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A teen was arrested for raping a couple's 7-month-old daughter. The father told the court he wouldn't seek any punishment for the teen- turns out he had his own form of justice in mind. He decided to take something from the teen who had taken something irreplaceable from his daughter.

Dad Does Unthinkable After Discovering This Man Raped His 7-Month-Old
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This officer had no idea what was happening when this man came running at him screaming for his life. What happened next led to both men jumping on the top of the officer's cruiser. Now a photo of their encounter has gone viral.

Cop Sees Man Screaming And Running – You’ll Never Guess What Was Chasing Him
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Trump just got some horrible news. Some even believe this could end his presidency...

Trump Gets Some Bad News- Democrats Believe It Will End His Presidency
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Have skin tags? Want them gone? There's a simple home remedy that works better than anything you can buy from the store.

Got Skin Tags? Try This Cheap Home Remedy
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Earlier this week, President Trump claimed quarterback Collin Kaepernick wasn't being picked up by any NFL teams because of his influence. Well, Kaepernick just responded...

Kaepernick Responds To Trump's Criticism- Mocks Him By Doing This
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Which President would you prefer to have in the White House- Obama or Trump?

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Now you'll be able to fix it yourself without spending hundreds of dollars at the repair shop...

Auto Bodywork Specialists Outraged, Losing Business Because Of Simple Scratch Fixing Hack
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Spring Break is known for being filled with too much alcohol that makes college students act stupid. Well, that's exactly what happened here. A bikini-clad girl decided it would be fun to flirt with another girl's man by twerking on him. It didn't take her long to realize she had made a huge mistake.

Bikini-Clad Man Stealer Gets Taught Tough Lesson For Twerking On Another Woman's Boyfriend
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Schwarzenegger is taunting Trump yet again- and this time the Terminator has some advice for the commander and chief.

Trump isn't going to be happy about this...

Schwarzenegger Goes After Trump Again- Gives Him Some 'Advice'
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This father in South Dakota and his daughter admitted to being in a sexual relationship with each other. They thought no one would care. Well, they just got some really bad news.

Father And Daughter Who Were In Sexual Relationship Get Some Really Bad News
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The FBI says it's investigating Trump for his connections to Russia. Do you think he's guilty?

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A short while ago, a story broke about a teen who fled to the Middle East in an attempt to join ISIS. We finally know what happened right before she died- and it's much worse than anyone anticipated.

Gruesome And Bloody Fate Of Terrorist "Poster Girl" Revealed
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Trump says no one will sign National Anthem protester Collin Kaepernick for one reason and one reason only.

Trump Says There's Just One Reason Why No One In The NFL Will Sign Kaepernick
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Two teens beheaded a puppy with a machete. They took a video of the gruesome incident and then shared it with people on Snapchat. Then they picked up another helpless puppy and chopped off his head- they didn't stop there either.

Teens Arrested After Police Find Out What They Did To Puppies
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A farmer who was fed-up with the messages coming from Black Lives Matter decided to put something up in his field. When they see what he did, they aren't going to be happy.

Angry Farmer Puts Something In His Field That Leaves Black Lives Matter Outraged
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Lauren Hubbard has broken four weightlifting records and just won her first international title. She completely dominated the competition. However, her win has stirred controversy all over the world- and its all because of one tiny issue.

Woman Wins International Weightlifting Championship- There's Just One Small Problem
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This woman thought she had scored big time when she became pregnant with a famous football player's baby. Turns out, there was one small problem...

Woman Excited She Got Pregnant By Famous Athlete- Gets Bad News
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A young mom was waiting in line at the store with her two kids when she suddenly felt something warm and wet hit her in the back. When she realized what the substance was, she immediately called police.

Mother Feels Something Wet And Warm Hit Her- Realizes What It Is And Calls Police