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"It's not a complete answer to the problem, but it's perhaps part of the wider solution," writes Michael Morrah NZ.

Opinion: Why parents of kids who rob dairies should be fined
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No wonder the traffic was absolute mayhem.

The numbers are in: Adele shatters NZ records
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It's getting hot in herre...

Auckland strip club ablaze
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The young British boy used his unresponsive mother's thumbprint to unlock her iPhone and then asked Siri to call emergency services.

'Siri, call an ambulance, mum's dead' – four-year-old
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There's video of the raids – why not release it, asks Newshub's Lloyd Burr.

Opinion: Six ways the Defence Force could disprove Hit & Run book once and for all
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"There was damage to state property," the bill read. "Your immediate attention is required."

Dead girl billed over fatal car crash
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The Defence Force's continued denial of events described in the book is "bizarre", according to the authors.

Hit & Run author's strong message to the NZDF
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The judge still wished he could've handed down a longer jail term.

Man who taped dog's mouth shut gets maximum jail sentence
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"She's forcing them to change or put dresses on over leggings or they can't board."

Uproar as airline grounds girls wearing leggings
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Comments the NZ First leader made last week caused quite a stir with some.

Why a former MP has labelled Winston Peters a 'dangerous old man'
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"We are drenched. It rained the whole concert. I didn't care, Adele didn't care. That's all that matters."

Adele dons poncho as sky falls
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All Kiwis are urged to pick up a shovel and get involved.

Trees That Count campaign aims to plant a tree for every Kiwi
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The NZDF has denied claims an SAS-led raid targeted civilians, saying NZDF troops never even went to the villages in question.

'Hit and Run' Afghanistan raid: NZDF denies operating in named villages
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Live updates as the Dragons host the Warriors at UOW Jubilee Oval in Kogarah .

Video live updates: St George Illawarra Dragons vs New Zealand Warriors - NRL
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