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Fifteen people were shot, one fatally, at a packed nightclub in Cincinnati, Ohio, early on Sunday, and police said they believed at least two shooters may have been involved.

15 People Shot, 1 Killed at Cincinnati Nightclub
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White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said on Sunday that President Donald Trump's tax plan would include both a border tax and middle class tax cuts that the administration will aim to sell to moderate Democrats as well as Republicans.

Priebus: Trump Will Court Moderate Democrats on Tax Plan
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Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders told the crowd at a joint town hall meeting Saturday in Hardwick that he plans to introduce in the Senate a "Medicare for all" bill soon, calling the defeat of the Republican health plan "a victory."

Sanders Says He'll Introduce 'Medicare for All' Bill
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Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on Saturday slammed House Speaker Paul Ryan for the healthcare replacement failure and questioned his agenda hours after President Donald Trump told his Twitter followers to tune in to her show.

Fox's Pirro: Paul Ryan Needs to Step Down
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House Speaker Paul Ryan guaranteed a win on the Republican plan to dismantle Barack Obama's health care law. Instead, he suffered a brutal defeat, cancelling a vote and admitting "we're going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future."

Health Care Defeat Is a Brutal Loss for Speaker Paul Ryan
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In an opinion piece for The Hill on Friday, constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley said that the point remains that Trump's campaign staff may have been subjected to surveillance under his predecessor's administration.

Law Professor Turley: Trump May Have Been Right With Wiretap Tweets
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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer blamed Friday's no vote on the American Health Care Act on Republicans — including the "incompetence" of President Donald Trump — and said that Democrats will only work with the GOP on healthcare if they removed any bills to repeal Obamacare.

Chuck Schumer Blames GOP, Trump on AHCA: No 'Art of the Deal'
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Matias Ferreira, a former U.S. Marine Corps lance corporal who lost his legs below the knee when he stepped on a hidden explosive in Afghanistan in 2011, is joining a suburban New York police department. The wounded warrior is now a cop — and he'll be walking the beat on titanium legs.

Double-Amputee Marine Vet Joins New York Police Department
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Former Vice President Joe Biden said Friday that Americans fearful about their healthcare coverage could "breathe a sigh of relief" after House Republicans scrapped a vote on their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Joe Biden: Americans Can 'Breathe a Sigh of Relief'
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President Donald Trump hasn't lost faith in House Speaker Paul Ryan despite the collapse of the Republican healthcare bill, with White House press secretary Sean Spicer saying, "I think the president expressed his confidence in the speaker today. The speaker worked very hard as the president noted," Spicer said on Fox News' "First 100 Days."

Sean Spicer: Trump 'Expressed His Confidence' in Ryan
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President Donald Trump went old school on Friday, calling reporters from The Washington Post and The New York Times to announce that he had ordered a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare pulled from consideration in the House when it became clear there weren't enough votes for passage.

Trump Delivers His News to Newspaper Reporters
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Now that the effort to overhaul the nation's health care system has collapsed, the Trump administration is turning its attention to tax reform.

Trump and Mnuchin Say Focus Will Turn to Tax Reform
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Newly published video showing British Prime Minister Theresa May being rushed out of Parliament while an attack unfolded nearby seems to show some confusion and delays on the part of her security detail.

New Video Shows Delay Removing Theresa May From Attack Scene
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The surveillance information House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes disclosed Wednesday about intercepted communications between Trump campaign officials was "powerful," former Michigan Rep. Pete Hoekstra told Newsmax TV on Thursday.

Pete Hoekstra on Surveillance Data: 'Powerful'
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Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said President Donald Trump has "more stamina than anybody I've ever met," Friday.

Treasury Sec. Mnuchin: Trump Has 'Perfect Genes'
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A real estate investor, who bought President Donald Trump's childhood home shortly after the election, has sold it and walked away with a $750,000 profit, the New York Post reported.

Investor Flips Trump's Childhood Home for $750,00 Profit
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FBI director James Comey spent nearly an hour at the White House Friday for what was called a "routine meeting."

FBI Chief Jim Comey Attends White House Meeting
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House Republicans don't appear to have the votes to pass the American Health Care Act in its current form and Speaker Paul Ryan is now seeking guidance from President Donald Trump, CNN reports.

Ryan, Trump Cancel Vote on Obamacare Repeal Bill
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