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The flight to see the Aurora Australis was back in New Zealand 'in time for breakfast' after crossing the international date line twice

WATCH: Passengers view stunning Southern Lights on first chartered flight
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The device is reportedly in good condition and will now be flown to the UK Air Accident Investigation branch to be prepared for download ...

Rescue 116 "black box" data recorder recovered from water
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Three customers can quit their contract but keep their phone...

Three customers can leave their contract, as prices rise
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The far-right French candidate met the Russian president at the Kremlin today...

Putin tells Le Pen that Russia 'doesn't want to influence' French election
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A new recommendation by the telecoms regulator in the UK

Ofcom plans refund for customers faced with poor broadband
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Ten questions so ready, set, go!

QUIZ: The Ireland v Wales edition
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We look at events taking place around Ireland for #DaffodilDay

TD asked to remove Daffodil Day pin in the D√°il
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IVF is currently not offered through the Irish public health service, although tax relief can be claimed

Scottish government to fund extra IVF treatment for couples
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An appeals court this month cleared Hosni Mubarak of charges of killing protesters during the 2011 uprising

Ousted Egyptian president released from detention
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The administration has been attempting to persuade ultra-conservatives without alienating more moderate Republicans...

Trump: Pass bill or be 'stuck with Obamacare'
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The first trailer for the 'In Bruges' director's new film shows McDonagh hasn't lost his touch for brilliantly foul language

WATCH: Martin McDonagh returns with 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri'
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Stephen Kent says the company will have to take "whatever necessary measures" to stay viable

Bus √Čireann refuses to rule out appointing receiver if strike continues
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Here's a rundown on the charges associated with day-to-day banking...

How much are you paying out on banking fees?
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The action will see a knock-on effect at Irish Rail

Thousands face disruption as Bus √Čireann strike
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Plus - Ulster Bank job cuts and Martin McGuinness laid to rest...

Evening top 5: Buses off the road from midnight; Westminster death toll rises
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The Ukrainian organisers have banned the Russian singer from entering the country for three years.

Just another in a long list of Eurovision controversies...

With Russia banned, seven other scandals that rocked Eurovision
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Ireland face a pivotal match against the Welsh on Friday

John Giles warns against building up Wales or Bale too much
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The precious minerals needed to produce our phones often fuel violence and human rights abuses...

Can you buy a conflict-free phone?