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NHS Choices
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Not sure about the alcohol units of your favourite drinks? Find out on our page.

Alcohol units - Live Well - NHS Choices

NHS Choices
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Depression affects people in different ways and can cause a variety of symptoms.

Most people go through periods of feeling down, but when you're depressed you feel persistently sad for weeks or months, rather than just a few days.Depression affects people in different ways and can cause a variety of symptoms.

Clinical depression - NHS Choices

NHS Choices
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Adults and children should consider taking a daily supplement of vitamin D during winter.

People who have a higher risk of vitamin D deficiency are being advised to take a supplement all year round.

The new guidelines on vitamin D – what you need to know - Health News - NHS Choices

NHS Choices
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Feeling unwell? The Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir is here to let you know that your pharmacist can help: po.st/Tom
NHS Choices
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A recent article in The Independent claimed "People consuming at least 20 grams of nuts daily less likely to develop potentially fatal conditions..."

Get the facts behind the fiction with our Behind The Headlines feature. Read our evidence-based analysis of this and other health stories that make the news.

Handful of nuts 'cuts heart disease and cancer' risk - Health News - NHS Choices

NHS Choices
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Tinnitus is the term for hearing sounds that come from inside your body, rather than from an outside source.

There's not usually a quick fix for tinnitus, but a number of treatments are available to help you cope.

Tinnitus - Treatment - NHS Choices

NHS Choices
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The chart-topping Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Choir remind you to protect yourself from flu this winter. Find out more about the flu jab: [ Po.st Link ]
NHS Choices
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There continue to be isolated outbreaks of norovirus in parts of England.

Norovirus, also known as the winter vomiting bug, is the most common stomach bug in the UK. Your GP can’t prescribe anything for it and the best option is to wait for the virus to take its course.

More info: po.st/Norovirus
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Make sure you keep moving in the winter months, it will help you feel less tired.

More info: ow.ly/iMkI306OnZn
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Chart-toppers The NHS Choir - Lewisham & Greenwich are here to help everyone to Stay Well This Winter – show your support and share their song!
NHS Choices
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Stay well this winter by seeking advice from a pharmacist. More info here: po.st/StaywellLT

Staywell - LTC

Cold weather warnings are in place for much of England. People with long term health conditions, such as asthma, should take extra care.

More info here: ow.ly/igPk306KP1s
'Tis the season of sore throats and colds. More tips here: ow.ly/aTnh306JRM7
Today is World AIDS Day.

AIDS is the final stage of HIV infection, when your body can no longer fight life-threatening infections. With early diagnosis and effective treatment, most people with HIV will not go on to develop AIDS.

Read more about the importance of early diagnosis here: ow.ly/Yhht306HQUj
Symptoms of a winter illness? Seek advice from a pharmacist now: po.st/Staywell65

Staywell - Over 65

Although it's cold outside, there's plenty of sunshine. Don't hide away, it may help you feel less tired.

For more tips on how to beat winter tiredness visit: ow.ly/K0Nr306F5kU
"Coughs and sneezes spread diseases" - still valid advice today!

This Public Information Film from 1946 advised the public to use a handkerchief to stop the spread of diseases.

More on preventing colds and flu here: ow.ly/nGJo306uevP
Credits: The Central Office of Information
Stay well this winter by seeking advice from a pharmacist. More info here: po.st/StaywellLT

Staywell - LTC

Eating a hearty breakfast will give you the energy to brave the cold.

More winter tips: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Find out if you are eligible for the free flu jab. Speak to your GP or a pharmacist today: po.st/StaywellLT