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Police asked this factory owner to show him the walls behind his office. He agreed, told them where to look, and said he'd be right there. As soon as they discovered his secret room- BOOM.

Cherry Factory's Secret Room Uncovered By Police- Owner Immediately Commits Suicide
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When police found this dead 9-year-old weighing only 15 pounds, they immediately arrested these four people. Unfortunately, his weight wasn't the worst part about this case.

Should they get the death penalty?

Police Make Horrific Discovery About Boy Who Died Weighing Only 15 Pounds
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This image of a mother's tax return receipt immediately went viral when she told people on Facebook what she plans to do with the money.

Woman's Post Goes Viral After She Tells People What She Plans To Do With $5,600 Tax Return
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Do you miss Obama and Michelle, or are you glad they are gone?
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After President Trump brought up Clinton at CPAC, the crowd responded by chanting 'lock her up'.

Should Trump pursue charges against her?

‘Lock Her Up' Chanted At Trump During CPAC (Video)
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Former CIA Director John Brennan denies being involved in the Russia report leaks, saying "The White House needs to understand that the interaction with the FBI on criminal investigations is really something that they need to steer clear of." Do you agree with him?
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After ignoring the lump for more than 10 years, she learned a tough lesson- never let a serious medical problem go unchecked.

She Lived With This Lump For Years, Then Doctors Deliver News She Never Saw Coming
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The family was out back with their 18-month-old and their dog Shiloh when suddenly, the loving dog lunged at their son. Then they saw why...

Family Dog Inexplicably Lunges At Baby, Then They See What Was Behind Him
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Your shampoo could be killing you. Find out if the one you use is on the list:

These Major Shampoos Cause Cancer, Here's The Official List
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This 61-year-old woman went out to a restaurant to celebrate the Fourth of July with her family. The owner of the restaurant took one look at her hat and told her to get out. Here's a picture of the hat. Decide for yourselves if she deserved to be kicked out.

61-Year-Old Woman Thrown Out Of Restaurant Because of Her Hat (Video)
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First, this nurse got completely naked. Next, she did the unthinkable to an elderly patient. Luckily, a hidden camera caught the entire thing on tape. Now, she's being brought to justice.

Woman Caught On Video Getting Naked, Doing Something Crazy To 100-Year-Old Man- It Gets Worse
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Every doctor thought she was crazy. Turns out, there was a lot more to her claim than they thought.

Woman Met With Skepticism From Doctors After Claiming This Was Inside Her, Then Doctors Find Device
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This devastating photo instantly went viral after people realized who had posted it online.

Heartbreaking Photo Goes Viral After People Realize Who Posted It On Facebook
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A lawmaker in Alabama wants to make castration mandatory for child sex offenders. Is this a fair punishment?

For more videos like this, check out Opposing Views Video
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This mom and dad were genuinely shocked when they opened up their baby's mouth and saw what was inside.

Parents Notice Something Strange In Newborn's Mouth, Speechless After Taking Closer Look
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When his 6-year-old said her sandwich tasted funny, he decided to check it out. He peeled the grilled cheese open and saw an employee had done the unthinkable...

Dad Panics As Child Starts Vomiting Everywhere, Then He Sees What Worker Did To Her Sandwich
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A millionaire destroyed Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Well, he just learned his fate.

Man Who Busted Up Trump's Hollywood Star Just Learned His Fate
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This elderly man never had a problem with any of his neighbors. That all changed when he came home one day to find one of his neighbors had blocked off his driveway by placing a row of cinderblocks down the middle of it. He wasn't given any warning...

79-Year-Old Man Comes Home To Blocked Driveway- Realizes The Devastating Reason Why
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Kasich says both parties need to work together on Obamacare reform, because "what's at stake here are 20 million Americans." Is he right?
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This woman was walking by a restaurant when she saw her boyfriend sitting at a table. She began walking towards him- then she saw who he was sitting with and became outraged. That's when she decided to hit them with some instant karma.

Woman Sees Boyfriend with Mistress- Decides To Hit Them With Some Karma (Video)