their own whānau and hapu at home in Rotorua. Find out how here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Blood donation runs in the family for the Spitzers who together have saved an incredible 1,200 lives. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Huge thanks to the Vodafone Warriors for coming in to donate blood. Learn more about the donation process, and donating bone marrow here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

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Give the gift of life in the new year. Plasma donations are used to create up to 13 different life-saving blood products for Kiwis across the nation. Have you got a heart of gold? Find out if you are eligible to donate plasma here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Saving a life is pretty cool, so why not book in for a summer donation? We’ll even keep you cool with a refreshing drink after you donate. Check out how you can book your appt with our NZ Blood App here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
This month we're celebrating whānau; the ones who hold your hand for hours when you're sick and cheer you on when you donate blood. First up, meet Lesley and Garry, who together have saved up to 150 lives and are on a mission to get their friends and family to save lives too. Will you join them in spreading the word?