"Sophie has been receiving chemotherapy treatment since she was diagnosed on 26th May 2016. Today she is receiving her 18th blood transfusion. Thank you so much to all blood and platelet donors. Without you, Sophie would no longer be with us. You're all life savers and I will forever be grateful to you."
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"My 13 yr old son receiving his 5th bag of platelets in 6 days. He's fighting Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Thank you to everyone that donates."
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02/26/2017 at 10:40. Facebook
"Harley ,2, having yet another blood transfusion. He's currently staying in QMC battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia."
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"I donated blood for the first time at the age of 17. Never ever did I imagine that I would be on the receiving end at some point in my life. Today I'm having 2units of blood transfused to save my life after my HB dropped to 4 !!!!!! I want to thank everyone who donates blood from the bottom of my heart ❀ you have given me a second chance at life. Thank you for giving me a future! god bless x"
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02/24/2017 at 07:44. Facebook
We surprised one of our loyal platelet donors at Bradford with some celebrations for his 750th donation recently!

Congratulations Mr Holroyd; thank you for your remarkable commitment and support on behalf of all of the patients whose lives you have saved and improved.
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"First platelet donation going well everyone is lovely here at the Edgware Donation centre."
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02/23/2017 at 10:49. Facebook
"My new tattoo, love it."
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"When you become a mum, your birth story is a testament to you. A sentimental story of how you brought your baby into the world and an experience us mums should all be proud of.

"Yet, I almost wasn’t able to tell my story."

Blood Donors Gave Me The Chance To Be A Mum

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"Done my public service with pride and these two with me for moral support."
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"My first blood donation since becoming a Mummy today. Nurses were lovely as always!"
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Today is International #MotherLanguageDay! No matter how you say it - blood and organ donation saves lives.
"I sit at home today with my 2 children so grateful to all you amazing people who give blood! 3 weeks ago I gave birth to my beautiful son Jack, after an emergency C section I lost too much blood and almost lost my life. It took 3 hours and 4 bags of blood to stable me. Without that I wouldn't be here today.

Your are all truly amazing ❀❀❀"
"Proud daughter alert- my Dad has donated his 100th pint of blood!"
"This is my partner James after giving his first and second blood donation. Myself and our little boys are so proud of him! He has his appointment booked for his 3rd donation and is also signing up to donate bone marrow too. What a rewarding thing to be able to do."
Today is National Love your pet day, post a photo of your pet in the comments below! #NationalLoveYourPetDay
Rajinder Singh Panesar, who died in December last year was a popular teaching figure across Bradford’s South Asian communities. In his honour his family encourage more people to come forward and register as blood and organ donors.

Family urges people to give blood in tribute to dad who donated 75 times

"Well done for creating the world's strongest glue, I guess I'm lucky I didn't pull my whole arm off trying to remove that plaster - it's unfortunate they didn't have your plasters on-board the titanic, I'm pretty sure they could have patched the hull with them! Next time I'm gonna bring my own plaster"
"Very proud of my Son, Luke. He gave his 3rd donation today, and he's still only 17."
"Another transfusion for my son as he is dangerously anaemic. His body is attacking his blood cells and the bone marrow can't keep up. Thank you so much for each and every donation. Are you a blood donor? Could you think of one person who you could talk to about signing up as a donor?"
"50th pint donated today!"