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Passengers began to gather around the man when he fell to his knees in the arrival hall. He began to cry, leaving everyone around him puzzled.
But a number of people close to him knew exactly what was happening - and thankfully caught it all on camera.

Man collapses at airport – then everyone’s in shock when they see who he came to meet
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Meet the world's cutest deer, Násti. Thank goodness she was rescued!
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I love old people with gumption. When some young upstart tries to throw their weight around, experience and cunning always wins out in the end. This story is one of my favorites. An old man ...

Funny story: Spry Grandpa gets harassed by bikers
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Emil was born with bad vision. But now watch when he finally gets help. ❤
Watch till the end to see Emil's priceless reaction when the glasses are fully in place!
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❤ Share if you miss your mom, too. ❤
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Paul decided it was time to get exclusive with his girlfriend Esther. But just before his plans to discuss it with her, he went into his usual deli to grab a sandwich.

But when he got his change, he noticed a strange note on his dollar bill...

Man finds secret message on a dollar bill – when his girlfriend looks closer, she’s dumbstruck
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A 71 year old man is having a drink in a Chicago bar. Suddenly a gorgeous 19 year old girl enters and sits down a few seats away. The girl is so attractive that he ...

71 year old man gets a dirty offer from a 19 year old girl – has the perfect reply ready
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All parents and teachers need to see this. What a brilliant idea!

Teacher glues tennis balls on students' chairs – the reason why is pure genius