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President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence took a moment to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.
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Trump: My administration has the "highest IQ cabinet ever assembled." Agree or disagree?
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Veteran Alan McKracken always tried to make everyone who passed him smile despite being homeless. That all changed when this man walked up to him, grabbed his sign, and tore it up.

Veteran's Sign Ripped Away And Torn Up Right In Front Of Him- Then Unthinkable Happens
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Democrat Maxine Waters is known for making some pretty dumb statements, but this recent comment takes the cake. Waters decided it would be a good idea to try and get Trump 'impeached' before he was even sworn in. Now, Trump is getting the last laugh and Waters is not happy about it.

Maxine Waters Attempts To Get Donald Trump Impeached - Heโ€™s Getting The Last Laugh Now
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A woman eating at a Hooters restaurant went to use the restroom. The normal task quickly took a turn when she saw the chilling sign hanging above a toilet. The sign is now going viral.

Woman Stunned By Sign In Hooter's Bathroom (Photo)
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While speaking recently, Michelle Obama said men viewed her as a sex symbol. She didn't anticipate people to respond like this...

Michelle Obama Tells Crowd She Was A Sex Symbol -- Gets Unexpected Response
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For nearly 3 months this past fall, it seemed like Malia Obama completely disappeared. She wasn't seen anywhere in public, and people were starting to speculate. Well, now that this photo has been released, we know exactly what she was doing in secret for all that time.

We Now Know Where Malia Obama Vanished To For 3 Months Earlier This Year
A famous singer just agreed to perform at Trump's inauguration tomorrow. A lot of people are not happy about it.

Trump Secures Another Popular Singer For His Inauguration - Some Arenโ€™t Happy About It
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Most people think these homeless children are no more than dirty beggars who break the law and pester people. But this boy just proved that anyone can have a good heart, whether rich or poor.

Begging Street Kid Breaks Down Crying - Starts To Pray After Seeing What's Inside Car
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With Trump's inauguration tomorrow and multiple protests planned, tensions are running high in Washington D.C. However, that tension changed to terror when police found something disturbing hidden in a public area.

Cops Find Disturbing Item Right Before Trumpโ€™s Inauguration
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Her family immediately called police, but officers feared the worst had already happened to the girl. Little did they know, three lions had come along and changed her fate...

12-Year-Old Abducted And Beaten, Then A Pride Of Lions Shows Up
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As soon as her mother told doctors what her daughter had done the day before, they jumped into action.

Teen Mysteriously Dies- Then Mother Tells Doctors What She Did The Day Before
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After going through an entire meal while being starred at, this father was ready to pay his bill and leave. Then the waiter walked by and handed him a note. As soon as he read it, the father broke down in tears.

Couple Refuse To Stop Starring At Father And His Kids- Then Waiter Hands Note To Dad
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After being mercilessly bullied, Brandy took her own life. Then her family got a disgusting 'gift' from the same people who had driven her to commit suicide.

Family Buries Teen Daughter, Then Get Rude Surprise From Bullies
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When this student saw what her teacher was doing in the middle of class, she couldn't believe her eyes. She decided everyone should know about it as well.

No One Can Believe What This Teacher Is Holding While In The Classroom (Photos)
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While shopping at Target, a little girl approached this mother and her daughter. At first, she thought nothing about it. When the other child offered her daughter this, she immediately realized what was going on.

Mother Issues Warning On Social Media After Terrifying Encounter At Target - Itโ€™s Going Viral
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This boy decided to ride up behind an elderly man and hit him in the head. That's when karma came to teach him a lesson...

Boy On Bike Decides To Mess With Elderly Man - Immediately Regrets His Decision
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Rob Schneider thought people would like his tweet. Instead, many were deeply offended. Here's what he tweeted. Let us know if there's anything wrong with it.

Rob Schneider Under Fire For Tweeting This
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Take a good look at this woman. Recognize her from anywhere? Chances are the answer is no. You'd be surprised to learn that she's an award-winning, legendary actress who's been in some of the biggest movies of our time. When you see her younger photos, you'll recognize her immediately.

Legendary Actress Now Looks Unrecognizable, Admits To Being 'Miserable' And Flat Broke (Photos)
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If you've bought milk at any point in the last 14 years and live in one of these 15 states, you're owed $70. Here's how you can collect.

If You've Bought Milk In The Last 14 Years And Live In One Of These 15 States, You're Owed $70