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"We don't really know what's going to happen in 2017"

Irish food fights Brexit with craft beer and good stories
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"I don’t feel a real part of it; I’m just interested by the phenomenon of it all. I don’t really care about the policies. The whole circus, this big show is intriguing to watch ..."

McIlroy: I don’t really care about Trump's policies
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The Mandate trade union has suspended its picketing of all Tesco locations as and from tonight while talks are ongoing ...

Tesco strikes suspended in preparation for talks
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"We didn’t want to be provocative but at this stage we have no choice but to actually prepare for the battle [...] All the paraphernalia that goes with having a strike is now being put in place ...”

Unions preparing for "protracted" Bus Éireann strike
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While 'Heartbreak' presented raw accounts of Adams' stifled sparks; vocals near suffocating under the weight of loss, 'Prisoner' is a clear admission of defeat to his marriage and his misery

★★★☆☆: 'Prisoner' is a return to form, despite leaning a little safe
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UPDATE: Tyrone chairwoman Roisin Jordan has responded to Newstalk's Off The Ball...

Tyrone footballers: County board penny-pinching hurting morale
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The US President has pledged to begin “one of the greatest military build-ups in American history ...”

Trump pledges "massive" military investment
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Four eagles, named after characters from 'The Three Musketeers', have been training with the air force since hatching

France to deploy eagles against drone threat
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“We are committed to free trade that is in the interest of the Australian people. It grows our economy; it provides jobs, particularly for young people"

"Australia’s priority is to trade with the EU" – Australian Foreign Minister on the opportunities and impact of Brexit
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Calls for witches around the world to cast a spell against the US leader were seen as a "declaration of spiritual war" by evangelical Christians

Trump's fate in play as witches and Christians battle
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The CEO of Repak spoke to Pat Kenny today in response to failed waste shipments, which are estimated to have cost €500,000

What can you recycle?
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The digital currency is on the rise again...

Winklevoss twins help Bitcoin hit record high
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A new law could see their names taken off the Little Rock airport

Why the Clinton name may disappear from US airport
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The chemical warfare agent is similar to pesticides

What is VX nerve agent that killed Kim Jong-Nam?
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French at 60.4% is the most popular choice with Irish students, followed by German at 23.9%

Ireland has lowest rate of students learning languages
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Speaking on Newstalk Breakfast, Minister Kehoe said he did not want to use the word 'crisis' but acknowledged that retention of troops was an issue

Defence Forces launch major recruitment drive
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Pat McDonagh had some strong words to say about Ireland's compo-culture...
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A new location, but the morning porridge will still be free...

The Happy Pear announces flagship Dublin location