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"Simon and his wife Anita, 42, have had to answer their 10-year-old daughter Sarah's questions about whether he will still be alive to walk her down the aisle."

Mother fights cancer while her partner searches for kidney donor

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“I just wanted to give Jessica her life back so she could enjoy herself like any other girl her age. I wanted to see our happy, confident little girl be herself again."

Mum donated her kidney to save her nine year old daughter's life

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"It's my husband on our wedding day, wearing his silver kidney donor pin. He got it as a gift after he donated his kidney to me a year ago. We got married this year March 3rd. He wears it so proudly and thought it was worth sharing!"
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British Cycling's head sprint coach Justin Grace has made an emotional appeal for organ donors as he spoke about the liver transplant that saved his life. [ Bit.ly Link ]

British Cycling chief Justin Grace makes emotional organ donor appeal

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"It had become clear to me that Joe wasn't going to survive long enough to wait for that call any longer. I felt like we might as well have been waiting to win the lottery."

Mother and son in double organ donation plan - BBC News

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Did you know what's inside of you,
Could save the lives of quite a few,
Your kidney, liver, lungs or heart,
Could give someone else a brand new start

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Lilly made the brave decision to donate her husband's face when he proved a rare match for a man awaiting a transplant.

She made the heart-wrenching decision following Rudy's death in June 2016, when she was eight months pregnant. [ Dailym.ai Link ]

How I made the decision to donate my husband's face for transplant

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"Here is a pic of my 10 week old Olivia all signed up. We lost both my uncle and Aunty to heart disease. They would both have been likely to survive with a heart transplant."
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Doting dad, Paul John was fatally hit by a car after he pushed his nine-year-old daughter out of the way to save her life. This amazing dad donated his organs to give the gift of life to others.

Dad killed by car outside primary school pushed his daughter, 9, to safety

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'She can finally rest, she has been so brave' - Vincent Wall and his daughter Estlin – who would have been four next week – were involved in the fatal collision. [ Bit.ly Link ]

'She can finally rest, she has been so brave' - Mother's pride as girl's organs will save others

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"My beautiful Mam, Christine Boden passed away in March suddenly. This beautiful lady donated her corneas to give somebody the gift of sight.

"What an amazing women who we all love so much and will miss.. Forever in our hearts you beautiful human."
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"No words can express how proud I am of my amazing husband even now. I received a letter to inform me that Bess has allowed FOUR people to receive transplants...one person would have been amazing but four is incredible!

A little girl was able to have a kidney, a lady in her 50s received a kidney and pancreas, a man in his 60s a liver and finally a man in his 50s had a double lung...
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Some families say that knowing their loved one saved other lives helped them cope with their loss. Remember to talk to your family about your decision. [ Ow.ly Link ]
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A young woman's unexpected death has given six others a second chance at life.

Young woman's sudden death helped save six other lives

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‘Father of Transplantation’ Thomas Starzl pioneered liver transplants while battling critics and grieving over failures. [ On.wsj.com Link ]

‘Father of Transplantation’ Defeated His Own Doubts and Fears

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Thanks to the selflessness of a donor family, and a first-of-its-kind surgery in America, Ella Kate is home with her new heart. bddy.me/2kAlm6i

Baby Given Second Chance After Transplant | The Daily Dose

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A man who is a living kidney donor is running a half marathon to prove that donors lead normal, healthy lives.

Sheffield living kidney donor to run half marathon

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Forget luck - give the gift of life this #StPatricksDay and join the Organ Donor Register! [ Ow.ly Link ]
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Pregnancy made Deanne so sick she was put into a coma and needed a liver transplant. Luckily she is on the road to recovery!

Mum's organs started shutting down after she gave birth

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Greetings from the Blackpool Victoria Hospital. The staff took a moment to promote organ donation