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GoFundMe page sets a $10,000 goal to help raise awareness and lead to information that can solve the murder.

Slain DNC staffer Seth Rich's family has started a fundraising campaign
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Trump’s budget takes from the poor to make the super-rich even richer.

Neil Buchanan: Trump’s heartless, vicious, rich man’s budget is indefensible | Opinion
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The group didn’t reckon with the Taliban, which isn’t into power-sharing.

Here’s why ISIS isn’t succeeding in Afghanistan
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While textbook monopolies remain illegal, some businesses are so ubiquitous that it seems like consumers have no choice.

How to avoid the new monopolies that doom consumers | Opinion
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Most countries view Israeli settlement activity as illegal and an obstacle to peace. Israel disagrees.

U.N. says Israel is ignoring demand to end settlement building
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Trump's no-good, lousy, miserable week in Washington included confirmation of the Russia investigation, Gorsuch facing a filibuster and GOP divisions dooming the healthcare bill.

President Trump just had the worst week of his presidency
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She was arrested on charges including child endangerment, aggravated assault and terroristic threats.

A Pennsylvania woman strangled her daughter for reciting bible verses incorrectly
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A former journalist reflects on how the denigration of the news media narrows the national understanding of what women in America want.

Trump's 'alternative facts' and press war hurts women everywhere | Opinion
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The 'red state/blue state' divide is entirely an invention of television networks.

Why are Republicans shaded red and Democrats represented as blue? | In Opinion
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As a federal judge, the top court pick has often sided with religious liberty claims over government regulations.

Neil Gorsuch is more likely to side with the church over state if he's confirmed as a justice | Opinion
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Scientists warn it may be too late to save the Great Barrier Reef, which experienced the worst dying off of coral ever recorded in 2016.

Climate change killing Great Barrier Reef
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The case had sparked national debate on campus sexual assault claims.

Paul Nungesser’s 'anti-male' lawsuit against Columbia is dismissed
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Pope Francis made headlines recently by suggesting a new openness to married priests, but this married priest sees some potential problems with the idea.

I am a married Catholic priest | Opinion
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If "Game of Thrones" was "tits and dragons," "American Gods" is "gods and white buffaloes," the actor tells Newsweek.

'American Gods' star Ian McShane: "How can you turn down playing a god?"
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The department wants 25 percent of the police force to be made up of robots by 2030.

'Robo Cop' is no longer an 80's sci-fi flick after Dubai announces first robot cop to join police force in May
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It could change not only the health but also the economies of countries worldwide.

A genetically modified corn could stop a deadly fungal poison—if we let it
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The company still needs to win financing, acquire local permits, and fend off likely legal challenges for the pipeline to be built.

Trump backs Keystone XL pipeline, but obstacles loom
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How can security services prevent attacks that make use of legal, everyday objects?

After London, Nice and Berlin vehicle attacks, what can cities do to prevent more?
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A gang has been posing as taxi drivers to pick up and sexually assault unsuspecting women.

South African police arrest four in taxi rape gang probe
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Shortly before his death, C.S. Lewis wrote to his friend J.R.R. Tolkien: “All my philosophy of history hangs upon a sentence of your own, ‘Deeds were done which were not wholly in vain,’ ” underscoring Tolkien’s influence on Lewis.

How C.S. Lewis helped encourage Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'