Newton Faulkner
Newton Faulkner
06/22/2017 at 18:30. Facebook

Album 6 is fast approaching and we need YOUR help!

As you may know, we’ve always used Newton’s handwritten lyrics on the album sleeve, but this time let’s do something different. What about having the lyrics for each track handwritten by one of you guys - anyone – it could be you, your mum, dad, sister, brother, kid, whatever! Just write out the sentence below in your bestest writing....
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Hey Album 6 is fast approaching and we need YOUR help As

Newton Faulkner: New Album
Karen Skill
Scott Johnson
Kathryn Baird
Having a lovely day working on the outro to the last track of the album
You can actually pre-order now if ya fancy it!
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Steven Ash Hall
Nao Kobashi
Anne Cameron
Will get the next @pledgemusic music vid up as soon as we can, internet being very stubborn today! Me and @tessarosejackson Managed to film the actual take that's going on the record
#music #guitar #acousticguitar #songwriter #singer #newalbum #musician #pledgemusic #update #duet #livemusic #singersongwriter #recording #gig #tagamate #tellafriend #spreadtheword
Will get the next pledgemusic music vid up as soon as we
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Julia Hillam
Hi Guys,

Had a great couple of days with Tessa Rose Jackson, got something very pretty together for the album. We did a sneaky instgram live vid of a couple of takes, hopefully some of you caught that.

Will post another pledge vid soon with an update... head over to to pre-order the new album now.

...And lastly here is a little vid from another brilliant house gig!

Newton x
Grassington Festival
Steffi Reise
Simone Attivissimo
Another fun House Gig with the Simpson Family, friends ... and Turtle.

Pre-order the album now over on to hear brand new songs and get first look at the new logo, artwork, and everything album!

I'm getting really excited about this one... hope you are too.

Newton x
Andi Grainger
Joanne Bayliss
Debbie Simpson
Sara Fawcett
Karl Talbot
Joshua Wright
Yesssssss! First festival of the year today. Get down to @leestockfestival on this BEAUTIFUL day!
Yesssssss First festival of the year today Get down to leestockfestival on
Catherine Chaloner
Sean Maynard
Julia Hillam
This week I did my first house concert with the Sinclair Family. I played old songs, new songs, had a jam and a really good time.

This next album is really getting there now, will give you guys another update soon...oh and Smoked Ice-cream (can I really call it that?!) is finally falling into place after having the parts for sooo long.

Will do another Facebook live soon, take care...
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Carol Gordon
Kevin Fabian
Joe 'Jr' Pickering
‪I've been trying to write a post about what happened in Manchester since it happened...speechless...‬children not much older than my son, in a setting I've spent my entire adult life in...speechless...
Ive been trying to write a post about what happened in Manchester
Sara Whittaker
Chris Bury
Nicola Evans
India is an amazing place to wake up A huge thanks to everyone that came to the gig!

Jen Simpson
Marc Behsri
Russell Newton
THIS IS WHERE I'M PLAYING TOMORROW!? So excited #indialove #levis501day
THIS IS WHERE I'M PLAYING TOMORROW So excited indialove levis501day
Ruth Burton
Disha ChandrikaPure
Towersey Festival
I absolutely can't wait to be a part of Levi's 501 Day. I've wanted to go to India for so long and to do a gig there is a dream come true.

Here is the RSVP link:

[ Link ]

Newton x
I absolutely cant wait to be a part of Levis 501 Day
Anirudh Mittal
Stephen Sampson
Ruth Burton

As promised here is a snippet of the **BIG MUSICAL UPDATE** the full 15min video is over on my PledgeMusic page... or will be soon, it's currently uploading (taking ages)!! You just need to pre-order the album to gain access.

Over the next month or so I'll be getting you guys involved in all aspects of the album from the music to the tour t-shirts! Thanks so much everyone who has...
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Margit Böhme
Amy Conneely
Lara-Jayne Bettens

For anyone who has pre-ordered album 6 head over to PledgeMusic tomorrow! To hear many new things I've been working on!
#music #guitar #acousticguitar #songwriter #singer #newalbum #musician #livemusic #singersongwriter #recording #gig #tagamate #tellafriend #spreadtheword
BIG MUSICAL UPDATE For anyone who has preordered album 6 head over
Alex Kirk
Mariwenn Pineau
Alan Rafferty
Demoing a new song today and want to do a big shout out to WREXHAM, MANCHESTER and LIVERPOOL, those shows are well on the way to selling out!?! Keep spreading the work guys. This tour's gunna be a good'ne! Thank you
Jane Roberts
Lara-Jayne Bettens
Carlos Benyon
I'm playing Grassington Festival this year in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales!

You can buy tickets here [ Link ]

Newton x
I'm playing Grassington Festival this year in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales
Clara Lara
Grassington Festival
Lisa Athey
Very excited to announce I'll be playing Boardmasters festival this Summer.

Head over to to check out the full line up!

See you there Cornwall!!!

Newton x
Very excited to announce I'll be playing Boardmasters festival this Summer
Ed Musson
John Doughty
Katie Louise Tonkin
Getting there with album 6. Here is a bit of a piano track I'm working on, full vid over on where you can pre-order the album!

Big love Newton x
David Hammond
Heather Ruck Anderson
Sina Gossweiler
Tickets are on sale NOW for my UK & Europe AUTUMN TOUR!

On this next record I'm aiming to do two things - push my voice to the limit in new directions and write songs that are totally designed to be performed solo live! So, for the solo tour later this year you'll get plenty of guitar, as always, but expect something a bit different too!

I am ridiculously excited for this one, tag your...
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Tickets are on sale NOW for my UK Europe AUTUMN TOUR
Ann Gollins
Becca Verity
Cassie Stb Davies
See you tonight, I'll be live on Facebook at 8pm GMT, having a chat, playing a few bits and pieces and answering some question if you have any.
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See you tonight Ill be live on Facebook at 8pm GMT having
Sarah Belchambers
Melissa Cook
Mike Gibson