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01/20/2017 at 13:11. Facebook
Here it is... my HOOKED ON A FEELING cover!

I went for a one man band vibe, guitar, vocal, kick and hi hat. Sounds much better on headphones. Doing everything at the same time is a challenge mixing wise. Hope you like it :-)

Next week do you guys mind if I just do my favourite song from La La Land?

Newton x

Album 6 pre-order available at
Newton Faulkner
01/18/2017 at 15:00. Facebook
So now the studio is all ready Album 6 has officially begun! Tomorrow everyone that has pre-ordered the album or any of the other exclusive things will get there second update.

This week we are asking for your favorite tracks from past albums so make sure you pre-order to have your say. We are also adding two more house concerts!

Here is a snippet from the full video.... It got a bit...
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Which song from The Guardians of The Galaxy soundtrack would you like? #Hookedonafeeling #Moonagedaydream #Cherrybomb vote in comments... this is gunna be fun :)

Newton x


So tomorrow everyone that has pre-ordered the album and other exclusive bits and bobs so far (THANK YOU!) will get the first update!!

Here is a snippet of what kind of thing to expect, I’m going to try and post every week so you know where I'm at.

If you haven’t pledged yet and want to… here’s the link.

Also... As they sold out so quickly we've added another 25 tickets for my...
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We've just added an exclusive intimate gig to the PledgeMusic campaign page. If you want to come, head over to to find the tickets.

See ya there,

Newton HQ x

Newton Faulkner: New Album
Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for a great year :-) also if you missed all this, have look… #LilSantaOnTheSwing
Hey guys,

I'm super excited to announce the beginning of the next album! Album number six is under way :-)

Newton Faulkner: New Album

Lottie took this while we were strolling down Sunset, caught me with my serious face on... rare.

Sunset Strip // Strolling

Walking with the @treepeoplela in LA. Stumbled across this amazing cactus covered in names.

Coldwater Canyon // TreePeople
LA.2 Food Trucks!

The Lobster and avocado quesadillas were amazing and blueberry, banana and almond milk juice from next door was freakin delicious too

West Hollywood // Food Trucks
Hey Guys,

Been in LA this week filming bits and bobs and the lights been so beautiful that I think it deserves a series.

So here's LA.1 of 7 ✌

Santa Monica // Ferris Wheel

Newton x
Ready to fly to LA for a lil bit, got everything I need ☺ Keep an on Instagram for more regular updates and stuff …

Instagram photo by @newtonfaulkner β€’ Dec 4, 2016 at 10:52am UTC

Go go go!

Newton x
Thanks Laura Jackson for this beaut!
Thanks to @konnahhh over on Instagram who took this at the Union Chapel. I really love this photo, thanks man.
UK I'm coming for you too! Can't wait to hit the road with Amy Macdonald in Spring.

Tickets for the UK + Dublin dates are on sale now. European shows are on sale Friday 2nd December at 10am CET via

Who's coming?

Newton x
Hey guys,

I've got a European tour supporting Amy Macdonald... I cannot wait!! I've wanted to get stuck into the rest of Europe for freakin' ages, I've loved the bits I've done in the past. So Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Poland...I'm coming for you

European shows are on sale Friday 2nd December at 10am CET via

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Hey guys,

We're running a sale for the rest of this month. T-Shirts and posters are down to Β£5 each. Hoodies and Jumpers are now Β£30 each. Could be a great Christmas present doncha think :)

Here's the link, [ Link ] Happy Shopping!

Newton HQ x

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