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Anti-gun professors have found a loophole in Texas to avoid guns!

Some have cited safety concerns, but do the facts match up?

Professors Hold Office Hours at Bar to Prevent Students from Bringing Guns
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Brian Stetler accused Donald Trump of doing exactly what he does on a daily basis: Turning politics into an "us versus them" struggle.

CNN's Stelter Terrified at New Trump Attacks on Media: ‘Chill Up’ the Spine!
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The left is twisting laws to silence dissent. Is it time to re-examine the way we look at Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity laws?

Human Sexuality's New Orthodoxy: Punishing LGBT Dissent Through SOGI Laws
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To Chris Matthews and the liberal media, there's no one in the world as villainous as conservatives.

Matthews: Bannon Is ‘Like Darth Vader’; Pence Won’t Be a ‘Manipulative’ VP Like Cheney
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Nice! Levin sounds off on Obama and slams the accusations of anti-Semitism against Trump.

Levin: Obama – Not Trump – Is Anti-Semitic, the Biggest Funder of Terrorism World Has Seen
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CNN is so anxious to squish debate on the transgender bathroom issue, that they're now allowing it to be called a "civil rights issue."

CNN Guest: Transgender Bathrooms a ‘Civil Rights Issue’
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DeSmog Blog is up in arms over Koch-funded Scholarships, but sees no problem with its own liberal agenda and donors.

DeSmog: Koch Grants are Racist - Buying Bias
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The Clinton/Obama Benghazi scandal is not over. Not by a long shot.

Benghazi Scandal Not Over: Obama Official Admitted It Had Nothing to Do with Protests
The economy is improving, but how does MSNBC decide to spin it? Giving all credit to Barack Obama.

Journalist on MSNBC: Trump's Just Continuing Obama's 'Fantastic' Economy
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MSNBC's Joe Scarborough has no idea what to think! Is it that hard to call illegal immigration... illegal?

Joe Scarborough Points Out Media’s Immigration Blind Spot While Flip-Flopping
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Russia is not backing down from targeting American media with a "fake" news label.

Russian Foreign Ministry Defends Its ‘Fake News’ Project Targeting U.S. Media
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This is the awards speech Meryl Streep does NOT want to hear.

Bozell & Graham Column: A Speech to Denounce Meryl Streep
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"I just knew our new President would reignite our cause and renew it in our own day, and he did just that."

Pence Describes Trump as Modern-Day Reagan: He Reignited the Conservative Cause 'In Our Own Day'
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Apparently seven years of The Good Wife promoting Hillary's agenda weren't enough for CBS...

CBS's ‘The Good Fight’ Packs a Liberal Punch in the Trump Era
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Funding universities is part of a “Nazi authoritarian tactic,” at least when conservatives do it, according to The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD).

CMD Slams Kochs, Forgets Soros - Buying Bias
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Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus sounded off on the future of the media and the White House: "If you think they're going to give you your country back without a fight, you're sadly mistaken."

Bannon, Priebus Double Down on Media as ‘Opposition Party’; It Will ‘Get Worse’ for Them
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Um.... Desperate, much? Liberals hate Trump so much that a group of them are organizing to cast a "magic" spell on Donald Trump. Talk about weird!
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Trevor Noah is trying harder and harder to isolate any of his conservative viewers.

Trevor Noah: Donald Trump Presidency Like 'Apocalypse in a Clown Car'