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Washington Husky Football prospect = Faster than Chris Johnson?

The #NFLCombine's record 40-yard dash time might be in jeopardy. #NFLDraft

CFB 24/7: John Ross Says He Ran How Fast?!
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GMFB Dream Trade?

"The Arizona Cardinals trade David Johnson for..."
02/22/2017 at 13:50. Facebook
1. Myles Garrett (Texas A&M Football) 2. Leonard Fournette (LSU Football) 3. Solomon Thomas (Stanford Football) 4. Jonathan Allen (Alabama Football) 5. Mitch Trubisky (North Carolina Tar Heels) 6. Malik Hooker (Ohio State University Football) 7-38.

CFB 24/7: 38 Instant-Impact Players In 2017 NFL Draft
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Roster moves and player contracts are one thing.

But the San Francisco 49ers' GM is adjusting to a tougher part of his new job.

"It's been gut-wrenching already."
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"As the first black quarterback to start and win a Super Bowl… Williams proved that others would follow a black quarterback's lead.” #NFLBHM

How Doug Williams Shaped The NFL
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A dream trade of Megatron for Beastmode?
Only one problem...

"You have to un-retire these guys."
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Mutual interest between The Pittsburgh Steelers and James Harrison? (via Ian Rapoport)

Pittsburgh Steelers Open To Bringing James Harrison Back For 2017
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7. The Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns (AFC Wild Card, 2003)
6. Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets (Week 13, 1994)
5. San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Giants (NFC Wild Card, 2003)

The 7 Biggest Collapses in NFL History
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“Get something for him when you can.”

Jimmy G. in a Chicago Bears uniform?
GMFB details the dream trade that could make it happen.
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Former Cleveland Browns CB is headed to the San Francisco 49ers. (via Ian Rapoport)

49ers to Sign Former Browns CB
02/22/2017 at 02:20. Facebook
5. Jamaal Williams (BYU Football)
4. Corey Clement (Wisconsin Football)
3-1. ????????????

CFB 24/7: 5 RBs With Most To Prove At NFL Scouting Combine
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The New England Patriots TE appears headed to the free agent market. (via Ian Rapoport)

Martellus Bennett one-and-done in New England?
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"To be able to play this sport that we love and be as equals on that field, I think it’s a great statement for us as a country in history." #NFLBHM #BlackHistoryMonth
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The Chicago Bears QB1 is on the trade block. (via Ian Rapoport)

Onto the Next One?
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What will the Chicago Bears do at QB next season...? (via Daniel Jeremiah)

“It’s either going to be Romo or Garoppolo...”
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40 yard dash: 4.56
Broad jump: 10' 5"

All-Pro CB Richard Sherman highlights from the 2011 #NFLCombine.
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Adrian Peterson
Los Angeles Rams: DeSean Jackson
New Orleans Saints: Jason Pierre-Paul

One free agent each NFC team could add this offseason. (via Gregg Rosenthal)

One Potential Free Agency Addition for Each NFC Team
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40 yard dash: 4.41
Vertical jump: 41.5" ⬆

Jalen Ramsey at the 2016 #NFLCombine.
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"I love it there. I love the culture. I love the players."

LeGarrette Blount Eager To Stay With Patriots
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40 yard dash: 4.58
Vertical jump: 38"

Tackling machine Luke Kuechly showed off athleticism at the 2012 #NFLCombine.