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In less one week, this London street went over the yearly limit for nitrogen dioxide

via BBC Three
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Some LGBT activists aren't happy about Mike Pence becoming vice president. So they danced to Beyonce and The Bee Gees outside his home
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Fifth Harmony did their first performance without Camila last night - AND won best group

Fifth Harmony debut as a four-piece at the People's Choice Awards
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Barack Obama's life in pop - as told by JAY Z Kanye West Rihanna The Saturdays
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The man behind @MatureTrumpTwts wants you to dump Trump

Parody Twitter account @MatureTrumpTwts is on a mission
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Ana-Alecia Ayala died on Wednesday in Dallas,surrounded by friends and family...

'Dancing and laughter' cancer patient dies
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'I would probably have ended up in jail or dead'

Fighting saved John Phillips' life - and now he's preparing to make his debut on a global stage as he becomes the third Welshman to fight in the UFC.
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Louis has spoken for the first time...

Louis Tomlinson opens up about his mum's death
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Apparently millennials get in the way of older people partying...

Club launches for over 40s where young people are banned
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Click on the link and you can test out the slider to compare the waxwork with the real thing

Donald Trump's waxwork unveiled at Madame Tussauds
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Thousands of British holidaymakers are being flown home early from The Gambia after the country declares a state of emergency
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More than 200 people - including Chelsea Manning - had their sentences changed. Another 64 were pardoned

The people President Obama pardoned in his 'final act'
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Bus drivers will have to do more to accommodate wheelchair users

'Wheelchair v buggy': Disabled man wins Supreme Court case
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Could the Amur tiger be the key to the solution?

Scientists want to bring back extinct Caspian tiger
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"I believe seeing this movie will give us girls the inspiration we need to say I can be can be a mathematician, an engineer or better yet an astronaut."

Why so many people are crowd-funding Hidden Figures screenings
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Is the internet's love affair with Justin Trudeau over?

Canada's Prime Minister is being investigated over a holiday he took on the private island of a billionaire friend. The law states prime ministers must not accept gifts - including free travel.
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Activists are calling for the zoo to be shut down

Indonesian zoo accused of 'starving' sun bears
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There have been at least two cases reported of parents finding mould in the toy

Sophie the Giraffe: How safe is it?