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Whether you have a dementia diagnosis or you care for someone with the condition, there are apps to help: [ Ow.ly Link ]
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Today is World Encephalitis Day.

Encephalitis is a rare but serious condition in which the brain becomes inflamed. It can be life-threatening and requires urgent treatment in hospital.

Encephalitis sometimes starts off with flu-like symptoms, such as a high temperature and headache, but these don't always occur. Read more about the symptoms on our page.

Encephalitis - NHS Choices

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American musician David Cassidy has revealed his dementia diagnosis a day after appearing to falter on stage during a concert. Dementia is not a disease, but a collection of symptoms that result from damage to the brain. These symptoms can be caused by a number of conditions.

For more info on the conditions that may cause dementia, see our page.

Symptoms of dementia - Dementia guide - NHS Choices

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Struggling to get a good night's sleep? Simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference to your quality of sleep. Following these 10 tips could help you have a more restful night.

Insomnia - NHS Choices

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A long-term condition can make you susceptible to winter illness. See your pharmacist for advice: po.st/ZoeD
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Carolyn only had one of the signs of stroke, but it was enough for her brother Gerry to Act F.A.S.T. and call 999. Hear their story.
If you have cancer, discussing it with your children may be difficult.

This animation from UCLH - University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust aims to give advice on how that have that difficult conversation. More advice here: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Cases of scarlet fever have increased in recent months. See our page for information on this bacterial illness that mainly affects children.

Scarlet fever - NHS Choices

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition. Get to know the symptoms in young children and go to A&E or call 999 if you spot the symptoms.
Going away in Europe? Don't forget your European Health Insurance Card. Apply or renew here: ow.ly/NTqn308Qipe
Smoothies and fruit juice may seem like an easy and convenient way to reach your 5 A DAY fruit and vegetable count, but crushing fruit into juice also releases the sugars contained in the fruit, which can cause damage to teeth so limit these to a combined total of 150ml a day.

For more information on what does and doesn't count towards your 5 A DAY, visit our page: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Nurse Brenda Clark, from our favourite chart-topping NHS choir, wants you to make sure older neighbours and relatives are ok during cold weather: po.st/Brenda
Unsweetened 100% fruit juice, vegetable juice and smoothies can only count as one of your 5 A DAY.

For more information on what does and doesn't count towards your 5 A DAY, visit our page: ow.ly/IkrI308QJ39
A Mediterranean diet incorporates the traditional healthy living habits of people from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, including Italy, France, Greece and Spain.

The Mediterranean diet has been associated with good health, including a healthier heart. A 2013 study found that people following a Mediterranean diet had a 30% lower risk of heart disease and stroke.

What is a Mediterranean diet? - NHS Choices

Depression the most common mental health issue in the UK. It can be caused by relationship problems, bereavement, sleep problems, stress at work, bullying, chronic illness or pain. Sometimes it's possible to feel down without there being an obvious reason.

The NHS Choices Moodzone offers practical, useful information, interactive tools, and videos to support anyone suffering from a mental...
View details ⇨

Stress, anxiety and depression - Moodzone - NHS Choices

This energy-boosting routine is great for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility. Visit our page for more gym-free workouts: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Today is National Toothache Day.

See our page for tips on how to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

Take care of your teeth - Live Well - NHS Choices

There is a severe cold weather alert in place for large parts of England.

Travel carefully be sure to check up on friends, relatives and neighbours who may be more vulnerable to cold weather. Cold weather is especially dangerous for older people or people with serious illnesses, so check in on them if you can. Read more advice on our page

Very cold weather - Live Well - NHS Choices

It's Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week.

Find out where to get help, how you can support a friend and how to recognise the signs of sexual abuse in the articles below.Info on where to get help, or how to help a friend. #itsnotok

Abuse, domestic violence, rape and sexual assault - Live Well - NHS Choices

Today is International Day of Zero Tolerance for #FGM.

FGM is usually carried out on young girls between infancy and the age of 15, most commonly before puberty starts. It is illegal in the UK and is child abuse. Our page has info, help and support.

Female genital mutilation (FGM) - NHS Choices