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Advocates for Opioid Recovery needs your help. We’re flooding social media with messages urging President Trump to take action to end the #opioid crisis. Join the movement—sign up on Thunderclap now and use #LetsTrumpAddiction to support the effort. [ Link ]
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02/25/2017 at 04:01. Facebook
Congrats to my grandson, Robert and his band, Streetwise on winning @girlfriends_choa's battle of the bands tonight! Thanks to everyone who voted for him. Truly appreciate it!
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Please help support my grandson Robert's band in @girlfriends_choa battle of the bands contest! Vote for his band, Streetwise, NOW by liking this photo of the band's on @girlfriends_choa's Instagram here >> [ Link ] Thanks for your help! Very proud of him!
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The elites don’t care about those who are in pain. The elites don’t care about those who disagree, except to crush them, and so from the standpoint of the Hollywood elite or the New York elite, the academic elite, they’re doing fine, which is why there’s such a fundamental difference in world views between the left and the vast majority of Americans.[ Link ]
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02/23/2017 at 19:24. Facebook
Callista Gingrich and I extend our deepest sympathy to Alan Colmes's family. He was a wonderful friend and colleague. He will be deeply missed.
Newt Gingrich
02/20/2017 at 02:06. Facebook
Couldn't ask for a better kayaking partner! Fun kayaking with @callygingrich in Antarctica.
Callista and I have great affection and respect for Bob Michel, and the news of his passing at age 93 brought back a lot of memories. He was a great colleague, mentor, and friend. I learned an immense amount from Bob in our 16 years serving together – especially during the five years I served as whip while he was leader. Bob taught me lesson after lesson about leading people in a legislative...
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President Donald J. Trump is a direct mortal threat to the value system and power structure of the Left. He doesn't abide by their rules. He doesn't abide by their "way of doing things," and as a result, all they can do is resort to petty politics because they have no real solutions to offer. [ Link ]
Only 3 out of 100 people receive the standard of care for opioid addiction - medication assisted treatment. Science shows that people are more likely to recover from addiction and become productive members of society when they are provided with a combination of recovery medication and counseling. Furthermore, treatment is cost-effective—for every dollar spent on addiction treatment, we save $4...
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Happy Valentine's Day, @callygingrich! ❤
The election of President Donald J. Trump has created a great opportunity for America and #Canada to make both of our economies more productive, accelerate economic growth, and enable our nations to compete more successfully in the world market. Here's why: [ Link ]
When it comes to sanctuary cities, President Donald J. Trump is not talking theory, he's talking about very practical things. Why should we release a criminal who is here illegally back onto the streets? Does Rahm Emmanuel really think that Chicago needs more murderers and more rapists? [ Link ]
President Donald J. Trump feels very deeply that his first duty is to protect Americans -- unlike liberal Democrats who somehow never feel the need to make this their first duty. [ Link ]
Mayors of sanctuary cities don’t get to choose which federal laws to obey. Glad to see that citizens are starting to push back, including mothers like Laura Wilkerson.
Senator Chuck Schumer and the Senate Democrats have no problem complaining that the government isn't working the way it should, but they refuse to admit that by delaying the confirmation of President Donald J. Trump's cabinet nominees, they're the ones who are actually preventing people from getting to work to start getting things done. [ Link ]
Since President Donald J. Trump was elected, Senator Chuck Schumer has said Senate Democrats would oppose any nominee who wasn’t “mainstream.” The propaganda media’s own Rachael Maddow already acknowledged on MSNBC that Judge Gorsuch is a mainstream nominee. Gorsuch is a widely respected, independent minded judge’s judge. How will Schumer continue to say no? [ Link ]
ICYMI: Here is the final part of my Understanding Trump and Trumpism series at The Heritage Foundation. The final segment is focused on the 'heart of Trumpism'. Watch full series here: [ Link ]
Happy Birthday, President Reagan!
Cheering for the Atlanta Falcons tonight! #RiseUp Atlanta! #SB51
Left Fascist suppression of free speech on campuses should be opposed by everyone who believes in freedom. The violence at Berkeley is a reminder that fascism in America is on the Left. Left fascists were violent in DC during the inaugural, and they were the ones who were violent at Berkeley. [ Link ]