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Does it get any more precious than this?
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Spread the message: we must teach our children to never meet up with strangers that they found on the web.

Mom lets 2 “pedophiles” attack her son – but nobody expected what they did with the boys
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Michael is The Man That Rescues Dogs. Every day he cooks for dozens of street dogs in Bang Saen, Thailand.
When Michael found Milo, he was in terrible shape. But you'd never know it, when you see what Milo looks like today! ❤
Thank you Michael for helping these dogs!

Hero swears to help crying street dog get better life– 70 days later, his transformation makes my heart glow
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Yep - that's me!
Share this video if you can relate, too.
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She really makes a point in the end!
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Now I understand why this clip has had nearly 13 million views.

Girl gets tired of her dance routine - seconds later, she steals the show
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In 1928, then 16-year-old Minka was picnicking in the woods when three men attacked her. Hours later, the traumatized teen returned home with blood on her clothes - but she refused to say what happened... and it would take many decades before the full heart-wrenching truth would be unveiled.

Teenager secretly raped in 1928– 77 yrs later, she’s shocked by the voice on the phone
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You probably just pour pickle juice down the drain. But after you read this list of tricks you can do with leftover pickle juice, you'll never dump the amazing liquid again.

13 reasons you should never-ever throw out your leftover pickle juice
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"We would like to remind you that magic words such as hello, please, you’re welcome, I’m sorry, and thank you, all begin to be learned at home."
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School demands parents take more responsibility – now their sign is spreading like wildfire online
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Day in and day out, rain or shine, the boy happily greeted the mailman when he came by. But one day, he was suddenly gone.
8 months later, the post office found out what had happened... and their next move was swift.

Neighborhood boy disappears – when the truth is revealed, 20 mail trucks show up on his street
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This makes me furious. How can you treat children like this?
Thank goodness they are doing well today.

Neighbor sees boy in abandoned house window– when police open front door, they discover the unthinkable
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