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A BIG moment from yesterday's hearing over Trump's EPA pick.

Watch his full remarks on the environment and energy.

EPA Nominee: ‘I Utterly Reject’ False Notion That ‘If You’re Pro-Energy, You’re Anti-Environment’
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Krauthammer took the gloves off!

Watch him SLAM the liberal media's double standard over inauguration boycotts.

Krauthammer Slams Media Double Standard on Inauguration Boycotts; ‘Heads Would Explode’
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We guess Van Jones hasn't heard of all the problems with ObamaCare.

Is that what passes for political analysis at CNN?

WATCH: Van Jones Says Trump Will 'Break Things That Obama Fixed'
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The Obama admin. closes out their time with a parting shot at Republicans.

Earnest: Republicans Are Intellectually Dishonest Over Manning Commutation
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For someone so concerned with fake news, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell might want to actually fake check his own segments!

I mean, would a google search really take that long?

WATCH: MSNBC's O'Donnell Spreads 'Fake News' Video of Muslim Girl Punching Male Pupil
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Remember when our oh-so-intelligent liberal media talking heads made election predictions about Trump?

Just in case they forgot how WRONG they were, we made a video reminding them!

Flashback: Journalists Mocked Trump’s Announcement as a Joke
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Can you put a price on human life?

Because that's how the morally warped, Hollywood left view abortion.

Actor to Millions of Fans: Aborted Babies Are ‘A LOT Cheaper’
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And you thought Barack was the only Obama the liberal media worshiped!

Bozell & Graham Column: Michelle Obama's Cult in the Media
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Even on his way out, Obama's media fanboys aren't turning down their bias.

I mean, Scott Pelley acted more like a hype man for the soon to be former president than an objective journalist.

VIDEO: CBS Anchor Swoons Obama ‘Is Not Going Gently into that Good Night’ on Leaving Office
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After posting a picture online with President-elect Trump's daughter, actress Abigail Breslin faced a backlash.

Instead of backing down, her response to her haters is making waves.

Actress Friend of Tiffany Trump Hits Haters With Great Comeback
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Obama is making big claims on deportation numbers of illegal aliens, but the facts tells a very different tale.
Yeah, this guy might have some screws loose.

The hospital said he's expected to be okay.

Anti-Trump Protester In DC Sets Himself On Fire
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Talk about a slobbering love-fest from Al Sharpton over Obama.

Like honestly what will change for him? He'll still blame conservatives for every problem under the sun.

MSNBC's Reverend Al Sharpton Rains Praise: 'Thank God We Lived In the Age of Obama'
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Joy Behar needs a chill pill, and a 10th grade civics lesson.

Watch her latest freak-out over Trump on The View.

WATCH: Joy Behar Freaks Out About Perfectly Normal Scenario As Threat to 'Democracy'
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VP-elect Mike Pence is too much for the Hamilton crowd.

But a violent terrorist? A-Okay!

Lin-Manuel Miranda Celebrates Release of FALN Terrorist