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Before plowing into pedestrians in a popular shopping area, Gargasoulas reportedly argued with his brother, Angelo, over his sexuality and stabbed him in the face.

Man Stabbed Brother For Being Gay Before Going On Killing Rampage
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"Our movements require us to do more than just show up and say the right words. It requires us to break out of our comfort zones and be confrontational. It requires us to defend one another when it is difficult and dangerous."

—Janet Mock at the Women's March on Washington.

In Passionate Women's March Speech, Janet Mock Calls For Sex Workers To Be Welcome In The Movement
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The channel will be fronted by trans activist Sophie Cook.

England's First LGBT Channel Launches Next Month
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"I asked an older woman in an 'LGBT Task Force' t-shirt what being at the march made her feel. 'Terror,' she said. 'This whole thing is terrifying.'

That resonated more than I wanted it to."

The Women's March On Washington Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg
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From Paris to Bangkok, New York to Washington, DC, their voices were heard.


The View From Women's Marches Around The World
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If Pvt. Manning is discharged with a dishonorable discharge, she will lose her entitlement to benefits, including gender-transition care at [military] medical treatment facilities,” said an Army spokesperon.

Free whistleblower Chelsea Manning
Julian Assange

Chelsea Manning Leaving Prison Means She Loses Access To Trans Health Care And Surgery
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Braving the chill to fight for equality and justice. #womensmarch

The View From The Women's March
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The icing on the cake: The bakery has donated the proceeds to Human Rights Campaign.

Trump Plagiarized President Obama's Inauguration Cake
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Ease your inaugural weekend anxiety with photos of hot boys and cute pussies.

UK Menswear Company Pairs Models With Poised Pussies
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What's your man got to do with it?

Female Zebra Shark Reproduces Asexually
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NNN's Kristina Marusic is on the ground in DC with photos and messages from the Women's March on Washington.

The View From The March
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Chloe got herself an endorsement deal!
Drew Droege PreHeels

"Chloe Sevigny" Has A Zeecret!
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"Without losing a piece of me, how do I get to Heaven?"

Troye Sivan
Betty Who

Troye Sivan Celebrates LGBT History In Beautiful New Music Video
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“Before you call me any names, let me tell you the names I want to be called: bold, resilient, strong, brave, truth-teller, go-getter, writer, dog lover, musician.”

Donald J. Trump

These LGBT Students Have A Message For Donald Trump