Newton Faulkner
02/22/2017 at 19:01. Facebook
This week has been tough and full of challenges... trying to make album tracks sound big enough when it's just me on my own. I'm getting there and can't wait to hit the road next week with Amy Macdonald who's album 'Under Stars' came out on Friday! We also had a visitor in the studio...

You can pre-order my new album now & watch me make it!
Newton Faulkner
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I believe attitudes towards gender equality have seen some improvements globally, but not everywhere, and not nearly as fast as they should. It’s time for change and it is down to us – men as well as women - to make it happen! That’s why I’m supporting #March4Women. I believe this event really is a ‘Step In The Right Direction'.

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Newton Faulkner
02/21/2017 at 20:00. Facebook
Been messing around with this today.

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Newton Faulkner
02/20/2017 at 19:59. Facebook
Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you Bushes Of Love! The Kick pedal's my left foot, my right foot was chilling #BadLipReading

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Newton Faulkner
02/20/2017 at 15:51. Facebook
Hey Guys/Hallo,

So this post is going to be half German, half English… I hope it makes sense!

I hit the road with Amy Macdonald very soon heading to Europe and The UK.

Tickets available via

One of the songs that comes up as a favourite from Human Love is ‘GONE’, so I’m releasing a brand new video for it. It’s a song about lost love and learning to function again. Learning to see the world...
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Newton faulkner - Gone

Taken from Newton's 5th album 'Human Love’ out now: Deluxe iTunes: / CD: Video Credits Vide...

It's Half Term this week... you can see how productive it's been in this video :)

Will get back to it next week! You can pre-order the new album here so I can buy me and my son some new shoes & to get regular far more serious updates on where I'm at with everything.


Right Guys .... pick your cover for next week.

#Bushesoflove or
#Seagulls (stop it now)

If you need a recap or haven't heard them before you can check them out below. They are very serious songs

[ Link ]
[ Link ]

Newton x

"BUSHES OF LOVE" -- Extended Lyric Video

Ben's musical lecture on the perils of love... iTUNES!: AMAZON!: Like ...

Week 4 in the studio (twas a tired one!)

I'm rehearsing now for the Amy Macdonald tour which starts in a few weeks time. I've given you guys a run down of my stage set up and what it's like in my brain.

Head over to [ Link ] to watch the full video. You can pre-order the new album and all kinds of other stuff.

Can't wait to get on the road, if you're after tickets go to ...
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Hey guys, here's this weeks cover as sung by a teenage gorilla in 'Sing'. The Way I Feel Inside by The Zombies...


ps. Sorry Lottie
Week 3 of Album 6.

This week I was looking for new sounds for this record and it was really fun!
I also sat down and went through my computer looking for demo's & ideas that didn't fit the older records. I found loads of stuff that I don't think you guys have ever heard. There was one track I found that I played live a few times, I named it with an audience once....they called it 'Smoked Ice...
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Share it with people that loved the film too.


Newton x

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Finally there's a ginger emoji!? All it needs now is a bearded option and dreaded option and I am in...
Here it is... my HOOKED ON A FEELING cover!

I went for a one man band vibe, guitar, vocal, kick and hi hat. Sounds much better on headphones. Doing everything at the same time is a challenge mixing wise. Hope you like it :-)

Next week do you guys mind if I just do my favourite song from La La Land?

Newton x

Album 6 pre-order available at
So now the studio is all ready Album 6 has officially begun! Tomorrow everyone that has pre-ordered the album or any of the other exclusive things will get there second update.

This week we are asking for your favorite tracks from past albums so make sure you pre-order to have your say. We are also adding two more house concerts!

Here is a snippet from the full video.... It got a bit...
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Which song from The Guardians of The Galaxy soundtrack would you like? #Hookedonafeeling #Moonagedaydream #Cherrybomb vote in comments... this is gunna be fun :)

Newton x


So tomorrow everyone that has pre-ordered the album and other exclusive bits and bobs so far (THANK YOU!) will get the first update!!

Here is a snippet of what kind of thing to expect, I’m going to try and post every week so you know where I'm at.

If you haven’t pledged yet and want to… here’s the link.

Also... As they sold out so quickly we've added another 25 tickets for my...
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