A surplus is when a government has money left over at the end of the year. It's a good sign that we’re living within our means and planning well.

In government, Labour will have a surplus every year, unless there’s a significant event like a natural disaster or a major economic crisis. If there is a crisis, we will make up for that in the good times.

Read more about our budget responsibility...
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On Friday, we announced our five rules for managing the economy so that it works for all Kiwis.

Read our explainer to find out more about the rules and how they'll work:

Our Budget Responsibility Rules: Unpacked

In case you missed it on Friday...watch our Finance Spokesperson Grant Robertson race against the clock and explain our budget responsibility rules in 45 seconds! ⏰

If you'd like to check out the longer version of the rules, you can do so here: [ Labour.org.nz Link ]
Labour stands for an economy that works for all Kiwis. That means managing the economy carefully, effectively and sustainably, in a way that allows us to invest in housing, health and education.

How do we do that? With firm rules. Here are five by which the next Labour-led government will run our economy:
Today, we announced Labour's five rules for managing the economy.

Then we challenged our Finance Spokesperson Grant Robertson to explain those five rules in less than a minute – and he accepted...

Check out the full list of rules here:
Wondering what our big announcement this morning was all about? ???? Check out our explainer here ⬇

Our Budget Responsibility Rules: Unpacked

Live from Auckland to launch the Budget Responsibility Rules, Labour and Green Parties' fiscal framework.
Yes we care is a campaign driven by health and community workers whose aim is to make health funding a key election issue. To do that, they're currently touring the country listening to the stories of people who've been affected by National's underfunding of health.

Check out this video from their recent visit to Levin ⬇. And if you'd like to come along to one of their upcoming roadshow...
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If you're in Hamilton tonight, why not come along to The Helm at 5.30pm to hear from Labour Leader Andrew Little and his new deputy Jacinda Ardern?

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Andrew Little Live: Hamilton

Every part of our health system is suffering from National’s $1.7 billion of health cuts. This week, the New Zealand College of Midwives has declared an emergency situation at many of our country's biggest hospitals due to understaffed maternity units. At Waikato, for example, they're a whopping 22 midwives short.

Labour will fund our health service properly so Kiwis get the help they need...
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Midwife shortage at major hospitals 'emergency situation'

It’s been years since the Government first committed to rebuilding Dunedin Hospital – and still there’s been no action. ????

Today our Dunedin North MP David Clark, alongside Labour Leader Andrew Little and Clare Curran for Dunedin South, presented Parliament with two petitions calling on the Government to begin that rebuild before September’s election.
We’re proud to have six awesome, hardworking and dedicated Māori seat MPs.

In case you missed it yesterday, here's Nanaia Mahuta MP - Hauraki-Waikato explaining their decision to come off the list at this year's election:
The reality of National's $1.7 billion of cuts to our health system is that hospitals are having to make impossible choices. Labour will make sure Kiwis get the healthcare and support they need.

Cancer patient told hospital would rather spend money on others

Here's Labour's Māori Development Spokesperson, Kelvin Davis, explaining our Māori MPs' decision to come off the list and run as 'electorate only' candidates - check it out ⬇
In a show of strength, unity and confidence, Labour's Māori seat MPs today announced they'd be going 'electorate only' this election.

If you vote on the Māori electoral roll, and want strong Māori representation in your electorate, there's just one option: back your local Labour Māori candidate, and give your party vote to Labour. Read more here:

Labour's Maori MPs opt to go 'electorate only' and not seek list places

#LIVE: Announcement on Māori Seats.
National has cut $1.7 billion from the health budget, and Kiwis like Neil McDermott are suffering because of it.

At a public meeting in Invercargill yesterday, Neil described his 'hell': after waiting months for a colonoscopy, he was told he had a large tumour in his bowel. He was operated on, but the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes and liver.

Public slam health services

This is devastating – Margaret Richardson has cancer, but she’s facing a 3-month wait until she can see an oncologist at Tauranga Hospital and get some clarity on her situation. She describes the wait as ‘12 weeks of sheer hell’, and says it’s not knowing how serious things are that’s most difficult.

Margaret should not be dealing with this uncertainty. National has underfunded health by $1.7...
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Cancer patient faces 12-week wait to see specialist at Tauranga Hospital - National - NZ Herald News