At Waikato Hospital, staffing shortages are forcing doctors to delay six to nine surgeries every week – and managers are trying to cut nursing numbers, because there just isn't enough money in the budget.

We need a well-funded health system that gives Kiwis the healthcare they need, when they need it. Labour will reverse National's $1.7 billion of health cuts and put healthcare back on the...
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Waikato Hospital's staffing of operating theatres not at full capacity, resulting in fewer surgeries - National - NZ Herald News
Today at the Rātana Pā, Andrew Little led a strong Labour delegation, including more than half of our MPs, to pay their respects and acknowledge over 80 years of the Labour-Rātana relationship.
One of the first commitments Andrew made as Labour Leader was to keep the retirement age at 65.
In New Zealand, attending a state school is supposed to be free – but because National has underfunded education, schools’ budgets are now so stretched that parents have to foot the bill. Research released today shows that parents of a child born this year will pay almost $40,000 towards their education. That’s a huge amount.

Labour will fund schools properly so they don’t have to rely on...
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School costs: $40,000 for 'free' state education - National - NZ Herald News
Last year Andrew, who is a cancer survivor himself, worked with cancer patients and survivors, their families, advocates, and thousands of New Zealanders across the country to pressure the Government into giving Pharmac more funding so they could pay for life-saving cancer drug Keytruda.
Andrew was head of the miners' union when the Pike River tragedy happened in 2010, and he has backed the Pike families and provided support and solidarity since Day 1.
Bill English had the words. Andrew Little has the plan ➡
When Andrew was at university in the late 1980s, he got involved in student politics and helped lead the fight against the start of student fees.
One of the results of National's $1.7 billion of cuts to our health service is that junior doctors are being asked to work extraordinarily long shifts - risking patients' safety.

We support junior doctors who are standing up for safe working hours and the safety of their patients.

Image credit: New Zealand Resident Doctors' Association - NZRDA.
This year, for the first time in New Zealand history, we’ll be holding a joint State of the Nation with another political party: our MOU partner, the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand.

We’re really excited about this, and we hope you are too – and we’d love to have you join us on Sunday 29 January in Auckland, as Andrew Little and Metiria Turei lay out our priorities for 2017 and kick off...
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In 2005 at the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union, Andrew worked with Air New Zealand to save over 300 ground crew jobs that were going to head overseas.
Learn a little more about Andrew Little's past, and what drew him into politics, in this video from Labour’s 2015 Conference ⬇
As a country, we've changed a lot since Bill English entered Parliament in 1990. Unfortunately, he hasn't:

Bill English: A PM for every New Zealander?
Labour is committed to getting Auckland moving again. We'll work with Auckland City Council to build a light rail line from Mt Roskill to the CBD. Click here to learn more about our plan ➡ [ Link ]

Traffic and congestion report reveals Auckland as slowest city - National - NZ Herald News
Our last highlight of the year is a bittersweet one: Labour MP Sue Moroney for Hamilton West earned the support of all parties (except National and ACT) to increase paid parental leave from 18 to 26 weeks, and her Bill passed its third reading in Parliament.

Normally this would mean it would become law - but Bill English shot the Bill down, using an extraordinary veto power to do so.

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Andrew Little's Healthy Homes Bill passed its first reading in Parliament in July this year. This is the first time ever that a Leader of the Opposition's Bill has won a majority in Parliament!

Voices such as the Children’s Commissioner, Child Poverty Action Group, many newspaper editorials and commentators have lent their support to this law, which will reduce the 42,000 child hospital...
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