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We need to change the Government next year. Here's 10 reasons why:

10 ways National's letting Kiwis down

Have you seen our petition urging the Government to fund GeoNet 24/7?

If you agree that New Zealand should have a full-time earthquake monitoring service to respond to natural disasters, add your name today ➡

Let's make GeoNet 24/7

For the past hundred years, Labour has been proud to stand up for Kiwi workers.

On this day in 1945, the First Labour Government introduced a minimum wage for all New Zealanders.

Image credit: National Library of New Zealand
It's 81 years today since our first Labour PM Michael Joseph Savage was sworn into office. Savage and his First Labour Government ushered in one of our most important laws ever: with 1938’s Social Security Act, they introduced the world’s first universal public health system.

Today we remember Savage as a true man of the people, who provided New Zealanders with much-needed stability and...
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Andrew Little and Labour's newest MP Michael Wood during a press conference at Parliament.

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So Out Of Touch #changethegovt
Andrew Little's Press Conference on the Prime Minister's resignation.
Great news out of Auckland tonight - Michael Wood is the new MP for Mt Roskill!

Michael won with an amazing 66% of the vote and a huge majority of 6,518 votes.

Congratulations to Michael, his team, and his supporters on a fantastic campaign to keep Roskill red. We're looking forward to him joining the rest of the Labour team in Parliament and working with us to change the Government next year.
Michael Wood and Andrew Little speak after winning Mt Roskill
In just 24 hours, Mt Roskill voters will be heading to the polls to elect their new MP.

There’s a lot at stake this by-election: if we lose this seat, National and ACT will have a majority in Parliament, and they'll be able to pass any law they like. We need to get every possible voter to the polls tomorrow so we can stop that from happening.

If you have any time tomorrow to help Michael...
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Help us Get out the Vote in Mt Roskill

Did you know voting is now open in the Mt Roskill by-election?

✅ Michael Wood is Labour's candidate – he'll make a great new MP for Mt Roskill.

Find out where to vote here: [ Michaelwood.nz Link ]
National won’t take action on the housing crisis. We’ve got the solutions to fix it.

This morning Labour’s Affordable Housing Bill was drawn from the Members' Bills ballot, which means MPs will vote on it in the coming months. It would force the Government to build 10,000 affordable homes per year and sell them to those Kiwis who want to get on the property ladder.

Labour supports building...
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We’ve got heaps of items on sale, including t-shirts, prints of Labour’s most iconic campaign posters, and our popular centenary mugs. Shop the sale here ⏩ [ Nzlp.nz Link ]

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This afternoon, Andrew Little’s Our Work, Our Future Bill goes before Parliament.

Labour stands for jobs — that's why we want to make sure that the New Zealand Government supports companies that create them.

This Bill will ensure that when government organisations issue large contracts, they’ll have to choose the winning bid based on which creates jobs in New Zealand. It’s about giving Kiwi...
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Another day, another negative impact of National’s $1.7 billion of health cuts. Today the NZ Herald is reporting that more than 150 of our general practices have been forced to close their doors to new patients.

It’s not right that New Zealanders are sitting on waiting lists just to sign up for a local GP, or having to travel further to get primary medical care.

We need a well-funded health...
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Full-up doctors' clinics around New Zealand tell new patients to look elsewhere - Health - NZ Herald News

Feel like the dream of owning your own home keeps slipping further away? Under National it is – two years ago, the average first home buyer's loan was $273,000 and now it's shot up to $390,000. That's a staggering 43% rise.

Labour will build 100,000 affordable homes for first home buyers.

See the policy here >>
In the Southern District, there's been a drop in police foot patrols — and an increase in serious crime. Police Association President Chris Cahill says this is because police are under resourced: ‘We are stretched and we can't do any more.’

Labour will put 1000 more police on the frontline and invest in the resources they need to keep our communities safe.

From today's Otago Daily Times: [...
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It’s well past time for this Government to step up and start building affordable homes for first home buyers. Labour has a comprehensive plan to help Kiwis get on the property ladder. Read more about how we'll fix the housing crisis here >> [ Labour.org.nz Link ]
When there’s a housing crisis, the last thing a government should be doing is selling off state houses. This from The Press - in Christchurch today:

Editorial: state house sales a failed scheme

With crime rising, National's response is to close three more community policing centres. In our first term, Labour will invest in an extra 1000 police and the resources they need to make our communities safer.

Permanent closures of three community policing centres