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Who are some of your favorite women authors? #WomensHistoryMonth

6 Women Who Wrote Their Own Way Into History
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Police say there is no indication the shooting was an act of terrorism.

Gunman On The Loose After Nightclub Shooting Injures 14, Kills 1
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The Greenland ice sheet is the largest global contributor to rising seas. But how fast is it melting?

NASA Is Studying Greenland To Put A Timeline On Sea Level Rise
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Her YouTube series "An African City" has more than 3.5 million views on YouTube alone.

Meet The Woman Who's Been Called The 'Issa Rae Of West Africa'
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The venom was effective at preventing some brain damage up to eight hours after a stroke.

Australian Spider's Venom Might Prevent Brain Damage From Stroke
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"Things can become other things if you stop thinking you know what everything is." β€” Willie Cole

This Artist Challenges Perception With Ordinary Objects
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Ready to get over your biggest fear? (via OZY)

The Science of Fear (and Facing It)
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Should gun store owners be required to add security?

Why After-Hours Security Measures At Gun Stores Matter
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No. 4: A woman had to go to the hospital to get a song out of her head.
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5 Nightmare Stories To Justify Anyone's Irrational Fears
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It's partly why the same countries keep experiencing these crises.

How Politics Play A Role In Cycles Of Drought And Famine
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Many of the missing children in D.C. are running away, and the mayor says more needs to be done to prevent that.

D.C. Is Devoting More Resources To Its Missing Children
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Could this help fight the increase in obesity rates? (via All That Is Interesting)

India Considers A β€œFat Tax” For Junk Food
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Flynn is denying accusations that he planned to remove an enemy of Turkey's president from the U.S.

New Report Puts Michael Flynn's Foreign Ties Under More Scrutiny
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Blacks and Hispanics are twice as likely to be searched as white drivers.

Minority Drivers Policed Most Heavily During Traffic Stops
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A tribute to Carrie Fisher: a force of talent.
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There have been more than 1,000 reported civilian casualties from airstrikes in March alone.

US Investigating Reports That Airstrikes Killed 200 Civilians In Iraq
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"Being normal is vastly overrated." A tribute to Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds.