Cheeks"R"Us is hereeee
When I was traveling last month and one of my luggages (with 20kgs of my favourite props) was gone missing and touring around Europe without me. I had next to nothing prop wise left with me but luckily I had this wrap set so I used it like a million times

Wrap Shades of Jade
I have just had a spot became available from a previously sold out workshop in LA and 1 spot too from Wilmington NC for next month!

Send me an email to grab the spot!
A sweet smile <3

Bonnet and wrap Shades of Jade
<3 this baby girl.

Chunky blanket Handmadebylululu design
That sweet face <3
A quick before and after!!

I rarely share before and afters as most of my SOOC are pretty good and there isn't much comparison but geez this was shot during one of my workshops in China a few weeks ago. And as workshops always go into late afternoons and this was taken at 5:45pm. As it is winter there so it was darkkk!!! But thank goodness for Nikon and the wonderful photoshop!!!

ISO 2500,...
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I just had a spot becomes available from a previously sold out workshop in NY and 1 spot too from Wilmington NC for next month!

Get in touch quick if you want to grab the spot!!
Baby Jonah from Germany <3 What a sweet little boy! <3
Another perfect baby from when I was in Lisbon <3

Bonnet My Darling Emma

Layer /wrap Red Owl Photo Props
Remaining workshops in Europe!

Sint-Niklaas 1 spot left
Paderborn 2 spot left
London 1 spot left

NEW LOCATIONS just added:

Milan and Paris!!

These are all the workshop location left for this year in Europe.

All early June except Milan which is end of May.

Please leave email to get information or send email to
One of our babies from France <3

Headband My Darling Emma
A perfect little baby <3

Headband Created By Carli
<3 this little baby

Wrap and bonnet Jessica Kandi Photo Props
Aww the smallest baby I have ever photographed!! 2kgs of perfection and my goodness all that hair!!

Wrap Shades of Jade

Fur blanket Jessica Kandi Photo Props
A sweet little one <3
Met this pretty bubba when I was in Hungary last month <3 <3

Wrap and bonnet Shades of Jade
I have 1 spot becomes available for my previously sold out workshop in Houston end of April. Send me an email if you want to take that spot! All my other workshops in the US are sold out so the is the only spot left for my 2017 US workshops.

Sorry for MIA lately! I am currently traveling teaching workshops. I have finished all my workshops in Europe and...
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What a little darling <3

Wrap by my mum over at Shades of Jade. She will have some for sale very soon!

Chunky blanket Mama Knits
To my fellow photographers!! As some of you know I use a lot of knitted props made by my mum. And after being asked for years she is FINALLY opening a prop page Shades of Jade!!!

All the items are unique and gorgeous handmade props for newborn photographers!!

I put a lot of input on sizing and material as well as design because I'm quite picky on what to use for my photoshoots and everything...
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